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Complaints & Reviews


We spend a total with the whole family 500.00 dollar and everyone was not satisfied the shrimp feel like there was sand in them the oyster taste sour and bad i don't go there often only when we have a event my husband had sore stomac i had bloated stomac my daughter puke and had the runs and also my daughter and my son said the food was terrible maybe there something wrong the fridge or with the cook i went there last year the food was fine last night wanted to talk to manager but it was to busy was not with the service or the food that why i did not tip because i usually tip if i like the food and i didn't and felt bad when i left thank u aline

Horrible services, tasteless food

I went to China King Buffet with my friend and we had only negative reviews about it. We came at buffet, and the staff wasn’t useful. They stood in the kitchen and talked to each other. We ordered drinks and waited 30 minutes to get them. Also the food was cold and crusted. I didn’t complain because they didn’t care about customers. Also the bill was rather high. I won’t recommend this place. The waste of time and money. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this company.

Price change on paper

How can a restaurant change their menu prices and post them on a paper taped to a door for a holiday? We went to king Buffet yesterday Valentines Day and normally they are a couple bucks more on weekends vs weekdays . However when we got to the door they had a paper sign posted saying... All Day Buffet 11.49... They never charge more than 18.00 for two ppl on a weekend... Is this legal to do? We didnt go in and several others drove off but who do you complain too...

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    Maps Feb 16, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    LOL I am the wife with a house we own...Woohoo wont see you at the food pantrys...but probably waiting behind you at a grocery store while you use food stamps huh...

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Awful food

On Sunday November 20th I ordered a dinner for two at approx 8 pm for delivery for my boyfriend and myself I was ordering from his place 117 Mont Adam . when we received our food I cut open one of my chicken balls and imbedded in the batter was an insect I dug it out with my fork and asked my boyfriend to put on more light upon discovering this insect in the batter. I immediately phoned Kings Buffet and told them what I had found they asked me to describe it, I said its a bug – antennas and two eyes then they asked me what kind of bug it was and I told them a bug I don”t know just a bug then I requested my refund and they offered me two buffett dinners for free but I refused and stated I will never eat there again. they said they would come pick it up and gave me my refund mitch(my boyfriends name) asked his neighbour Troy if he could take a good picture of the insect in the batter he used his camera phone he took a picture of it and said that he could enlarge the picture if he has to. then the delivery man from bubbas delivery came and took back the food I was digusted and felt like I was going to puke I would like to have a formal investigation of this incident started as quickly as possible and would also like some response back about this incident.


My daughter and I went to King Buffet in Nacogdoches Tx, took a few minutes for them to seat us, no big deal...

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