Chowkingsome attitude problem of not well trained crew of yours

I just want to share my experience with counter shayne/shane, (oct 2, 2019) around 7:30pm onwards I ordered politely to her and ask her respectfully for using the pwd id of my uncle which is patient in green city pampanga, I talk to her first that my uncle is at the hospital and could'nt even move and show her his picture for proof but still she looks for my uncle and asking for letter I told her that my uncle can't write because of his condition. Talking to me so rude I don't deserve being treated like that. I was the one who's kind to her and smiling at first. Please talk to her, and tell her this so she can do much better and don't do this to other cause she might get worse. But then thanks to gian (dining crew) for being kind and giving good service out there.

Oct 02, 2019

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