Checkers and Rally's Store # 5280 Tampa Floridaservice

B Sep 16, 2018

I placed a order and paid 1:01pm I sat at window for approximately 10minutes the employee then opened window proceeding to ask for payment I explained I paid showed my receipt the another 3 minutes went by I received my food pulled into a parking space to check my order I noticed I only had 3 of my 4 sandwichs without opening to see what exactly was missing I walked up to the window explained I was missing a sandwich not sure which because I didnt open it yet the employee who I am most certain was a manager then looked at employee at cook line said shes missing a sandwich but she doesnt know what very sarcasticly so I opened up looked then explained I was missing a 2 for 5 big checker burger the employee at the cook line said I made that you have it I said no I have 3 sandwiches she then said agian I made it I dont know what to tell you then I said you did not make it I proceeded on about my wait for 10 minutes at the window and my order still was not correct then manager rudely said they need to start writing down not sure what she was exactly talking about another customer standing there as well was complaining of her 9 minute wait without being served she stood behind me supporting me for their extremely rude behaviors im complete ly discussed with the rally service I will not be returning agian absolutely ridiculous!!!

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