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I ordered my food online with a 10:45 a.m. pick up time. The door was locked and two visible employees walked back and forth stocking items. The door was opened for myself and 5 other people at 11:00. The manager apologized for the wait. I went to the register and a young lady was preparing my order of two burrito bowls, one burrito and one order of tacos. I watched as she sloppily prepared my food and did not say anything. She threw toppings into my order without care. As the bowls were sitting there on the counter, I asked if she could write the names on them so they wouldn't be confused. She snatched the marker, wrote the names in haste and then threw the marker behind the counter angrily. When I said, "thank you." She ignored me. My order was prepaid, so she grabbed one bag and threw the two bowls, burrito, tacos and a bag of chips into the bag, which was too heavy to carry. She then shoved the bag across the counter at me aggressively. Again, I said thank you, although I was offended. She threw her hand up as if to say, "whatever." I ended up grabbing a few extra bags and repacking my food. The manager reappeared and I spoke to him about my encounter. He apologized and gave me a few coupons.
My coworkers and I had been looking forward to this all week, and it was totally ruined by a disgruntled employee. I am not sure what she was upset about, but I did not deserve this treatment and am not sure how I feel about returning to this location. Overall, this experience was very disappointing.

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Dec 30, 2019 3:05 pm EST

I ordered Door dash from Chipolte location, Mooresville NC 28117. It is now two hours later and after appx $21 dollars charged to my credit card I finally called the manager (Javier) asking did the driver get lost? he assured me the driver picked up my hour about 20 minutes after I ordered. When I said well I don't think the driver is coming, can I just cancel? this manager could literally care less that my food never arrived and he told me to call Door dash. I said sir, my credit card was charged to Chipolte, not Door dash (they only made three dollars tip); Javier was not rude, I have to be fair about that, but he flippantly said go Chipolte website online to complain and ask for your money because there's nothing he can do-but it's an automated feature, no where can you explain what happened to a human being AND you cannot reach a live person on the phone, trust me I tried. I am out over $20 and two hours later I'm sitting here starving and I'm working so I only had an hour for lunch. Now I have to spend more money somewhere else just so I can get some lunch. Chipolte is who I sent my business to, there is no way I believe that Javier couldn't give me a voucher, tell me to come in for an equivalent meal or something to make up for this? I can complain to Door dash but again, that's only three dollars out of what I spent, are you kidding? Can anyone tell me how to get my money back for food I paid for that never arrived? I'm appalled at how I was brushed off by this manager. I don't know if anyone else thinks $20 plus dollars is a lot but it is to me. Thank you in advance. Crystal Jones


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