Citibankpromotion not being honored

L Sep 05, 2018

I opened a checking and savings account with Citibank to get 1.7% interest and total bonus of $600.
Because they screwed up and opened 4 accounts not 2 and my funds went to the second accounts now they say the first went dormant because I didn't find them and I was an existing customer ( because of their screwup) I am not eligible for higher interest or promotion.
I spent 20 hours in the phone getting the accounts setup.
They overfunded the accounts by transfer from my Wells Fargo Bank and told me they to mail a check so they had $15000 of my money more and it was a nightmare getting it back including going through their fraud BS.
Now Hey tell me there is no way they can make it right. They say it's my fault.
On top of that they linked my existing citi credit card to the account that was inactive and now I can't get them to help me change the username and login so that I can access my account. I was on the phone for two hours trying to fix that and they tell me it was because I needed a different network. I only have one network at my home and I paid all my bills the same day on that network.
I am dumbfounded and so so angry.
I'm never worked so hard for less than $2 on a $16, 000 bank account interest.
I don't know what to do.

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