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I leased a new 2018 Jeep from a Dodge dealership in Dallas. For some reason my credit couldn’t be pulled so my father just put it in his name.

The lease was up a couple of months ago & Ive been trying to trade the car in for used car. The lease term ran out & Chrysler was very rude about turning in the car. I asked them if I could use it to find another car. They rudely told me, that was fine with them, but wanted me to “check in” every 3-4 days like I was a child! I did tell people that they were at least being nice enough to allow me to drive the car. How wrong I was stabbing me in the back at the same time! I even made payments for the time Ive had the car.

Over the past several months Ive been going to 2 dealerships per day & on some occasions at least one. It was ver weird the way Ive been treated by them & couldn’t figure it out even getting mad at them! It wasnt them at all! It was Chrysler! Im considering filing a law suit for harassment, bullying, unlawful practices, mental anguish, fraud, etc. At one point I was so stressed I tried committing suicide ! I keep record of all phone conversation’s as well as meetings. I have dates, names of everyone Ive talked too at crooked Chrysler & what they were telling me wasnt what they were telling the dealers. After meeting with dealers I was never told what they would give me for the Jeep trade. I continued to let Chrysler know names of dealers & several times I was at a positive point of trading the car, but it happened again!

I would never hear back from any of the people I spoke with. No phone calls or texts. I couldn’t understand it until last week while at a major dealership. The salesman called to get my payoff. He came back telling me that he couldn’t get it & they told him in a very rude manner that the car had been grounded & I need to return the Jeep ASAP to the dealership where I leased it from. That dealer is 8 hours away from where I live & I was embarrassed as well as stunned since thats not what Ive been told when Ive “checked in”! I called the same number he called while my phone was on speaker so he could hear the conversation. The woman he spoke with were the same ones that I speak with! When a lady answered I explained to her the situation & what the salesman was told. She told me that everything was okay & I told her where I was trying to trade the car. Nothing was mentioned too me regarding the Jeep not being able to do anything with it. I asked for payoff & was the same one I had from “checking in” a few days earlier. I was actually very confused & I told him I don’t know why he was told that because I wasn’t ever told that!

I left after being there all day when my car stopped & wouldnt start 5 different times which the temperature was in3 digits! This is completely ridiculous & Chrysler should be responsible!

During the complete time Ive had the car Ive experienced many problems not starting. Had it towed ro dealership 5 times & drove it in 2 times. The dealership (Alan Samuels in Aransas Pass, Texas)either said that it was repaired or they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It was under warranty every time, but one. When it was towed in all they did was go where it was dropped off by wrecker (told by advisor) started it & that it was ready. He said since it started up , we didn’t have to do anything to it! They have the equipment to diagnose problems.

Every time it was in the dealerships shop was under warranty except the last time it was towed in. At one time the service advisor (Chuck)told me it was the wiring going into the fuse box called the “tippet” & he ordered one. After that time the jeep seemed to run good & no problems with starting so I didn’t take it back. It seemed that the times it was there they did more damage than good! I was never contacted from Chuck that the “tippet” came in so I thought it was repaired & had no problems for around 6 months.

Its been acting up not starting as it did before & stopping. I dont feel confident in driving the car not knowing if its going to stop & not start! During the time while Ive been trying to trade the car the car has not started many times in the midday of traffic which is dangerous. A couple of weeks ago I contacted the service manager & spoke to him in regarding the issue asking him if they would work on it under warranty even though it was out of warranty. They worked on it while under warranty & never repaired it. He said NO & if I didn’t like it, take ie somewhere else!

I called Chrysler & the lady in that department told me that there no receipt has ever been turn in to them via computer by that dealer. She said if you can get him to turn them in we can do something. She went on to say, she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t of sent them in. Sounds funny too me! Maybe they need to get rid & not buy anymore expensive equipment,just Google it!

I Googled it & there were many articles regarding the exact issue that Im having & had! Most confirm its in different fuses!

On the way home & analyzing each visit per my notes, they were exacting the same. I wondered if the same people ruthless Chrysler employees were telling on one thing which didn’t make any since if the wanted the car back they could of just picked the damn piece of crap up at anytime! Then those same employees that were feeding me all that crap were telling the dealers something else to where I couldn’t trade the Jeep.


I was told about a month ago that I needed a document called a “Statutory Durable Power of Attorney” in order for me to trade it or make any transactions with it. My brother the day before major spinal surgery took the time (3 hours) to get the documents & take to my parents home. I live 7 hours away so my mom had to get a notary officer come to the house to notarize the doc. Its allowing my father to give me the right to trade or sale the car. I arranged for it to be picked up & delivered to me next day (Saturday) by Federal Express. My dad had a stroke & both are in their upper 80’s. A great deal of trouble to go through just to be wasting my time for about one month.I still can’t understand the reason, “WHY”!

This is the lowest of the lowest of any company! There was another company that acted very similar & they illegally foreclosed on my home I lived for 12 years almost overnight! They arent in business anymore! They were stripped of all mortgage business & placed quite a few high up officials in prison. Many of the people which I spoke with in the United States housing departments were in on it. I was rewarded quite well & I know exactly who to contact due to this horrible situation!

Here I am taking the doc with me providing it to salespeople & it was useless not to mention, a fuc_king waste of my time!

I called Chrysler Monday 6/26/23 & spoke to Don. He told me that he didn’t know why I was being told what I was being told, but they couldn’t provide the payoff to dealers because the car was past due of being turned in. He was able to tell me the payoff but no one else! Last week when all of this hit me at a dealership the lady that I spoke with did abruptly tell me that if I didn’t trade the car fast I needed to turn it in at the dealership where I leased it from which is on the other side of Dallas & thats the only place I could return it too! When speaking to Don he told me that I could turn it in at any dealership! I tried turning in another Jeep some years ago & no one at the dealership had any idea what to do with the car. I had calls Chrysler before I dropped it off & the guy told me to do exactly what I did. I was being yelled at all the way to my new car! It was then placed on my credit report saying I missed some payments or something like that!

He went on telling me that I can buy the car & sell it or have someone else buy it & then sale it back to me! IM CONFUSED! If that was to happen is that practically the same as trading/selling it to a dealer?

I cant say or speculate what the problem is with this company but some changes need to be made. Whoever is considering a Jeep, I do know that the Wranglers & Gladiators have major issues with the same ones that Im having. I would check them out prior to buying one! They are telling dealers to over price them by adding additional “add on” options!

Jul 06, 2023 4:07 pm EDT
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