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After I purchased a round trip ticket from via Continental airline to Asia on January 5. Within a few hours later, I found out the price had dropped $74.00 for the exact same itinerary. I called the customer service and talked to many representatives regarding the price drop and wish to be credited the differences (as other reputable web agencies allow customers to cancel without penalty within 24~48 hours); I was treated as a pest and was refused of my request.

I was wondering of my treatment by those nasty customer service representatives since I had read as many reviews as I could on their website before I purchased my ticket, and could not find any negative one. So, I intended to post my bad experience of their horrible customer service and unfair business practice on their customer reviews board. But it was never appeared on their reviews board. Instead, Renee Andrews contacted me via email. After a whole day of back and forth emailing, they finally agreed to credit $65.00 out of $74.00 back to my AMEX. Don't ask me why, but it's better than nothing.

A few days later, I checked my reservation on the Continental Airline's website and found out the cost of my trip was only $1320.30 ($1232.00 + $88.30 taxes and fees). But cheapoair charged me $1344.30 and another $124.00 taxes and fees (?) on my American Express credit card. That means, cheapoair charged me $148.00 for their commission on my ticket. I have never heard of such a big commission profit from an airline web agency. The normal commission for a travel agency is around $20~$25.00 per round trip ticket.

My conclusion on this is that it is a many fraudulent facets traveling web agency. Buyers beware! Stay far far away for your pocket and good health!!!


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      Nov 07, 2009

    I was just charged 590.00 for changing three tickets from the morning of the 21st to the morning of the 22nd. They are indeed the slimiest of all the online airline companies.
    From now on... I am seriously sticking directly with airlines.

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