CIMB Bank / cimbclick and hotline

At 1st i log in to cimbclick. I cant access after putting ID. The internet WAS 4G. Then i call hotline. Then, the customer service asked me to log in to cimbclick during the call. She said no problem with my cimbclik. Maybe the internet is slow. I hanged up. Then i realize the internet access is down every time i call cimb hotline.For sure i cant log in to cimclick bcause your hotline made my internet down. I recall hotline later after realize all this then they dont pick up.. Fool me this cimbclick. I am wondering what they do with my money while i am not using then in account. I wont allow this happen again since i have quite big balance in this account and i required to use cimbclick application NOW. No consideration for cimbclick users. Please dont treat us customers like this because some of us might be in URGENT SITUATION TO USE MONEY LIKE TRANSFERRING MONEY FOR FOOD OR MIGHT BE TRANSFERRING FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL FEE FOR DYING PEOPLE. I am saying this not because i am one of them luckily, but please think wisely in managing the application that can help people in our community. I am saying i WONT KEEP MORE MONEY IN CIMB AGAIN due to this inconvinient reason. I dont understand why there are rich people working in this bank. I started to negatively thinking cimb uses my money for gaining more money while i cant use my money online in cimbclick (POSSIBLE INVESTMENT, MIGHT BE) for them. If one day cimb is going to be declared bankcrupt, i know what is the main reason. Regret having cimbclick with hotline that fooled me on this.

Sep 11, 2019

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