Chowking Citymall Imus Branchcrew person

B Sep 08, 2018

Hi! Just wanted to share my frustrating experience lastweek when we were eating at Chowking Citymall Imus, Cavite. First, crew who assisted us wasn't polite. She doesn't smile either lol. We nicely requested for chili sauce, then she hesistate to provide us some because she said, it was already mixed together with the dimsum sauce. We requested again saying that we wanted to ask for separate one. Eh attitude lola mo. Lol. She could informed us nalang if we need to pay extra charge for it eh. We asked nicely, pero it turns out na kasalanan pa ata namin manghinge. Second, I'm a happy plus card new holder. Definitely I asked many questions as I wanted to use our coupons. Seriously, the coupons this card offers was the main reason why I purchased it. Who wouldn't want to save money, right? So eto na nga. Yes we can read on the coupon that it has to be 250 minumum puchase and what we did was ordered meals close enough to 300php. She said, we couldn't used our coupons because it doesn't have any load on it. She added that we should purchase a load first in order for us to use our coupons. So dedma na. I went to another Chowking branch just now to use and bought some load for my Happy plus card so I can use my coupon and to gain points. What frustrates me was that I even clarified and asked this twice to this crew who assisted us on City Mall and the manager on that specific branch I went to right now clarified that it doesn't need to have a load to use the coupon as long as I have the card, we can get a discount. I believed I was misinformed and so confused! So ano ba talaga? Same company, different branch with different policy??? Honestly I don't know kung crew or TL tong nasa City mall kasi naka lagay sa name plate nya "TL ANN", pero the Hell! You're a team leader yet you weren't aware on your policy? You have attitude problem?

I honestly love Chowking but Swear, I won't ever transact on this specific branch again. Magulo! Yung kasama nya sa shift, contradicting sa sinasabi nyang info samin. Hindi ko alam sino papaniwalaan! I didn't confronted them because all I wanted at that moment was to eat. But turns out, na bad vibes pa ako. TL pa more! 😂
If I may suggest, I recommend to provide refreshers on your people. Start from basic. Pag smile nga hindi magawa eh. So disappointed.

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