Circle Kemployee smoking cigarettes next to gas tanks

M Jan 07, 2019

I have been a customer of this store for quite some time. I live in the neighborhood and it is my 'corner store'. It is on Long Grove Drive, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. An employee named keekee I believe, is so unprofessional and DANGEROUS that I can no longer bring myself to shop at this store, along with many if my neighbors. I had previously let it slide, just shaking my head, when this individual is constantly having profanity laden outbursts during her shift. She was either arguing with someone on her phone, or fighting with her boyfriend (I suppose) inside the store all the while shouting profanities. She also blasts profanity laden music over the store speakers, I cannot understand why the manager is ok with this. I am dumbfounded. Although the manager is never there when this is happening, I find it hard to believe it has gone completely unnoticed by management, who ever they are.

I drew the line when I saw her changing the trash cans next to the gas pumps with a cigarette in her mouth! That is unfathomable to me that she does not see the danger in this. I have informed my neighbors who shop there as well & no one is going to continue shopping/gassing up at this location, not going to risk our lives getting blown up just to put gas in our cars. I had previously tried to contact the store manager but she was never there.

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