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disrespectful and lazy csr

I was in the store today on 10/20 at about 145 pm AZ time there was a line out the door and one of the CSR was walking around talking to another one who was mopping when she finally jumped on register she mumbled next 6 times and when someone started walking up to check out she said aloud to the customer "I said it [censored]ing 6 times" everytime I'm in the store she spends all her time glaring at and mean mugging customers. I worked for circle k for 2 years and so did my girlfriend and we are both appalled everytime we go in to that store at the way multiple staff members behave it absolutely goes against everything circle k stands for no one feels welcome and you lose customers everyday I truly hope you send someone from corporate to comb through camera footage and everything and and clean up the problems. I would love to keep shopping at circle k but as long as this continues I will not be going into that store thank you for your time

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I am 8 months pregnant I had just stood in a really long line to buy some coffee and a muffin with the little money I have. I had to stand there and re try my card about 6 times before it went through and my card worked just fine because I payed with it, it was a system error and the guy didnt even say sorry or anything. Then before I left I asked him for a water cup and he told me we dont have water cups if you want water you have to pay for a cup. I told him I just wanted some ice and I didnt have much money left to spend 1 dollar on a little bit of ice when this is arizona it gets 100+ degrees outside you guys should have water cups, it's just common courtesy. I'm a manager at a resturaunt and I personally order cups so we can give water to those in need. Anyways I went and got a cup to PAY for a small amount of ice and I had to wait in another long line which made me late for work. I talked to the assistant manager WALTER and told him what happened and he was extremely rude. He told me I dont have to order water cups and if you want ice your gonna have to pay for that cup. I told him he should supply water cups given how hot it is and he said no I shouldn't but thanks for telling me. Once again I'll remind you that I'm 8 months pregnant and I was in that store for 23 minutes practically standing in line that whole time because there were a bunch of people stocking and not helping customers. I think management needs to work on the way they talk to customers. I wasn't rude to anyone but I was treated with disrespect over some ice.

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    TheManager Jul 11, 2019

    You get pregnant and it’s everyone else’s problem? You can’t afford an icecup but you’re a restaurant manager? Ok.

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    Joshuatng Jul 20, 2019


    The majority of circle K stations, mine included charges for just the cup. Your not paying for the ice your paying for the cup. The reason a lot of stations and even fast food restaurants or doing this now is because there was just too much people pretending they're just going to get water but in fact they're putting soda in that "water cup". Don't blame management for customers deceptive behavior.

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    Joshuatng Jul 20, 2019

    Also you need to understand that the bigger circle K's have employees that just does stock and not register trained. No disrespect and I'm one of the most customer oriented patient people you will find but no one forced you to wait 23 minutes, if the line was that bad you could easily made the decision to go elsewhere.

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