Chowkingwaiting time/service/no receipt issued

I purchased at Chowking Pasig Rotonda Branch at 11:20pm, Sept 7, 2019. A cashier named Markris, took my order and gave me a 15mins waiting time for the Chicken. But then 20mins passed and they are giving me 8mins again. If I didn't ask this girl she might not even told me to wait for 15mins, I have to ask it first for her to tell me.
And she gave me a hand written receipt that I can't even understand, I'm asking for my printed receipt but they told me they can't give it through their POS, so they went inside the office, But No ONE approached me that I have to wait another 5 or 10mins for it to be printed. So I left.
I went to this branch because this is the nearest to my house, I only have limited time to buy food because my babies sick at home but then this happened! I am so disappointed! I think she's new by the way.

I just really want to let it out.

Sep 07, 2019

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