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Cici's Pizza -
4451 Lebanon Pike, Hermitage - [protected]

My family entered the Hermitage, Tennessee CiCi's Pizza restaurant, and my wife, who is physically unable to stand comfortably, seated herself at an empty table while my son and I went to the register to place our order. Moments later the manager confronted my wife at the table and ordered her out of her seat. She pointed to my son and me at the register, and explained that we were placing our order and would join her momentarily. The arrogant manager told her that the seats were for customers who have already paid, not customers who are saving seats. My wife was totally embarrassed and humiliated, and we decided to leave the restaurant. Although we have dined there hundreds of times, we will never return. Cici's needs to provide this manager with some sensitivity training for helping customers with physical disabilities, not humiliating them.

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    me and my fiance and my grandbaby came in to eat there was hardly any food on the bar and I took pictures of what food or was it was not fresh and much of it then ask for custom Pizza they told us there was a limit on those I cannot eat the marinara on the pizza sauce for alfredo pizzas they didn't have not one offered on the bar and said that was a corporate policy I know that is not true I raise my kids eating CiCi's and now I have a grandbaby and I never had this trouble at any other location the staff was not very friendly ice maker was out of ice it was just a horrible experience overall we ordered wings and we got them well after we ate so we took them home we will not eat there ever again


  • Sh
    Sharon Nov 16, 2007

    CiCi's Pizza is a JOKE they are very unprofessional!

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  • Mo
    Moochums Aug 02, 2009

    I think you should def. call the corporate office and file a formal complaint. That was totally unnecessary.

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  • Kp
    KPKELLY Jan 02, 2010

    I wouldn't go back into the CiCi's Pizza in Hermitage located at [ 4451 Lebanon Pike, Hermitage - (615) 232-0950 ] again if my life depended on it.

    I am leaglly blind and have a service dog and the [email protected]#$%$#@ manager that was on duty one night told me I am NOT allowed in there with my dog. The next day I went back to talk to the owner and he told me I need pappers from the Health department. I went and got them, gave them to keep and then about a week later one afternoon went back there again to eat and now I am told that I am refused service, not my dog.

    This place should be closed and put out of business. Not only are the people that work there lazy, but the food is cold, dried out and the place is always dirty. NEVER any hand sope in the mens rest room.

    If any one thinks this is a BS message, go look for you self.

    Kenneth P. Kelly
    Hermitage, TN. 37076
    (615) 479-4889

    Show's I'm not hidding anything

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  • St
    Strong12345678910 Aug 14, 2018

    Went to the cicis on fuqua for a to go and the maneger took my order and messed up my order gave me the wrong pizza after telling her she said sorry aint perfect like you and than speaking in spanish like i didnt know how to speak spanish

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  • Ma
    Mario Munoz Aug 15, 2018

    the store is suppose to close at 10 but they close half the location and cramp everyone that walks in into the other half that does not fit everyone. how is that possible and how is that allow as customer service.

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  • Ch
    Christown Aug 15, 2018

    6.21.18 beyond disappointed, will never return!
    3 young girls working for 7 people. pizza empty, left was old, noodles & soup not edible. Place is a mess, no cleaned eating area. I asked the young ladies, we're they short handed, yes 3 people called out.
    Grand Opening 20 staff, today, 3!
    Complaint to Corporate, not able to complete. Sad Sad Sad!

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  • Iv
    ivandqj Aug 20, 2018

    There was no pizza, and the pizza that was there was old. Worst buffet experience ever. I attached a picture for you to see that I am not exaggerating.

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  • Bu
    Bubbejdb Aug 20, 2018

    There is no food on the bars and they only got one person working can't keep food or the place clean and I would like my money back... The workers saying glad the health department ant came bc they would get close down. Really need people to work not kids

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  • Sa
    Sarah88990 Aug 21, 2018

    The kitchen lady was rude and embarrassed us in front of other people i did not appreciate it.

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  • Li
    Lilliam2474 Sep 01, 2018

    Have gone to cici s pizza in wolf road albany ny several times and 7- 7:30 and never cant eat because employes say they are. Closing soon and we hxe been groups for 5 and over to 15 persons i am very angry because the schedule on door and online is from 11am to 9 pm why is it that 1:30 to 2:00 hours before closed we cant not be served?

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  • Ja
    Jaimel Sep 05, 2018

    The picture says it all.
    Employee cleaning vents with strong cleaner while people are eating at the restaurant.
    Make a me think twice about eating there again or letting my family eat there.

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  • La
    Lasondra Doyle Sep 11, 2018

    Dalton has company while at work yelling for him every 5 minutes so unprofessional (this is the cicis pizza on Ridge road

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  • Ka
    kaitlin Ellis Sep 11, 2018

    On the website for the Pigeon forge cicis pizza said they closed at 10 and we went in to eat the manger was so rude to us and said that all cicis close 9 clock and there was customers in front of us and she let them be pay to eat.

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  • Ka
    Karla Jimenez Sep 18, 2018

    They don't have food or soup and I order and they took 45 min. Discuss with manager or charged they were rude not customer service it all this don't look like a buffet

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  • No
    Norma Alicia Oct 02, 2018

    They are all saggy and only halve them cook the rest are not cool I call and the lady.
    Manager Kay Say they are cook that the all cook at the same time I just throw them away because I eat one and my stomach hurt

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  • An
    [email protected] Oct 03, 2018

    The worst cicis I've been to. It was on Dunn Ave in Jax fl

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  • En
    Enid Salim Oct 21, 2018

    i go to eat at sprin lake nc saturday ay 8:15 this people no have any food only some i pay 53.00 dollars for bad food

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Gram Nov 04, 2018

    Drove 50 miles to cicis in Florence AL had a great time.the kid and I where treated very well by the workers. ...the only complant is there is not one closer to Mt Pleasant. TN...try to work on that...thanks ...Jimmy Graham. 8525 Dry Creek Rd Mt Pleasant 'TN 38474

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  • Su
    Superbikeba Nov 04, 2018

    My sister is said to have lost her job because she was in the hospital tending to my nephew's broken arm. She has worked for your company for years made many sacrifices in the last 15 years for your business. I am just disgusted so that is how you oh well your companies to be run.

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  • Li
    Linda McCawley Nov 05, 2018

    Just visited the cicis in Bowling Green, Ky. he The place was nasty, no pizza ready no help. Waited 40 min for the first pizza(cheese). Then a ball team came in . we had taken my Mom and Sister, they came in from Texas. I am was ashamed of the place.
    Linda McCawley 270-421-3548

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  • Jo
    Jose Rodrigue Nov 11, 2018

    Food poisoning my friend and I went to eat and then the next day we all had diarrhea headache and stomach ache.we went to the cicis on post oak neat 610

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  • Gi
    Gilbert wallace Nov 13, 2018

    The person you have working for you is very unprofessional she yells at customers and even cusses she refused to give me her name and had no understanding when trying to calmly talk to her

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  • Sa
    sarahprice12 Nov 13, 2018

    On saturdays there are kids in the back that help their parents. They also touch the food. Also there is a girl that busses and she goes around asking people for money and also telling people she has bed bugs and lice.

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  • Ca
    Carin Lsf Harris Nov 19, 2018

    The pizza dough has way too much yeast in it by the time I left the store it had my stomach so bloated up I looked like I was freakn pregnant deffinately not good I will never go to another cici's pizza!!!

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  • Du
    Dulcinea5002 Jan 22, 2019

    Ordered as I usually do. 2 large pepperoni pizzas with extra sauce. This time the extra sauce was dumped on top of the cheese. A mess. I have a picture. Not happy at all!

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  • Br
    Bret Alan Ashworth Feb 11, 2019

    their food gave me food poisoning and im suing them in court it happened in october i was out of work for 4 days ive tried to be nice but its time someone did something

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  • Gr
    Greg Parker Apr 16, 2019

    Every time I try to call this location to order pizza I can't get through. I hear it's the phone, but after 4 months with the same problem. I've determined the staff is taking the phone off of the hook to reduce the work load. If you don't want the business, no worries. There are plenty of other options in this market.

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  • Br
    Brittany Lil-Bit Lindsey Apr 28, 2019

    I got to cici pizza on north Druid on 4/20/2019 at 9:48 pm and was told they was closed and still had people eating inside still and I've planned this for a whole week and for them to close early was unacceptable I was very upset and it has online they close at 11:00 pm this needs to be fixed ASAP cause you have lost a customer for life !!!

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  • Ga
    Gary Harvey Jun 09, 2019

    I've dealt with too much from CC's.
    CC's new order policy demanding a drink be purchased when ordering a Pizza, LEAVES ME COLD.
    What? No more Speciality Pizza's AND you demand I order a drink along with a Pizza.
    SEE YA, Gary Harvey

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  • Em
    Ember Davidson Jul 21, 2019

    This complaint is a little out of the ordinary, and I have screenshots to back it up. Your employee that claims to be a general manager at one of your stores in north Texas (Travis Cooper Pierce) beat a woman that tried to give him a ride. Pictures of her face are all over my facebook newsfeed.

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  • Br
    Britlon Aug 07, 2019

    As I approach the building at 9:41 my seven-year-old whose birthday was today open the door and it was a lot a black guy came to the door when he proceeded to tell me that we were close, and a lady came to the register what she said it's only 20 minutes until closing but there was little to no food left out

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  • Ta
    Tarnisha Roney Oct 07, 2019

    First of when we came we hadto wait cause there was only 4 people making pizza for the whole restaurant then when i order a personal pizza with wings it took 25-35 minutes before my order then last the person at the register was very rude.

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  • Ni
    nicholas hopkins Nov 04, 2019

    Ive been here 20 minutes with my family and there is little to no pizza on the buffet line. As soon az pizza is cooked...its gone...due to no pizzas on buffet line and high demand. Very limited staff for a slow tuesday night. Very disappointed in the service and food choice.

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  • Ro
    Ronnie40 Nov 09, 2019

    They was supposed to refund my money and they were very rude and hateful this was wed 30th I still have not received my money

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  • Ma
    Max Kae Jan 26, 2020

    what it was floater ...

    You should give justin estrello an American Express for ci ci pizza justin ate there today and his great6 helped start ci ci way back when you know what and funded them and worked for them with your great6 royalties to his family stopped for ci ci in the 1990 give him an express thank you...
    what it was

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