Cheapoairpoor online system & customer service (like scam) – refund on cancellation

On 13 Aug 2019, I purchase return ANA ticket from KLIA to USA via Cheapoair online at USD2383.98. On 15 Aug 2019, I have called your adviser in relation to the Booking Number [protected] to change the sequence of name for first name, middle name & last name of my ANA air ticket.

For example : Chan Mei Lee. I have update as follow :
First name : Chan
Middle name : Mei
Last name : Lee

Accordingly to ANA airline, the name should reflect as below :
First name :
Middle name : Mei Lee
Last name : Chan

However your adviser informed me that he is unable to change it and advised me to cancel my booking. Thereafter, he advised me to purchase new air ticket of the increased ticket pricing. It reflected that Cheapoair tend to gain profit by cancelling my booking (refund me USD2171.46 only) and charged me a penalty fee of USD500 and thereafter gain more profit with a new booking.
In fact, I have double checked with ANA and their customer service officer informed that the change of name in sequence could be done by the agent where I booked the air ticket. Cheapoair's website does not reflect proper guideline on how to update the sequence of Chinese name. You may refer to other online agent whereby their website has clearly indicate the guideline how to fill in the passenger's name.

I have appealed for the refund of cancellation fee of USD500 &/or service fee USD210.52 . However cancellation fee of USD100 only was refunded to me and my total lost was as below :
Air ticket 2383.98USD
Penalty (Cancellation fee) 500USD
Refund ticket -2171.46USD
Refund (appeal) -100USD
Total Cost of cancellation 612.52USD

I am of the view that Cheapoair does not provide a professional service on the online ticketing. In my view, Cheapoair could enhance the online system so that your customer has a proper reference to make good the booking. Due to your negligence, it is absolutely not fair to penalise your customer to pay for the total cancellation cost of USD612.52 which is extremely high. I appreciate you could kindly review and pay a reasonable refund. I think it is not ethical for Cheapoair to grab the profit in such a way which would affect your reputation worldwide.

I am looking into sending more complaints to relevant authority should this case not review in a fair manner.

Oct 08, 2019

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