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Circle K reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 17, 2008. The latest review Retaliation for reporting my manager to the eeoc and soon after wrongful termination was posted on Jun 11, 2021. The latest complaint Customer service was resolved on Aug 25, 2019. Circle K has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 1466 reviews. Circle K has resolved 54 complaints.

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1877 (Lithuania)
8800 555 4647 (Russia)
+1 813 910 6800 (Florida)
+1 330 630 6300 (Great Lakes)
+1 850 454 1070 (Gulf Coast)
+1 331 251 7300 (Heartland)
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Po Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072

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12911 N. Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Fl 33637

Great Lakes Division
935 E Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310

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550 Warrenville Rd Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532

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Po Box 347, Columbus, IN 47202

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2440 Whitehall Park Dr., Suite 800, Charlotte, NC 28273

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1199 South Beltline Road, Suite 160, Coppell, Texas 75019

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255 E. Rincon Suite № 119 Corona, CA 92879

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№ 400, 229 – 33 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2A 4Y6

Central Canada & Quebec
4204, boul. Industriel, Laval (Québec) H7L 0E3

Eastern Quebec & Atlantic Division 
825, Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Office 304, Quebec (Quebec), G2J 0B9

Moncton, New Brunswick
100, Cameron Street, Office 3000, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 5Y6
Borgmester Christiansens Gade 50, 2450 - Copenhagen SV

Circle K House, Beech Hill, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4

Duntes iela 6, Riga, LV-1013

J. Jasinskio str. 16A, 03163 Vilnius 

Schweigaards gate 16, 0191 Oslo

o. Puławska 86, 02-603 Warsaw

Marata St., 69-71 A, Saint Petersburg, 191119, Russia

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Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle Kcashier

Cashier named Jakyra at circle k Baton Rouge on Jones Creek and George Oneal. Flirting with customers, very slow with transactions, was rude to me when I paid my gas, made me wait unnecessarily, made me go in the store twice to ask to turn on the gas pump, then she cut my gas pump off in the middle of my transaction. She kept my change. I will never give circle k another dollar of my money. It seems that circle k hires the most unintelligent people. You need to have a better training period, better customer service. Cashiers are usually on their cell phones, chewing gum and speaking unprofessional in the presence of customers. Jakyra is not professional in the field. Does not seem to take her job serious. I handle 1500 children a day for a private school and deal with people in general professionally. Maybe your employees need a monthly evaluation on handling the public and not acting like a high school sleep over!!! I'm done with circle k peroid. Tired of unprofessional, unappreciated, unitellagent people who are behind the cash register at circle k!!!

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    Circle K — circle k employee smoking outside of the store near the door entrance within 10 feet of the gas pumps.

    Date of occurrence: Wednesday, 8/22/18 Time: sometime around 12:30pm Description: I had stopped to go into...

    Circle K Arizona Division — hiring manager amber thrasher

    Went in for a interview with her 8/20/2018 walk in she asks who I was I told her she's like u sure u have an...

    Circle K Store Located at highway 11 in Spartanburg,SCcashier named jerry who was on duty.

    I was returning home from a trip with my wife and we stopped at the Circle K store/truck stop for me to cash in some scratch off cards. There a few people in the store when we arrived.I went in and was standing in line and was finally waited on by this cashier(Jerry)who was very nasty acting toward me.I said to him (i would like to cash in these scratch offs and get 4 number 14 game cards.In a very nasty way He(Jerry) replied i'm doing the best I can and you need to give me some time.I replied(i am not rushing you sir, take your time.As he was getting the cards out of the case I heard him mutter to the other cashier whos name was Kaiya and looking in my direction(that son of a [censored])I observed him name on his name tag and a little later did get the black female cashiers name from her name tag.There was anoth customer that came in the store about 8 minutes later and she and this cashier(Jerry)also had some words.The lady said she was going to make a complaint also.I shope circle k here in my town on a regular basis and other circle k's when traveling but I will not be disrespected in this manor and I WILL NEVER GO BACK INTO THAT PARTICULAR CIRCLE K AGAIN.

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      Circle K — customer service of cashier; employee service or lack thereof

      I went to the Circle K at 32nd street and Chandler Blvd in Phoenix AZ 85048, and tried to work the buttons to...

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      Circle K — hostile employee

      I am a regular customer at Circle K #3932 on Cherry Rd in Rock Hill, SC. On Aug 18, 2018 at approximately...

      Circle Kemployees

      August 18, 2018 around 3 p.m i went to the Circle K which is located in Plaquemine, La. It had two young females in the store, one heavy set and dark skinned, and the other was bright medium built. So i ask the bright young lady, what was the cheapest menthol cigarettes do they have? She responded with a laugh, i don't know. So i asked her would she ask someone or check for me. She responded noone is here, and we are new. So i ask her would she look behind her to see which was the cheapest. She responded with a sarcastic tone in her voice, i told you i don't know I'm new. I ask her if she were having a bad day cause it seems she can't do her job. She responded no im not having a bad day with laughter in her voice. So at this moment, the store is packed, her and the other young lady just laughing as if i was the laughing stock of the day. I have never felt this humilated in my life. Im upset, dissatisfied, and embarrassed all rolled in one. So i go to my car to get a pen and paper because she refused to write down the information i asked for, which was the manager or supervisor, and their names. I still didn't get it. She called me a cluck head, which i have the slightest clue what that is. People like this shouldn't work in convient stores. I really need this addressed. My name is Kristian Treece my # is 22t-241-7967. Thank you for your consideration.

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        Circle K — workers

        Went into the store no line ppl skipping me n I'm telling the lady in charge u think I'm standing here for my...

        Circle K Store 13490comchecks

        Every time I come in this store. the store manager is rude. I specifically asked for the corporate office number and she told me no one was above her. I come here every week for comchecks and it's never a problem until she is in store. She says you can't get a check if you're not getting fuel. For 3 consecutive months I haven't pumped fuel to receive checks. Although my husband gets fuel here when he's in town we will not be returning to this location.

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          Circle Kmaintenance worker

          Today at your maple location a very rude employee named Kumar was obnoxious and rude towards my daughter who was looking after her young children while putting them in the truck and acussing them of putting garbage on the ground that wasn't theirs and using the whipper snipper 3ft from them. I'm disappointed in the workers that you hire when they talk rudely to costumers and will not visit your facility again.

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            Circle K Stores/ 5301 W Canal Drdisheveled store/dirty/unkept/bad customer service

            I have been patronizing this store since Feb 2018; I used to enjoy interacting with staff and the store was always clean. A few weeks ago they changed managers and staff. I do not believe the counters have been wiped since the first day new staff took over; the store now smells and everything you touch is sticky/dirty. Whip cream has not been wiped off the wall for over 2 weeks. Today 8/16/18 I watched as staff made a face at the counters by the coffee that was covered with cream, sugar, etc., she picked up a container of creamer just to set it down in the mess, and then proceeded to walk away without cleaning any of it. The floors are sticky to the point your shoes stick when you walk. There is thick dust on top of all the machines. Some of the machines have not been in working order or have been out of product for a couple of weeks or more.
            Staff talk bad about prior staff and blame issues of the store on each other instead of taking personal acceptance and cleaning etc.
            Today 8/16/18 at just before 730am. While there were 5 customers standing in line to pay the two employees felt they should switch cashiers; they started counting the till etc. After standing in line for over 10 minutes, watching 3 people put there items down and walk out, and the line grew to the back of the store they then apologized for having us wait. I mentioned they had people walking out already; the response from the employee was "there really isn't anything I can do about it, is there." "this has to be done" Half the line put there items down and walked out; including myself. I was 5 minutes late to work; if not for them deciding to do this task when they did I would not have been late to work and I would have had the items I was attempting to purchase. I have stopped at this store almost every weekday since the beginning of Feb and never had such rude customer service.
            It is sad customer service has gone to the way side of our modern conveniences.

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              Circle K — customer service

              I am writing to complain about the customer service from on of your Circle K employees. Her name is Angelica...

              Circle K — unethical behavior by employees

              5105 Co Rd 218, Middleburg, FL 32068 Circle K Lazy employees, very long lines and very nasty store. Cashier...

              Circle Khorrible customer service and very dirty store

              This has not been observed on just one occasion it has been many times. the first store is at 5105 Cr 218
              Middleburg, FL, US, 32068 Very dirty store always looks like the floor never gets mopped. Bathrooms are disgusting. Cashiers are very nasty no customer service skills what so ever!

              The other one is at 4486 County Road 218, Middleburg, FL 32068. No paper in gas pumps ALWAYS have to go in to get a receipt. No window washer fluid at pumps. Always a line from cashier down the isles and usually only 1 person working on weekends and they stay slammed on weekends so the line is just ridiculous. Always have to tell them to put your phone number in to get cigerette coupons when you buy 3 packs, they should be doing it automatically.

              The resolution for both stores is to hire better people for the jobs and the ones working then they need to be customer friendly instead of acting like cashing me out is such an inconvenience or i ruined their day because they have a customer.

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                Circle K — store has been closed for 30 mins twice in the last 7 days.

                Within the last 7 seven days I've been turned away by a locked door at the Universal City, Texas (Pat Booker...

                Circle Kcustomer service

                Approximately 10:30 on 8/12/18 at Circle K located at 1408 Veterans Parkway. I arrived at Circle K to purchase a cup of coffee. I am a daily customer to this Circle K. I upon my arrival I observed that all the coffee warmers had timed out, I also physically felt the canisters. The store was not busy. I asked the cashier/supervisor (BF) if she could make some Hazelnut coffee. She stated "We are out of Hazelnut coffee, I just placed an order for it." When she said that the other cashier (WF, whom I know because of my daily trips to this Circle K) seemed puzzled. I walked back over to the coffee station, where the bottom storage cabinet was slightly open. I opened it a bit more and I observed a full box of hazelnut flavored coffee (purple pack). I went to the register to speak with the cashier (WF) that I know, to let her know that I was going to be filing a complaint on the other cashier. At that time she was finishing up a customer, the customer then said to me "You filing a complaint about hazelnut?" I said "No, it's not about the hazelnut, it's because she lied." The customer and I begin to go back and forward arguing as we both walked out of the store. I felt that I was being attacked by the customer who did not know what was going on, I became angry. A bystander in a vehicle next to me asked why were we arguing. I told him that the customer became upset with me because I told the cashier that I would be filing a complaint about customer service. The bystander said the that the customer should not have said anything to me because it was none of her business. During this conversation the supervisor (BF) appeared in the door with a shopping cart of empty boxes and overheard the bystander and I discussing the issue and she asked me if I wanted to make and complaint. She said it with an attitude. I said "Yes, I will be calling corporate." She said "I am the supervisor so you can make a complaint with me." I said "My complaint is about you." She said "Why?" I said "Because you lied." She said "No, I didn't we are out of hazelnut coffee." I said "No, you are not, I looked under the counter." She rolled her eyes and walked way pushing the cart. I feel that the request for coffee was a very simple request. The whole situation could have be avoided. The bottom line is that she the supervisor did not want to do her job. She did not provided good customer service to me. She caused me to have a verbal altercation with another customer. If the footage is reviewed, you will see that I was not rude or disrespectful to Circle K employees or customers until after a was verbal attacked. I will not be going to this Circle K anymore. Thank you for your time. I would like to also add that there are some good employees on the morning crew I don't know their names but there is WF pregnant, BF younger and BF middle age. Those three are always polite and willing to assist, but that supervisor appears to be lazy and will do anything to avoid helping customers.

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                  Circle Kcashier

                  The cashier (young slimmer black male in early to mid 20's with some facial hair) in your store off of 5445 Capital Circle SW Tallahassee FL (at Capital Circle and Woodville Hwy intersection) was one of the rudest cashiers my husband and I have come across. The gentleman in front of us who had been standing there from the minute we walked in grabbed a few hot dogs and drinks to the minute we walked up and still had not been waited on. The cashier had taken the money out of the drawer and was counting it all. He finally rang the man's beer up and the guy asked for a lottery ticket and he gave it. Money was handed and the cashier (in sloth mode) gave him his money back and at that time the gentleman asked for a bag of which the cashier said NO to while he was pushing money around in his drawer. The man was polite in my opinion because I would have had an aneurysm! He told the guy, "seriously man just give me a bag and I'll be on my way. I've been standing here forever." We get to the counter cashier says nothing (we were going to purchase scratch offs but the less time we had to deal with him the better) rings us up and carelessly gives us our change back to which it falls on the counter. No thank you, no sorry, no nothing. I love Circle K's and have been to many of them and I know this is not how you would want your employees to act. This is beyond unprofessional. If the young man doesn't show interest in respecting your customers or representing your company as he should then maybe he should find somewhere else to work. Thank you.

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                    Circle K with Shell Gasthe rude employee

                    Forgive my improper use of punctuation and grammar..on vacation passing thru and just wanna get to rhe point of this.

                    2959 College Dr Baton Rouge LA.

                    Yall got a dumb and super lazy and rude one working here right now. AUG 10th 1153pm..On her phone ignoring me. Had to repeat what I said four times. She pretended I was not speaking loud enough and didn't hear me say $30 on pump 7. Then after paying $30 gas she wouldn't let me and my 5yr old daughter use the bathroom. She said I told her she must not like her job and I told her she would be fired soon... Then I called her a lazy [censored]! (Didn't say in front of my daughter.. She had left before me back to car) my daughter picked up on her rudeness and she is only 5. If I had been who I was in my past I would of handled the situation in a uncivilized manner. She is lucky.. Y'all need to fired immediately.

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                      Circle K — workers

                      On August 10, 2018, me and my fiancé pulled to the circle k to get gas. He went in to pay for the gas with...

                      Circle K Stores, — terry employee at bonneau sc

                      I wanted a tornado from the roller grill and all they had was buffalo chicken so i got 2 put them in bag and...


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