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Chipotle Mexican Grill review: a so called 3 pointer and bad service from the cashier

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I usually get a kids meal for my daughter but I get it I a regular bol instead of the kids box, any other chipotle I visited didn't have a problem with my request but this time at this store (#124) did, when I got to the register I asked how much was for that item with only has rice and steak, but the amount of steak was too little so I ask for extra I knew it would be extra, however when the cashier told me it would be 9.35 for it I got really confused I asked why and she said it's a 3 pointer with extra meat, I don't know what a 3 pointer is so when I try to ask why she would interrupted me and after a few minutes she just took it off my tab saying she fix it, I dint want a free meal I just want it to pay the right price. She just keep giving me attitude. I also try to.complain about the old steak I got she said "I offer you to fix it" I think she meant by not charging me but that's not fixing old dry meat.

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