Choice Home Warrantyair conditioning claim

B Aug 05, 2018

I called to receive service and an air conditioning unit that was running continually and not blowing any cold air. LNJ service was sent out and they tested it as having not enough free. I paid an additional $245 to have the test run because it was not covered in the service contract. The vendor set an appointment to follow up on August 13. On August 3, I was experiencing the same problem and started calling to get air conditioning due to temperature and health concerns that I have with heat. Your representative could not reach them on Saturday, August 4, and sent them an email. I ask if I could call since I didn't have their phone number and the service agreement from the Freon test. I did reach someone and they said they would call me back in half an hour since they were on the phone with Choice for another call. After one and a half hours of waiting, I tried the vendors number again and it went to voicemail that the mailbox was full. And then we called choice and someone then did get a hold of him and advised me that they will be coming between 3 and 8 PM on August 4. I was never advised of anything by the vendor and attempt dish and showed up about 11am. The same technician arrived and said the Freon level was fine, he thought maybe there was air in the line and he check that, and he said there was a problem with the coil and would need an OK from choices in order to repair them. I asked if I would hear from him again and he said no he had other calls to make. The air was running on a very low level but it was starting to cool things down for about for five hours. When I went out and came home nothing was working everything was running and the house was very warm. When I tried to call back this morning, Joyce advised me that they left a message about my situation. I cannot get a hold of the vendor, Choice has not called me back, and The temperature is almost 90° in my house. When I called the main number about claims I was also advised that there was no one else I could talk to that could make a determination and get some when out to my house today. I would appreciate a response or telephone call at [protected] .

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