Choice Home Warrantysubstandard repair service


CHW readily accepted and cashed our premium check, but when we ultimately had a claim, the service they provided was extemely substandard. CHW assigned the claim to a repairman located about 1 hour from our home. After 3+ months of frustrations in trying to get the repairman to our house to fix the problem, we surrendered and accepted a check from CHW to buy a new stove. Of course, the check amount was only about 25% of the price of a comparable stove. But it was painfully obvious the repairman assigned to our claim was inept and just not motivated to fix our problem. The variety of excuses why he could not come to our house was comical. CHW offered to re-assign the claim to a different repairman, but some quick research showed that repairman had an "F" rating with the BBB and pages upon pages of complaints. In our book, CHW receives an "F" for such poor repair service! No, we are not renewing with CHW.


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