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I was recently working at your 2755 kettering store and i was fired yesterday (07/04/19) because of my allergies. I am allergic to grass and cleaning chemicals. I asked the store manager brandon would he like for me to bring in notes that certifies my allergies and he replyed no and still tried to advise me to do things i am not allowed to do . once i brought it back up beverly and brandon himself got upset. Beverly decided to raise her voice and and accused me of having an attitude. This store is very unorganized when i first was recruited for the customer service representative they were having me and another young lady come in and sit for hours wasting our time two days in a roll having us think we were about to actually start the job giving us false information that our background checks has came and they never did . them restrooms are disgusting not one employee including the managers clean the restrooms .

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    Smh ive never been that type of person so that dont even upset me this comment is actually funny cause if you replay the camera's ima happy smiling person 😂😂😂 oh and im not worried about me getting fired for my ALLERGIES


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    Nae-nizzIe😋❤ Jul 06, 2019

    I want to tell you that i was fired for my allergies but they cannot do that because it is illegal, so i admit and i said sorry i lied and said my superviser sexually harrassed me. i said that my coworker also did the same thing that he kissed me and put his hand down my chest. I told someone who was supposed to be my friend that it never happened they told the supervisor I said i made it up. they said that was the reason they fired me not my allergies. the people that work here are dis honest. when you tell a friend a secret she should not blab it i even apologised but they betrayed me. but i dont care i am a happy person.i smile.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 06, 2019

    @Nae-nizzIe😋❤ You made up the same story under several names. You’re obviously an attention whore.

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