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Hi, I now come to the point of speaking out against the Chicken Express in Lawton, OK.
For the 4 th. (!!!) time our order was incomplete and it looks like done on purpose since we reminded the person taking the order to make sure everything we pay for is in the bag.
We love the food at Chicken Express which is not the reason for my complaint but getting ripped off is. We eat at Chicken Express a lot and two weeks ago we went through the drive thru and when we got home we was missing not only the rolls on two orders but also the corn nuggets on one of the orders. We went back the same week and came home again without the rolls. (If you call they tell you to come an get them but that is not the point, I do not want to make several trips for an incomplete order.)
Yesterday, (06/11/19) my husband went inside to order. ( We always eat the liver dinner), he made sure to tell the person to make sure everything is inside and he was assured it will be. Well he came home and you may guessed it right: The rolls was missing again (but we was of course charged for it). In addition the food was packed sloppy and disgusting. Some bright light is laying the container w/gravy or mashed potatoes on its side which make them leak out, - disgusting to look at !!! You are not a cheap place to eat and we do expect better and more honest service then that. I have pictures which I can gladly put on trip adviser.

Chicken Express
Chicken Express
Chicken Express
Chicken Express

Jun 13, 2019

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