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P Dec 09, 2019

We'd 04.12'19 morning, I ordered online products from Clicks, payment went immediate through, I received an email as proof of order and payment, saying 1-3 working days to be delivered, Mo 09.12'19 I phoned early morning to ask about my order, I got an escalation no that someone will phone me about my order, at 16h50 I phoned again, before they close, I'm put through to the person that needed to phone me, Darren, saying that he works until 19h00 an would've phoned me, really, from this morning, twice my airtime, now he's looking for my order, o it's out of stock, from Wed 04.12 my order and payment went through, until Mo 09.12 I needed to phone twice, now he tells me, with attitude, I have to wait up to 3days for amount to return to my bank account, when I made payment, clicks received immediately their money, no emails, no sms, no phone calls, informing me out of stock, pefetic, how many online orders go through, with this service delivery, I was informed by a staff member, this is the service I'll receive from online, they don't do what they say or promise on online orders

This was also placed on Hello Peter now, I'll search for next media to paste

  • Updated by patriciamunnik · Dec 09, 2019

    Darren from online, would'vesend me an conformation email from 17h tot 19h, that he did forward my request for refund asap to finance, its 20h30, nothing, the same way my order was treated from Wed 04.12

  • Updated by patriciamunnik · Dec 10, 2019

    Today, Tu 10.12, I was promised by Darren yesterday, that before 10h, finance would inform me of refund, again another big lie, my money was good last week Wed when I paid, now I must struggle to get my money back asap, due to there service lacking

  • Updated by patriciamunnik · Dec 10, 2019

    This is the best of Clicks, Bongi from Clicks Customer Service CT, phones me now, Tu 10.12 @ 11h33, INFORMING me that the items I ordered, is out of stock, really, 7-days later picking up there's no stock and after I spoke to this Darren person, that don't do, as he promised to me yesterday, trying to calm me, giving me extra back on my club card, With only swiping at Clicks, no I don't want anything from them, I also got an email request on Facebook from Clicks, until now, no response or money in my bank account, this is how clicks steals from the public

  • Updated by patriciamunnik · Dec 10, 2019

    13h20, again I have to phone Clicks again on my airtime, speak to Willeen at Finance, informing me that I have to wait 3days for my money, I request for Manager, holding on phone for almost 3min, I spoke to Bianca and after numerously requesting my money, because my order was done 04.12, on my phone call 09.12 discovered no stock, today 10.12 another 3days to get back that's mine, my airtime died on me and I forward an email to Bianca for immediate refund to my account, no returning phone call, I'm just a public who Clicks rob

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