Chowkingbeef chow fan and packaging for take out

N Jul 28, 2019

okay, so i am not about to complain but this really get my attention. i ordered an ala carte beef chowfan and a wonton soup.

well i hadn't finished my chowfan since it's somehow watery. it's like the newly cooked rice is stir fried as soon as it gets out on the casserole makes it MALATA. and i am okay with that, what triggers me to complain is the packaging since i don't feel like eating the food yet i don't want to waste my money so i planned to eat it later.

and they take out my chow fan on a plastic like a dog food. i heard that the crew asked me if they will use plastic and i just nod because it was to fast to understand yet i am pissed about my food.

i never encountered a take out of chowfan on a plastic bag. makes me sick to see this like a dog food. such a waste of money.

hope you would take actions on this because many people are suffering from eating disorders like me and this is just what i get. just lost my appetite, thank you

beef chow fan and packaging for take out

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