Checkers and Rally'sfood

C Nov 16, 2017

My friend and l went to the Rally's at 4154 Lee Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128 around 7 pm on Thursday, November 15th. I got the chicken bites and fries and my friend got a chicken sandwich and fries. At the drive thru here was a sign reading "both lanes open" but when we pulled into one of the lanes we were told that lane was closed which was misleading. But anyway we got our food and then left. At first we were enjoying our meal and then at around the same time we both started to feel sick. Neither of us could even finish our food because it made us feel so bad. Fast forward a couple hours both me and my friend are throwing up from our food. l never had any of her sandwich and she didn't have any of my chicken bites so it's really strange that we both had this happen to us. I'm assuming lt is just food poisioning but that should not be normal!! I've read that many people often get undercooked or raw meat from varying Rally's locations and l know for sure we will not be going back there ever again.

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