Citibank / poor customer service & fraud detection

325 N. Hoyne Ave, United States

Citi has been flagging my account for fraud on a weekly basis. I maintain several hundred thousands of dollars in my bank account and constantly accused of fraud.

I am canceling my account. This time you blocked payroll. My payroll software is requiring that I get a letter stating that my account is in good standing and your agents all refused. I am the ce) of a multi-million dollar company and I was kept on the phone for 40 minutes, only for nothing to be accomplished.

What a complete waste of my time. Citibank hasn't been able to anything for me but be a pain in my ass.

I spoke to marlon, who passed me off to elizabeth krt024 who insisted they could not help. What kind of customer service has their hands tied? You have poor services and and I am cancelling my account within the next week. I am also sick of your spend limits for $10k, that's nothing! We have 20 team members and a ton of expenses. We've made $200k in 4 days. I have orders that cost me $70k and they won't go through on my account even though I have over a quarter million in the account. I am so sick of this. This is the final straw.

Citibank sucks and I will not recommend it to any of my entrepreneur friends.

Mar 5, 2019

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