Checkers and Rally'scontract lies

R Aug 03, 2018

2556 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202

Manager: Reginald aka "Reggie"

When I first got the job, the manager lied and told me that I have to register for the prepaid adp debit card even when I told him I want direct deposit. He lied and said it wasn't an option until after 3 months.

When I started working, he made uncomfortable remarks asking me if I was lesbian. He would also say that he was my pimp etc. and acting really unprofessional.

Not only that but he made me work and he would clock me out without telling me. He would even joke saying that i am working without pay.

I quit that job and he started calling the regional manager to do his work and monitor me trying to find ways to fire me before I leave the job.

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