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rude n arrogant stff

Pada 06apr2010 pada jam1617hrs, saya menerima panggilan dari cimb yg bernombor 03-[protected], kakitangan tersebut bernama wahidah. Beliau dengan secara kasarnya memberitahu saya bahawa pinjaman kereta saya telah tertunggak selama 2bulan. Cara beliau sangat kurang ajar dan tidak beretika. Beliau mengatakan pada saya bahawa surat utk menarik kereta saya telah dikeluarkan dan dgn kasarnya beliau bertanya kepada saya bilakah saya dapat menjelaskan tunggakan tersebut. Saya memberitahu beliau bahawa setiap bulan selepas tarikh 25hb saya membayar pinjaman tersebut walaupun kadang2 saya tidak membayar amaun yg penuh tetapi saya tetap menjelaskan bayaran tersebut. Beliau memarahi saya dengan mengatakan bahawa lain kali kalau wang saya tidak cukup, beliau menyuruh saya mengumpulkan wang tersebut dan membuat pembayaran setelah amaun pinjaman bulanan saya telah cukup. Saya menjelaskan pada beliau bahawa kadang2 saya mempunyai masalah kewangan memandangkan saya seorg sahaja yg menyara keluarga dgn 3org anak yg masih bersekolah, tetapi beliau tidak mahu mendengar sebarang alasan dari saya. Beliau menyuruh saya membuat bayaran sebanyak rm550 sebelum 18apr2010 dan sekiranya saya gagal membuat bayaran tersebut beliau akan mengarahkan supaya kereta saya ditarik. Saya merayu pada beliau supaya tarikh itu ditunda sehingga 25hbapr2010 kerana gaji saya hanya masuk pada tarikh tersebut, tetap beliau dgn angkuhnya berkata kpd saya supaya meminjam dari sesiapa atau pun cari sampai dapat tak kira macam mana cara pun, beliau berkeras supaya saya membayar sebelum 18hbapr2010. Cara beliau sungguh mengecawakan saya sebagai pelanggan cimb. Cara beliau seperti saya ni meminjam wang dgn beliau dan bukan dgn pihak bank. Sebagai pelanggan saya berhak mempertahankan hak saya n saya faham bagaimana sesebuah bank itu berfungsi. Bank adalah sebuah badan kewangan yg sepatutnya membantu setiap pelanggan. Dan saya bukanlah seorg pelanggan yg tidak membayar langsung hutang saya. Pada 12apr2010 saya telah menghubungi cimb bahagian perkhidmatan pelanggan dan membuat aduan tentang kakitangan yg bernama wahidah itu. Saya berkomunikasi dgn cik melinda dan beliau mengesahkan bahawa wahidah adalah dari jabatan colecction management. Cik melinda memberitahu saya bahawa tiada apa2 arahan yg mengatakan bhw kereta saya akan ditarik dan tiada apa2 surat yg di keluarkan. Saya memberitahu cik melinda ttg ugutan wahidah yg menyatakan akan menarik kereta saya. Layanan cik melinda amat berbeza sekali dari wahidah yang kurang ajar dan tidak bertamadun itu. Cik melinda menyatakan bhw pihak bank boleh menunggu sehingga 25hbapr2010 utk saya membuat pembayaran. Di sini saya ingin menyatakan rasa kesal n betapa kecewanya saya dgn layanan dari kakitangan cimb yg bernama wahidah dari jabatan collection management. Saya berharap pihak cimb dapat menyiasat perkara ini dan mengambil tindakan yg sewajarnya terhadap kakitangan tersebut. Saya memuji cik melinda dari jabatan perkhidmatan pelanggan dan saya berpendapat pihak bank seharusnya memberi ganjaran kepada cik melinda diatas sikapnya yang mesra pelanggan. Cik melinda membuat saya ingin terus menjadi pelanggang cimb. Saya berharap tindak balas dari pihak bank cimb dan saya boleh dihubungi melalui email saya [protected]@yahoo.com. Saya akan memberi detail mengenai kereta dan akaun saya pada pihak bank utk rujukan melalui email saya. Sekian. Terima kasih.

  • Ed
    edanee Jul 28, 2010

    agree with complaints above. am also facing the same situation with the person incharged was WAHIDAH. she was so rude and didnt give me a chance to say any. i used to received a call from CIMB regarding my vehicle, but not as rude as her. i cant imagine how did she hired by CIMB. the time she called me asking for payment, i've talked to her in English, then she said " saya bercakap dalam bahasa melayu, tak faham bahasa melayu ke''. and i kept wondering what is wrong with this lady.

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Fauzi Jun 23, 2011

    agreed. happen to me also, but not for my car its for my housing loan. Forget the name of the staff, but like you she asked me to borrow from someone else to settle all my outstanding, even asked me what I do with my salary. She also asked me to borrow from my wife if I had no friend and she is so sure my wife had a savings for things like this. What happen to CIMB??

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  • Ch
    CharlesTan Aug 20, 2011

    I feel so stressed because of this too!! There are all together 3 or 4 different departments (collection dept included) that have called me over the course of 1 year asking me to pay for some disputed transactions and I kept having to explain my case from scratch to every single one of them! Guess what, each promised to look into the case and 'get back to me' which none did.. because the next time i got a call, it's from a different person/dept and i will have to explain again.

    this is ### because i've gotten warning letter from CIMB's legal firm to ask to settle, and i've since replied to that letter cc to CIMB as well (and yet somehow now collection dept has send me another letter with FINAL WARNING imprinted on it, threatening to take me to the court and blacklist my name!). Either they chose to ignore my emails or simply the depts in CIMB just refuse to communicate to each other.

    I have a CLEAN record of always paying my credit card debts early before this dispute transactions happen and I am an ardent supporter of CIMB Bank but now that I'm being treated like this, I feel so disappointed. I even went ahead and apply for services from other banks now and have plans to not use CIMB again - I hope my voice here reaches thousands of CIMB users, CIMB staff, and especially if it reaches the figure I truly respect, Nazir Tun Razak.

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  • Sa
    sabaruddin Che Oct 19, 2012

    Sad to say that they may have been taught to address these kinds of nonsense to the customers who have failed to service their debt obligations on time. These bunch of craps being hired by CIMB are non other than the Gangnam style who live in the rural area in the thickest jungle of Peninsular Malaysia. Am not underestimating these people but bare in mind that the level of intelligence of these craps do not meet the normal human intelligent's level. Therefore, it goes in tandem with physics' law that low level of intelligence is shown vide its normal conversation. The uglier the wordings are being uttered, the lower one's intelligence can be noticed. I may be wrong in my text here but evidence does not speak louder than words.

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  • Ba
    Bankrupter Apr 10, 2013

    I would like to share my case with CIMB, i was declared bankrupt in 2010 after failing to pay my OD of 30K. I then contacted the recovery centre to negotiate and to restructure my OD to term loan. The officer simply told me that I have to make upfront payment of 15k before they can listen to me.If i have that 15k, would the case been solved? That is stupidity number 1. And they acted very fast to serve me court letter which i didnt attend and declared bankrupt. Now after 3 years of struggling and saving money to pay them i called again the recovery centre to negotiate. Here comes stupidity number 2. I thought that they would really appreciate bankrupt person calling to settle his debt but to my surprise the officers were very lazy and never returned my call which they promised to call after they extract my file. After calling them every week for 1.5 months i finally blew up and scolded them to which they let their superior deal with me. Now i negotiated for 15k settlement but they would rather lose 30k. They demanded that I pay a 25k. Pfft... I think i would rather stay bankrupt for 30k and spend a few more years in bankruptcy while paying peanuts to the insolvency dept till they let me off the hook.Moral of the story is that these people are very cunning and dumb indeed. When they want to demand they will go the whole 9 yards and rather suffer big losses. Wouldn't it be more profitable and cut losses if they open communication channels and recover as much as possible through win-win outcome?

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Resolved poor counter service at cyberjaya branch

I went to CIMB Cyberjaya branch at 12noon (lunch hour) on a Tue to deposit into ASB. I took my number which was of 2028. I sat and waited for my turn. At that time the digital displayed the number of 1000 series, which I'm guessing are of other bank services. By 1245pm NO 2000 number was called AT ALL. I got up and asked one of the tellers, she took my number and said ur number will be called after this. I sat feeling hopeful. Shortly after true enough 2000 series number started to be called..but it was still about 5 customers before me! Which means I need to wait further! Which also meant I just nudged the counter service to realize they have only been calling the 1000 series all tht while. And my 'greet' to the teller only helped those other loser customers who may have also waited hours..I left without waiting for my number. It's a simple system which was not checked/followed. Very dissapointing.

  • Or
    orkid89 Nov 24, 2010

    I experienced that too. I was asked to go there to sign my ASB application. That was about 2 months after my application! She said she was on leave and attended training. However when I came there, they said the person in charge not in office. When I come there again, the other staff told me the application not signed by manager yet. He asked me to come another day. Then I come for the third time, he said they had problem with system and my form cannot be printed, and he promised me to contact me again when evertythin is ready. One month passed by, I still do not have any news from them. I really dissapointed with the unprofessional manner. I'm working too and please respect others' time.

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  • Or
    orkid89 Nov 24, 2010

    I experienced a very poor service at CIMB Cyberjaya branch. I was asked to go there to sign my ASB application. That was about 2 months after my application! She said she was on leave and attended training. However when I came there, they said the person in charge not in office. When I come there again, the other staff told me the application not signed by manager yet. He asked me to come another day. Then I come for the third time, he said they had problem with system and my form cannot be printed, and he promised me to contact me again when evertythin is ready. One month passed by, I still do not have any news from them. I really dissapointed with the unprofessional manner. I'm working too and please respect others' time.

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  • St
    STRAWBERRY60 Jan 03, 2011

    3 yrs ago, i go for fixed deposit at CIMB branch located at Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru (Next to Sunshine Square) but the guy officer persuade me for better rate gain - Investment Link for 3 yrs to gain 20% interest.He shown me previous record and all the flow chart and all the evidence proved to gain 20%. He also make a comparision to me between FD and Investment Link. After under consideration and to get more higher return, i decided go for the 'Investment Link' that he hardly propose to me. After 1 mth passed, i recei the original booklet from KL CIMB to shown that i really invest for this fund, i go for CIMB again and double confirm the fund and the interest that they told me earlier. The guy officer told me the same story and ask me wont worry, a lot of ppl go for this investment link too.(The return really higher than FD). Dec 2010 is the maturity date for my investment link, i waiting for more than 2 weeks time just recei a cheque from CIMB.UNBELIEVEABLE things happened, i just get 0.0002% interest rate ONLY!!! WHAT THE '[censor]' REASON THEY GIVEN! (IT DUE CRISIS ECONOMY, ALL INCHARGE BY KL CIMB, THEY CANT DO ANYTHING!!!) MY INV FUND RM60K (SIXTY THOUSAND ONLY), INT GAIN ONLY RM12 (TWELVE ONLY) WITHIN THIS 3 YREAR TIME (ALL IN RM) I SUSPECT I BEEN CHEATED BY CIMB !!! DO U BELIEVE WITHIN 3 YRS TIME, RM60K JUST GET RM12 INTEREST RATE?????!!! THE CHQ RECEIVED WITHOUT ATTACHED ANY ANNUAL REPORT TO PROVED FOR CRISIS ECONOMY!!! JUST POST A CHQ ONLY!I really dissapointed with the unprofessional manner !!! I REALLY CANT BELIEVE IT AND FEEL 1000% DISSAPOINTED TO CIMB!!!

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  • Id
    I dnt care! Jan 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is true! The CIMB cyberjaya branch is just unprofessional and incompetent. Sorry to say this but racism is the first thing that welcomes you as soon as you set foot in to the bank. I won't write so much because however much you submit your grievances CIMB Cyberjaya will always be the same RACIST bank period!

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  • Li
    Lita1206 May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes they are indeed poorly educated idiotic...

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  • Ja
    James_Roland May 23, 2017

    Very low quality service.
    The bank statement looks so ugly. Uglier than an ATM machine receipt... The overseas place i was applying reject it as they thought is not genuine bank statement, they deceided it was a forged or fake statement.

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Resolved unprofesional asst manager

On d 9 of Dec 09 i bankin a cheque (amount RM300) at Bdr Baru Nilai CIMB branch. On 11 Dec 09 i update my at Semarak, Nilai CIMB branch and found that the cheque returned and RM10 x 2 (total RM20 was deducted from my accnt. I check with d counter staff with (saya tak tau answer and was told to refer back CIMB branch which i bankin d cheque. 10 min drived to Bdr Baru nilai branch with 60sen parking fee and the answer was still the same saya tak tau answer. My question was 1)why RM10x 2 was deducted ftom my accnt. 2) where is my cheque now. The answer SAYA TAK TAU and I demanded to see d bank Manager which was on leave. Comes d unprofesional asst bank Manager to assist me with worst answer. Same question from me and at first samr answer from asst Manager, I dun know. After i almost lost my patience d asst Manager answer maybe d 1st RM10 deducted was for technical error and d 2nd RM10 was for the courier service to return my cheque. I agreed with the 1st RM10 but not the 2nd RM10 because of my correspondent address was not updated and was scolded by d asst Manager. I asked him wheater it is an OFFENCE not to updated correspondent address???
I asked him where is my cheque now and d answer still I dun know. he asked me to refer back to my accnt branch CIMB Wisma Genting. I said it's too far away and was given the phone no to call. To my suprised it was the fax no given by that asst Manager.
What a joker doing in a bank as Asst Manager at CIMB Bdr Baru Nilai?

Can someone from CIMB HQ or any department PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IS MY CHEQUE and why was d 2nd RM10 deducted from my accnt???

  • Za
    Zaidi Abdullah Dec 30, 2009

    Dear Valued Customer

    We are deeply concerned to hear of your recent CIMB Bank encounter. Your valuable custom and feedback are extremely important to us. Therefore, we would like to reach you to find out more about the matter, so that we can derive learning lessons from your experience and improve our service delivery.

    Do allow us this opportunity to restore your confidence in our services, by emailing your name and contact details to [email protected], or by calling (Tel No.) as soon as possible. Please be advised that responding to us via the Complaints Board site may result in delayed contact as it is not constantly monitored.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

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  • Ba
    Bawani G Jun 18, 2010

    I know this answer is not goingt o help you. But next time you have issue with the bank, just directly ask them for the bank negara complain form. This form must be placed in each bank for customers to use to make complain. It works as I has a similar issue with another bank and when I complained to bank negara I got immediate response from the bank.
    Hope this helps.

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Resolved wrong advice and inaccountability

I had a car loan with CIMB Bank and was previously advised that the last amount due was RM622.17. This amount was duly noted at my end.

Before the due date of the payment i have also called the department yet again as to be sure of the RM622.17 amount - and fair enough, they have confirmed me on this. They have also advised that for final payments, it can only be made over the counter and not via CDMs. This condition was fine with me.

On 28th of November, I have then make a stop at CIMB counter in Gardens Midvalley for the final payment. And to my surprise, they have requested me to pay an amount of RM673.xx!! Boy, was I shocked! I had no problem paying an extra rm50, but i was diasappointed with wrong advice given to me prior to my visit to the bank. That was totally inconvenient to fellow customers like me, but of course all convenient to the bank!

When I probed the staff at the counter on why is there a different amount? He told me that he is only depending on the system therefore, he does not know why was there a different amount mentioned to me.

As a customer, that kind of excuse and explanation is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We need to know what are we paying for in details, rather than just obeying to the bank's whims & fancies. And of course, the staff at the counter maintained a clueless look. Then his supervisor approached us to assist (So nice of him? No, not really)

This supervisor was rude, and annoying.
When his staff was trying to explain to me, he was also delivering his own explanation. How can a customer listen to two staff talking at the same time?! I therefore had to tell the supervisor to shut up, and explain to me on the payment one by one. Simple.

He went on and on talking nonsense like, "if i were you, i would just pay now, and lodge a complaint later". WHAT?!!!

Isn't that convenient for the bank? This supervisor did not explain on the system and just said, "we are not sure about the sytem at times, so we just follow what are the amounts shown". Isn't that just embarrassing?!

Trying to avoid further "extra charges" i have then paid the amount and requested for their names - the staff at the counter and also the supervisor.


What about ACCOUNTABILITY, dear supervisor?

In the end, he just scribbled his name on my receipt as "SETHU" - which i do not think is his full name. How rude is that? So we customers can only get your names in cases where we would like to compliment, but not to complaint?!!

Please take note of the name,
it's SETHU, from CIMB Bank branch in Gardens Midvalley. As he is a rude staff. He shouldnt be sitting as a supervisor, since even he was not able to assist and advice.

Resolved home living fair & other related fairs

Promotional Fairs like Home Living Fair by CIMB Bank are really a scam and great disappointment. We were taken for a ride and felt very much cheated after attended the said fair and placed booking/bought a few household items at Putra World Trade Centre in August 2009. The trader Ga Hing Trading told us the goods got to be paid upfront as discounted pricing are supported by the principals and CIMB Bank and only available during the fair duration. Furthermore, the instalment plan as advertised by CIMB Bank was not available from the trader, who blamed the bank for not giving them the facility, while the bank claimed that the Trader did not apply for the facility.
Lo and behold, when we finally asked for delivery of one of the items, an Ariston Washing Machine, the unit delivered to us was a displayed unit. We asked for a new unit to be sent instead (meanwhile we took down the serial number of that machine). We also complained the matter to the Principal company, Obicorp Sdn Bhd. ( a company associated with Signature Kitchen) Tel:603-[protected], the Sales manager, Mr Kent Chan, was most unfriendly, saying their company was not responsible for sales by their dealer, even when we informed him that the purchase was done at the Home Living Fair which was supposed to be supported by his company. His sales rep Ah Wai was seemingly helpful, saying he would get us a new unit- however, that remained an empty promise. Few days later, the trader phoned us and said they would deliver a new unit from the Principal company to us- surprise and surprise - when the "new unit" arrived, it looked like the previous unit, though it apparently had been cleaned up. We then looked for the serial number and found it to be exactly the same as the previous display unit.
A complaint was made at the CIMB customer service hotline, the person in charge seemingly was sympathetic to our plight, but told us she could not help us, even after we informed her that we were made to understand that we were told the goods had to be advance purchased to enjoy a cheaper price and the fair was apparently fully backed up and guaranteed by CIMB Bank.

We felt really cheated by CIMB Bank, Obicorp, Signature Kitchen and Ga Hing Trading (especially), and were really disappointed that we had been taken for a ride. We would ask every body out there to shy away from all these fairs, which are really a scam- for traders to push off their old stock and make a fast buck.

The moral of the story is:
-Never go for any of these fairs
-A promise that was advertised is as good as that, unless it is actually written down in a legal contract, and unless you have the time to actually take the case to the Consumer Tribunal Court.
- A cheap item on sale which seems too good to be true is actually too good to be true, that's it!
- Many big companies in Malaysia like CIMB Bank and Obicorp are really unethical and do not have any social responsibilities, and are there to actually conspire with unscrupulous traders to cheat and hoodwink unsuspecting consumers.

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Resolved rude awakening by cimb staff (ampang point branch)

--- On Fri, 10/30/09, Shakila Bernabe <shakila.[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote: From: Shakila Bernabe...

Resolved australian fixed deposit offer

As a "preferred customer" and member of the CIMB Club i was offered end of July 2009 to invest a minimum of...

Resolved assign car repo without any prior notice or call

I'm here to to make a complaint about CIMB Bank, they assign car repo guy is like gangster & also like a illegal company attidtude.
The repo gangster try to tow my dad car @ my dad working place, when they reach there, they are shouting, make noisy at there. The place is the place to do business, why they attitude like a ALONg, are they legal or illegal ALONG ?
I try to call they center to check all this, but they say we are overdue for 3 months & say the repo GANGSTER already find us so no way can help us. Even i going to pay now, they also need to charges us RM500.00, are they try to looking money from us ?
When i told them i didn't received any notice, they say they already send out. So cant do anythings. But i didn't rceived notice or any call from them, they say they dont know, but the notice is already send out. NOw because of this repo GANGSTER attitude, my dad loose his job & on the day the shop also loss a lot business, so who want to bear this losses now ?
To be hoonest to CIMB CEO & management, we are VERY disappointed with your service provide by your bank. ARe your LEGAL BANK or ILLEGAL ALONG to collect debt ?

  • Te
    Terkena Oct 27, 2014

    I concur that CIMB are the useless Bank in Malaysia to date, yes people said it's easy to get loan approval from CIMB but once you become their customer then you'll cry or you blood pressure shot to the sky, The " Customer service" will gave all sort of ### or will not pick up your calls if you're trying to negotiate matter regarding your loan. Avoid this Bank unless for the next twenty plus years of your loan tenure you'll pay the repayment promptly and not even two days of delay

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  • Tr
    Treated Poorly Sep 30, 2015

    Experienced the same. Bank didn't even bother to call or send reminder or notice.
    REPO gang came into the condo, and explained that the car is now over due 2 months and 25 days.
    Legally they can repo after 2 months 21 days. 4 days in, and they send a repo?

    No calls. No nothing. Rang the bank. Rude banker.

    I explained that my salary was coming in in 3 days time and it was right after Raya Haji and asked for understanding.
    Banker said, "Nothing can be done if the repo has found you, we sent out the letter this morning after we SMS you."

    SUSPECT THE BANKER HAS COMMISSIONS FROM THE REPO GUYS. No integrity. Look into your staff.


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Resolved assign car repo without any prior notice

Recently, 21 Aug, my 54 years old mom was being toyed by a car repo of indian gangsters in Putrajaya, the car repo guys push a 54 old year woman and snach the key from her hand before treating to tow the car. When my mom ask her to tow the car they dont want but try to settle.. When we ask for Police Report they said they have friends in the Putrajaya Police station by calling they can report, they just show a CIMB statement with out having the chance for my mom to read the statement. Yes she realized that she is in danger she have to pay, the gangsters follow and ask my mom to pay in the teller which was only 2 months due and still get away with RM500. Putrajaya Police please investigate this they are loitering near Putrajaya Imigration. They used the police name and treathen the people. We hope non of the police in Putrajaya is actually involved. But from a friend we got to know that there are some people in CIMB who browse through the late payers list and exploit the payers especially when they know the user is a women. I myself several times saw this repo guys doing this when we try to interfere they will rudely want to hit U. To all the banks esp CIMB Banks if that incident might have become severe of if my mom get hurts or I will be sure to report this to your CEO and get the culprit. To CIMB CEO pls be honest to your customer not giving loans to all and then assign Along to collect the debts...

  • Ay
    Ayub Amir Nov 05, 2010

    billing statement saya atas nama Ayub Amir credit card no 4599 2002 0130 4495 sdh 2 bln ini tdk di email, tlg di email segera

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  • Ji
    jimmy77778 Dec 22, 2012

    Banking services you really disappointed me every time money your car less than 3 months but you two I am talking about 4 months to get into, you can also call people outside to pull a cart when your bank does not call metold me the car expire if you do not also we will pull a cart, they also intimidate they also talk about I give you two election away I will give your car the second option is that you give uscost RM 1000 that we will not pull this chariot In fact, the day I want the money feed you but they are not given the opportunity I have I told the loan sharks and underworld ferocious What is the difference if you do not reply to meitself will take action, I want a true answer, I want you to lose my RM 1000 every time I pay back the money to your bank, also spoke I also say I owed ​​4-5 months to pay back the money and also we are talking about is a few ofplus interest plus months that we have been not finished your attitude about the poor services this bank sevice if no good

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Resolved tidak puas hati layanan kakitangan cimb autofinance - wisma nusantara

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera, Tuan/Puan, Saya merupakan salah seorang pelanggan yang telah membuat...

Resolved tunaikan cek

cimb bank Tawau, sabah dan cimb bank KLCC
tidak memberikan maklumat yang tepat..dan tiada budi bicara yang baik terhadap pelanggan.Tidak membantu tetapi menyusahkan pelanggan...mengapa tiada sistem yang baik berkenaan dgn cek...jelas2 itu adalah duit pelanggan..mengapa terlalu suah utk memberikan perkidmatan yan baik dan tepat..saya tidak teragak2 utk mengambil tindakan yg lebih lanjut sekiranya isu cek yng perlu ditunaikan tidak dapat di proses lagi buat masa yg terdekat ini!!!

cimb debit card

to all cimb debit card users, always check your account transaction because sometimes they 'accidently' charge you TWICE, like what happen to me. i signed for the purchase resit one time only, but they charge it twice. call the servis centre? useless! call bank itself? not helping at all. how awful is that? can they solve the problem FAST & EASY? now i have to go to the cimb counter and claim report for the mistake they made. 'thank you' for making my life 'easier'... yeah, right~!

  • Ne
    nelsond voon, kuching(SWK) Feb 20, 2009

    hey wow.. i just applied for it today and looking forward to use it as they always making the point it is convenience and easy. sigh! i was so excited. =.=" and this complaint really shut me down. gosh did u claimed ur money back? i want to know. please contact me and let me know how's the thing. ([email protected]) at least i can know whats the pro and con of it. thanks.

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  • Bo
    bobo123456 Feb 20, 2010

    the good thing about this card has only one. no need to bring more cash. it is more to a cash card.

    bad news is no reward point. better use cash then.

    0 Votes
  • Mr
    Mr. Roti John Sep 06, 2011

    CIMB Debit Card, sheesh.. cannot check balance easier way, must call the operator to know our balance.. too many extension, plus the operator keep talking rubbish in slow motion resulting lost in my time and phone credits. After 5 minutes then we can know the balance... Is there another easier way to check the balance instantly?

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  • Ja
    Janrawkerzs Jan Feb 11, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Saya Nak create cimb click password. Cth Ayam806738.Pastu tak boleh dia Tulis "Please include at least 1 special character
    "..aPA sebenarnya special character yg di maksudkan?please balas

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darkness at atm machine area

Yesterday I had went to bank in cheque at atm machine, but the atm area was too dark (Without lights turn on). It was difficult for me to fill up the form before put the cheque into the machine. This situation also not secure and safe to withdrawl money at atm machines. Pls take immidiate action on this to prevent any incident happens. Thanks.

credit card application

I would like to complain regarding application of credit card & master card at once of your branch at taiping perak.
I have applyiong above credit card / master card for 2 time with completed detail accord to your good company requested but the result to return back to us is "rejected" according to my pay slip (work at singapore) & 8a form show that I have qualifies to make all your (cimb bank) requirement. Can you please help to check why there have been rejected by your bank.

Any inquiry, please call [protected] daniel lim for further information. Hope to seek your reply soon.

Thank & best regards
Daniel in singapore.

cimb cheque clearing issues!

Just to inform the few million CIMB consumers that they are add it again.

During the June and July 08 cheque fiasco, where cheques was not clearing on time. It has happened again but with a different twist.

Now in October previous cheques that we returned during the July fiasco is now being cleared in October. Oh my goodness.

On top of that the payee bank says it is cleared but CIMB says it doesn't have the money. Only after countless calls and emails and escalations with faxed documents does some action occur. I didn't realised it was such a big issue till I googled "CIMB cheque clearing issues" that I find so many blogs and compliants.

Read the links for some background to the issue.

  • Be
    belinda Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My cheque deposited on 26 October 2008 in USJ 9 branch could not be located.

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  • Je
    Jesse May 27, 2009

    whenever I want to claim back my vehicle registration card from this bank, they always said that the document is not kept by them because they dont have the record there on computer.But when I turn to the agent to buy motor insurance and roadtax, the agent always have the way to get the duplicated copy for me.The agent told me he hire the runner to process all this thing for me.I think It must be their staffs keeping my registration card for the benefit of insurance commision.It is an act of robery. I will complaint it to other organisation soon.

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casa surrenda value-gasa

Cash surrender value - gasa

Submitted early september (almost two months ago) through cimb bank inanam branch but until now, no reply from cimbaviva!!!

Name: azizah bt saffian @ mohamed saffian
I.C. No. [protected]

For the past one month l have been calling ms suzie of cimb bank inanam branch. Regarding the above cash surrender value but as usual they always told me that they are still waiting for a reply form cimbaviva.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Azizah saffian

very rude customer service

I'm really un satisfy with the service provide by CIMB bank at Kampung Baru branch. The person in charge...