Citi Bankcredit card solicitations


in early may i stated receiving credit card solicitations from citi bank indicating 0% for 18 months on transfers and 0% for 12 months on purchases. i ignored the letters for awhile and then decided to apply on line to take advantage of the offers. i went to the citibankonlineaps site and applied for the card. i was approved immediately and the cards came 2 weeks later. upon receiving the casd it was a mastercard in lieu of a visa with only a 4800.00 limit. i called their activation phone and was told that i aplied for the wrong card and should go back to their website and reapply. he said he couldnt do anything else to raise the limit so therefore i went back to the website and reapplied for a "thankyou citibank card". again it was approvedthis time with an 8100.00 credit limit. the cards arrived and i called to activate them and ask about the 0% offer and again was told i applied for the wrong card however this time i asked for a supervisor. she said dont reapply, she said she would try to increase the limit on the simpllcity card as it had a 0% offer. i agreed and waited a few days for a response. i got a hold of another supervisor who said nothing changed and that the first supervisor was incorrect to say she could trry to increase the limit so i could make a 0% transfer. so far they had given 13100.00 in lines of credit which was more than what i even needed but they could not raise the limits or even set up the correct card. citi bank solicited me not the other way around and all i wanted to do was take advantage of the 0% offers. since i already wasted alot of time and effort trying to resolve this to no avail i decided to cancel both cards and asked to receive written confirmation that i had done so. a week later still havent received the letters. maybe it was my fault because their website is confusing and there are severa types of credit cards but you think someone in supervision could resolve this. i filled out citi baks survey relating this story and havent heard from them. the moral of the story is dont apply for a citi bak card

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