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I had a chrysler 300 for 3 1/2 the early days of the loan chrysler capital was willing to work out payment plans/arrangements with me. Due to loss of work (and life circumstances) my loan became delinquent again but now that i've paid nearly $30, 000 on this car plus the $5000 I put as a down payment they repossessed the car. I tried to explain that i've had several medium size out of pocket repairs i've used revenue that should have gone toward payment. But now, there is nothing to discuss in getting the car back since the fees are so high ($4025). The customer service reps has been like a dr. Jeckle/mr. Hyde. They were willing to work with me until they got enough money out of me. The interest rate was far to high for the right along with the $641.00 monthly payments. So technically i've already paid for the vehicle. I should have bought a nissan or toyota!!! Also, though i've paid on nearly 30k on the loan over the 3.5 years. The balance is "still" $28, 000!!

dodge challenger and service department

I contacted the chrysler located at croton on hudson in ny about a bluetooth problem I was having with my 2018 r/t challenger. I told the service department that water was leaking into the car and I believe that was what is causing my bluetooth's mic to work intermittently. I brought my car in for service once and the service department told me I was crazy and that there was no leak in the vehicle and the bluetooth was working fine. I had to record video and take pictures of water leaking into my brand new car for the service department to do their job and dig a little deeper. I had to get up at 5am to drive an hour and half to a dealership that I thought was top notch based on the recommendation of a friend to bring the car in for a second round of service all before a 10 hour shift at my job. The service department found the reason for the leak and despite my telling them that water was leaking through the passenger and driver side bluetooth microphones located directly over the steering wheel on the roof, that my mic could not be replaced despite water coming out of it. I spoke with a manager hoping they could do right by me I simply want what I feel i'm owed and was told essentially that because he can't make a case for it to get it covered under warranty that he wouldn't replace it and i'd have to be stuck with a brand new car that doesn't function properly. The manager and the service department cited the fact that my iphone software version isn't compatible with the cars uconnect. Okay I understand that. I told them not only do I have friends that also have the same car with the same software version as me born experiencing these issues, but I also disconnected my phone from the car and tried to setup my uconnect subscription and couldn't even do that. I had to call the uconnect from my mobile phone. The uconnect represnative even informed me that I shouldn't be having issues like that with a new car. I don't like the way the face of your company handled this situation. I'm not asking for them to give me a new car I just want my bluetooth mic to work as intended everything else is fine. All my friends love muscle cars and the challenger really is a fun cool car I just want to be able to enjoy it like them. I am so upset at how this situation is playing out I will likely never recommend or buy another chrysler product should this issue not be made square.

The dealership found the leak that was coming out of the bluetooth mic and still won't replace the bluetooth since they claim it's working just like I told them there was a leak in my car and they couldn't find it initially.

dodge challenger and service department
dodge challenger and service department
dodge challenger and service department

title and register

So i have been going threw this for a year now, okay they sent my money back for my transfer and my registered but never corrected the title!!! name to be remove and on my tag. We did all the request the chrysler ask me to do. I haven't drove my car in months due cause my tag has to be in my name only. I have to pay out of m pocket again, which i pay already for my tag to be registered in my name. They give me the run around for a year now, the dmv manager explain to the supervisor what need to be done to do this. She apply we will get on it asap and will email me to go ahead to head to dmv when the correction is made on there ends. I called and all i get someone don't understand and to do this again. Smh i told her it's should be in a note or in the system what they need to do. Again im still waiting it shouldn't take this long to a year to do. It didn't take them long mess up. I don't think i have to pay out of my pocket for there mess up.

pay off

I asked for pay off on my vehicle tonight (1/10/2019). They refuse to give it to me and told me I have to pay extra and they will then refund the excess 30 to 45 days later. This should be an illegal practice. I did overnight the pay off amount to Chrysler Capital. But having to wait so long for an over payment with no interest is not right. Is there any legal recourse on this matter?


I have had terrible experience. This is my first car purchase and I had horrible experience from the start having to take 4 hours waiting at the tomball branch to have my documents processed. The price quoted was $19, 000 and the final selling price was $29, 000. I was tricked into giving all sorts of reasons that they had to add in $3000 as I was a first time buyer and that my loan wasn't approved, and because the bank will charge them a fee so he has to add it on the selling price and after adding in all the taxes, add ons and warranties, it has become $29k.Then, I checked the online account and to my horror, I (the buyer) was shown as a co-borrower and my co-signer was showed as the borrower. This is incorrect usage of my information and my co-signer's information (or rather did Chrysler perform a wrong transaction without notifying the customer?). I called in the contact center and was told that first that they had to do it because the loan wasn't approved and they could only get the credit approved by making the switch (really? Without informing the customer?). Then she was going to get the manager to speak with me as she can't make the switch and the line got disconnected. I called in again and spoke with another agent who asked me tons of verification questions which I already punched in the IVR and she assumed that I was wrong and they follow the contract and it could be possible that I signed at the wrong spot. Really? Is this how a serious issue is handled? After checking my details and the copy of the contract it became clear that I and my co-signer signed correctly and the mistake was at their end. She said that she will just notify her finance team to make the switch and apologised for the inconvenience. I then asked her what can they do to address the inconvenience that I have gone through. How will they turn my experience around and make me a happy customer to which she said that there is nothing they can do except apologising. I asked for the call to be escalated as I was still not happy. I then spoke with the supervisor who repeated the same thing and said that they don't compensate for such errors except apologising. He even said that there is no way a customer could find out such information about the name switch unless someone informed them from their office. I said that I can see that online. I asked to be escalated further and spoke with a lady at the executive office who said the same thing and that they don't compensate for the inconvenience. At this stage, all I am getting that they don't care about customer experience and though I had to find all this out, it's on my head. I then asked the call to be further escalated and spoke with Andrew (manager). Who also said the same thing and further explained that with this administrative error, the credit changes would not be impacted as both are still responsible for payments and the account, whether one is a borrower or a co-borrower and that they don't charge customers any processing fee. It's between them and the dealers and dealers should not pass any cost on to the customers. This came as a shock because now it's getting more messy. The dealer passed me $3000 which is added in the sales price of the vehicle saying that they don't have a choice because the financial institution will charge them the fee and had me sign the agreement on the same. Andrew further said that he will investigate further on this and get back to me as something like this should not happen. I gave him name of the person I spoke with (Rubi) before heading to the Tomball branch, who quoted me $19000 before the loan department added in the $3000 on top of this (including other addons to make it to $28k). I believe this additional $3000 should be waived.

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customer service

All the negative reviews about how awful Chrysler Capital's customer service is are true, and there are MANY, and on different platforms too. Chrysler Capital's agents are rude, impolite, unfriendly and do NOT care about their customer. They charged me over ONE THOUSAND dollars after my lease ended, for damages that were NOT caused by me and they are reluctant to withdraw those charges even though I have sent them proof that I did not turn in the car in that state. I sent them pictures of how I turned in the car, I sent them a document from the dealership showing I turned in the car on the first day of the month and Chrysler Capital received it on the 15th of the month. I spoke to their Executive Office team, to Kristen, and that too was in vain and a waste of my time. She was reluctant to listen to me, and all she kept doing was cutting me off and being condescending when telling me that she was not going to wave the charge and that I could file a complaint with Better Business Bureau if I wanted to, that they did not care. WHO runs this company?! It is being handled as a dictatorship, where the only rules that govern are their own, and they don't care about anything. HOW are people allowed to treat customers like that! Whatever you do, do NOT finance your vehicle with Chrysler Capital, you will regret it.

auto loan

One of the worst choices I ever made was to obtain an auto loan through this company. My credit is sub-par so I am paying a high interest rate, which I was well aware of going into this, but when you need a car, you need a car. I didn't receive payment information until the first due date had passed and they dinged me for a 30 day late on my credit file BEFORE it had been 30 days! This was in July 2018. I just got an email from one of my credit monitoring sites telling me Chrysler Capital just dinged me for another 30 day late, when my payment is 15 days late!

I just typed up an appeal requesting they review my account and remove the lates, I'll respond to this when I find out what's up.

Don't bother 'chatting' with anyone, they will just lie to you and not follow through. They wouldn't even give me the address to send the appeal.

repo of truck

My truck got repossessed on friday. I call up about it since i paid on time every month to find out that according to them im three months past due and i have been dead for three months. On tuesday I email over the conformation numbers and proof im still alive. I wait until friday no communication on there part. I call and they say the conformation numbers dont match up. The numbers are the ones I got strait from the site. I told the person i want my truck back and they said not until they have the money but you already have it. Now when 2i call I am put on hold then they hang up. Not a way to run a company. I want my truck or money back. I put 30k as a down payment in a 44k truck plus paid on it for almost 2 years.

  • Updated by Thomas Fox · Sep 14, 2018

    Truck got repossessed falsely and was informed I was dead for three months. I provided the conformatios for the transactions that I have paid for the lastthree months. But they will not give me my truck back. I put a 30k down payment on a 44k truck plus have been paying on it for almost 2 years. Now the company just hangs up on.

purchase of extra mileage

3 years ago when I purchased my Jeep I purchased extra mileage giving me 15k a year. Over the past year I have had numerous conversations with representatives who confirmed I purchased additional mileage and it was noted to my account. When I received my final bill, they charged me for miles because they said I only had 12k year. I have talked to at least 5 reps who confirm I purchased and now it's mysteriously not there when it came down to my final balance due to them. Now my account is under review. I told them they need to listen to all the recorded calls I have made and numerous notations to my account about this continued matter.

title department

I moved out of state and needed the title to be sent to Dmv since I'm leasing you hold it it was never stamped I was at Dmv in line for four hours with my very impatient one year old to be told when I finally got up there to be told that you hadn't stamped it so it would have to be sent back to you I have called at least six times and spoke to management to be told something else each time at first I was told it was put in the wrong file but it would be there the following Tuesday then Monday was told it would be sent that day Tuesday I was told you hadn't received it none of the management even has a clear answer on what's going on I've been paying for insurance in two states for a week and a half and am beyond frustrated since it's
A lease I'm obviously stuck but I think the entire company is a complete joke at this point I don't understand how this can happen

chrysler capital financing

BEWARE!! My personal loan info was shared with a stranger. Who called into their toll free number.

Total breach of personal information. I thought my personal info. was secure. Is Chrysler Capital the next Experion.

Additionally, every time I call I get different versions of my account status.

My vehicle was reported to the credit agencies 1 year ago as a charge off even though I continued to make payments.

credit bureau department

Acct. #0303345-Lease Agreement VIN #1C4PJLB7FW632171

Had Lease Agreement for 39 Months starting May 2015. At the end of the Lease decided to purchase vehicle through the Chrysler Allegiance Team in April 2018. Allegiance Team referred me to Innovative Funding Services. Signed purchase agreement on the 27th of April (Electronically) with Innovative Funding Services.

Did my due diligence by going through Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team as recommended by website. Lease purchase option was selected and I signed and returned all purchase agreement documents to Innovative Funding services on May 1st 2018 (Calvin Click-Tel#[protected]).

Payoff letter received from Chrysler Capital on the 16th of April 2018, which included all remaining unpaid monthly lease payments, fees, taxes ect…

Since the residual on the vehicle did not get funded until May 9th 2018, Chrysler Capital Credit Bureau Department reported to Equifax and Transunion Credit Bureaus that I was late for my April 2018 lease payment even though I was directly working with Chrysler Capital Lease End Option entities and paying the account in full in April 2018.

It has been conveyed to me by Chrysler Capital Credit Bureau Department that they have reported the account correctly and are not willing to remove or change the derogatory Payment Status entry (30-60 Days Late).

At the end of their letter sent to me it reads "Chrysler Capital appreciates your business and values you as a customer." I don't think that is the case in my situation.

I've submitted Credit Reports and all documents showing the sequence of everything that had taken place and they've dismissed all of it ( I say this because they received my letter and documents on the 15th of August 2018 and sent a letter back to me on the 16th of August 2018). It seems that they didn't attempt to investigate my claim or give it any credibility. Everything was explained in detail.

I request, (As I've done in my letter), that my tradeline with Chrysler Capital, regarding the above mentioned account, be reported as "Paid Satisfactorily" on my Transunion and Equifax Credit Reports as it is on my Experian Report. This is not accurate or consistent reporting as claimed by the Chrysler Capital Credit Bureau Department and it is sure not the way to appreciate or value your loyal customers.

I am not attaching any supporting documents because it would just be duplicating what I've already sent to your Credit Bureau Department.

I hope that this could be resolved. Thank you.

2016 jeep compass

I leased a Jeep Compass in Oct. 2015. All payments have been made on time. The car broke down for the first time in July. It was towed to the local dealership where I leased it. They returned the car to me 12 days later. After driving for 2 days it broke down again. It is still sitting at the dealership, they don't know what the problem is. The car just shut down twice in the middle of a busy road. It was a dangerous situation. I have talked to the dealership and Chrysler Capital about ending the lease early and waiving end of lease fee. There are 4 payments left. No one is assisting me with this situation. I know I signed a contract but I have a vehicle that is inoperable and unsafe to operate when they do have it running. Please contact me. I am shelling out a considerable amount of money on a rental.

payment was to chrysler each month for car payment lease started in aug 2017

lease began aug 2017 I made payment every month then in march 2018 they advised me I did not make a payment for august 2017 why did they not tell me this before so I found out that the payment was being applied to my old lease the jeep compass so four payment needed to be transferred to the renegade they agreed they would take care and transfer the payments over, I have been checking and they tell me it hasn't been completed yet I have spoken to a number of people at Chrysler and they all told me the same thing I finally spoke with Jason Price who said to call him back and they would let me know when the transfer was completed I called today and found out at this late date that they took these 4 payment and applied them to damage on the jeep compass when I turned in the jeep it was in perfect condition not a mark on it and the interior was not even sat in the mileage was very low I will find out exactly how many miles it had on it. when I turned in the companss they told me I had insurance that would cover any damage if any the car had and told me would be covered by that the dealership could believe how spotless the car was and how low the mileage was now they are trying to take those 4 payments and apply them to damage on the compass they are liars and thieves

jeep cherokee lease turn in

Turned in leased Jeep to Firkins in Bradenton Florida and picked up new Ram 1500 on lease . Jeep had 25, 000 miles on it -- was allowed 39, 000 miles on lease. Was told any additional charges waived because buying new vehicle .. Week later get bill $300 for tires. Dealer no help in keeping their word. They also have not given me a copy of the lease despite several requests

Lease completion

After a 36 month lease, and all prompt payments, I returned my jeep in perfect condition and was given a bill for exorbitant charges even though it was normal wear and tear on tires and scratches that did not exist.

I find this very unfair to customers and employees who are loyally leasing a Chrysler vehicle. This is not a fair customer retention policy.

There was no clarification when I called Chrysler Capital. The charges are totally unjustifiable.

Cell: [protected]
Sangita Sundaram

lease termination

Grounded 2015 Charger at outer banks Chrysler dodge dealer. June 5th
Paid dealer last months payment and disposition fee
Next day last payment was automatically debited from checking acct. June 6th
July 6th and still can't any answers account # 5083587
Would like payment returned to checking acct.Dealer made contact with
Adela Openlane on July 2nd and they verified his wire transfer payment. Dealer also
Contacted dealer team on July 2nd and could not get any resolution after being on hold for 10 to 15 minutes girl said she would call him back she was supposed to set up a conference call with Adesa Openlane did not happen. Would appreciate a courtesy
call at [protected]

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    Santander ConsumerUSA Jul 10, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bennie thank you so much for your feedback. We'll be happy to look into this for you. Please complete and submit this form:

    Once we have had a chance to review your account and information we will reach out.

    Thanks ^JE

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dodge ram 2500 warranty work

We are coming to you for help, on June 14, 2018 our 2018 Dodge Ram 2500 with only 8, 200 miles on it broke down on our way home in SC at midnight. Leaving us and our 2 children stranded on the side of 95. Chrysler warranty only covers towing to closest dodge dealership. This is how we ended up with our vehicle at Plaza dodge dealership. We are getting the run around from the service Dept (Jon)& warranty guy handling our case(Tim). They have had our vehicle for 3 weeks with no end in sight. Last week we were lied to by both Jon & Tim about what was wrong with it (saying it was the rear overrunning gear) and that parts had been ordered. On Monday this week Jon called and said that no parts have been ordered, in fact our transmission had not been taken apart or touched all last week. On Tuesday this week Jon called my husband and said now they believe it to be a seal in the transmission and have ordered parts but it will now be next week for them to come in. He then turned around and called me and said some parts had been ordered but some were on back order and he did not know when they would come in. This truck is not only our personal truck (we tow our camper with this for our son's travel ball tournaments) but it is also my husbands company truck (we own Marsh lawncare). We need it back or answers. We only have had it since April 27 we bought it brand new from Cary Auto Mall. We called them on June 14 to see if they could help us since we had just bought it and were told "why would we help you, we are not reaping the benefits of the warranty work"
We really need our truck back. Can you help us please?

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    Santander ConsumerUSA Jul 10, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello BennMelissa Marsh! I am very sorry to hear about your experience and I would like to help.
    We'll be happy to look into this for you, but we need some additional information. Please complete this form:


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automotive loan

I purchased the truck last year and went through chrysler capital. I told the dealership I needed my payment to be due on a certain date. Well when I get paperwork it was due on a date i could not pay. I requested they fix it and they did with a date change. Fast forward 1 year I now work for a College and get paid 1 time a month on the 30/31st of the month. I called and asked to have my due date changed and they said they could not due to the due date had already been changed last year. I tried to explain why that due date was changed and they said the due date could only be changed 1x for the loan. now i will be 18 days late every month until it can be paid off.

ancira rv dodge and chrysler capital and 3rd party that pick up vehicle

I went to ancira with 5000 cash to give down payment on my first finance. Truck was released to me it was FJ Toyota they told me that I will receive my package by mail and to call Chrysler to set and account for payments which I did and paid for 9 months till in May of last year I try to give a payment they said I that have no account to call the dealership I did they told me to call back to Chrysler's so I did and was told that my account was close that I did not owed the bank any money and I ask is my truck paid off person said it seems to me yes. Well as a first time buyer I thought I was lucky and truck was already paid off . So after 2 months pass truck gets pick up I never receive my packages deal nor a letter I try to make the payment in May my account was close I was never inform so I go to ancira and try to get answers and they did not know who I was or where truck is after calling back to the chryler they gave me a number where truck was taking too 3rs party claims that they send me letters but mail was return back to them cause my address was not correct which is a lie for 9mths I send money gram deposit with the same address and phone number so I ask 3rd party how Can I get my truck back they wanted 1250 which I did send it to them but by then it was already another payment which I did not have and aka if they could help me and understand the lady said no. I did not pay my rent to pay them 1250 my landlord kicks me out no car no money stayed in the streets and lost my home for a vechile that was destroy me and my family. I would like to get answers of how a big dealership would let this happen. They got there truck back I would like my down payment and the 9 months of 500 which is 4500+1250 they collected 10, 750. Total of me and end up car less and homeless