Clicks Retailerscustomer service at clicks constantia village

S Sep 08, 2018

Firstly I want to thank the pharmacist Vanessa Swart at Clicks Constantia for her amazing empathetic assistance. I am an addict in recovery as well as having a psychiatric prognosis. It is really important that I take my medication every day. Unfortunately I was unaware of the one medication finishing today (8 September 2018) and at 16h40 called Clicks as I knew that they were closing at 17h00. I spoke to the pharmacist on duty, Vanessa Swart asking her if I could please come to collect my medication and that I would be there just before 17h00, after apologizing profusely for my being there so late. Vanessa handled it beautifully and I felt calm after speaking to her. I called Clicks again and let them know that I was in the parking lot and finding a parking. By the time I got to Clicks there were 3 minutes to spare. Vanessa was waiting for me at the door. Welcoming me in. I apologized to the staff there and let them know that I was very grateful for them helping me. The front of house staff who don't work in the dispensary however made a point of trying to make it known that closing time is 17h00 and not 17h02. They continued to make an issue out of it. Making me feel really bad after I had apologized to each of them. They had no respect for both myself and Vanessa who is the pharmacist on duty. Again, I take ownership for the fact that I arrived 3 minutes before 17h00. But I don't think its the staffs duty to berate, belittle, discipline, guilt or shame me. Never-mind one of their colleagues. In general I have always had very good relationships with my pharmacist. But have on numerous occasions been let down by the staff in the shop its self. This is also not the first time that I have been treated really poorly by Clicks staff. I incurred another incident prior to this when I was in the store at the till 10 minutes before closing time. The till staff member was very rude and threw my card on the counter back at me, while the staff waited at the door glaring at me. This was 10 minutes before closing! I'm not sure who heads up the training for Clicks front office, but their levels of understanding or caring lack in an industry that will often have people who are not well walking through their doors. I'm pretty brand loyal and have not left Clicks for Dischem because of that loyalty. But I am being pushed to change that notion as well. Nothing worse than walking out of a store like Clicks feeling as though you have been disciplined by your headmaster.

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