Chowkingsubstandard product and slow service

J Jul 12, 2019

I ordered at 5:17pm. Around 5:30pm they served me the halo halo. The halo halo is noticeably not freshly made since the ice already melted and the water from the ice is very evident in the product. I followed up my order after the halo halo was served. What's worse is it took me until 5:42pm until the chao fan is served. And by that time my halo halo is half consumed. The food and service really sucks in this ck branch. I can consider if there are many customers but it seems the queue is not that long and many seats are unoccupied. There is also a lipstick mark in the spoon that i used. Don't know really if that's a lipstick.

substandard product and slow service
substandard product and slow service

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