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Citizens Bankoverdraft

I had $99 in my account.On a Friday, I made 2 charges, one 29 and the other 36. Again, these charges were on Friday. At the time when it was deducted, there was enough money in there. I was in the middle of changing my account to PNC (thank god), and I had stopped my direct deposit from my paycheck. Admittedly, on my own part, i forgot about an automatic withdrawal that was to come out to go to my savings (every paycheck I do this). This was for $150. This transaction was slated to happen early Monday morning. On Monday, when I saw that it was deducted, I knew I had to run to the bank to deposit 200 to cover the 150 + possible overdraft. H0wever, even though the "posted" dates of the charges $29 and $36 were on different dates (11/15 and 11/16 respectively- weird in its own right), andthe transfer of $150 was posted 11/17, they were all CONVENIENTLY taken out on the same day. And the order was switched. The later transfer ($150) was taken out FIRST, on Tuesday, so that the earlier FRIDAY CHARGES were also overdrawn ($39 charge each - now x 3). Sneaky, eh? When I called to question b/c I immediately had deposited money earlier in the week to cover the $150, they stated I needed to REREAD my disclosure agreement. I work in cancer research. I READ EVERYthing. Sneaky ###. Many hundreds in the hole later, I closed my account next day. F U Citizens. I was a customer since 2002.


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    IYANA JOHNSTONE Oct 26, 2009

    citizen bank is a rip off they charged me 420.00 for a overdraft of 2.00. I am currently on unemployment and have a newborn baby. my unemployment goes into my citizens acct. every Tuesday. When I called my account they said the funds are there when I go on line they say the funds are there. But citizen bank always find some way of saying you owe them. How can a 2.00 turn into 420.00.


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