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On 7/17/18, I booked a one-way trip from NBO to CMH using my mother's, Alice W. Ndegwa's credit card. Columbus, Ohio was my final destination. I selected the cheapest ticket available which was Emirates at $1, 057/person. I bought 3 tickets for myself and my two sons (14 and 7 years old). I noted that there would be an airport change in Washington DC but I wasn't concerned because I was sure that:

1. My International luggage would make its way to my final destination
2. I'd be given a travel voucher to change airports.

However, none of the above happened. When we arrived at Washington Dulles, I was advised by American Airlines that they couldn't give me a travel voucher to Washington Reagan because they were not at fault. They advised me to call the 3rd party company, cheapOAir. CheapOAir completely refused to issue me with a travel voucher stating that I knew there was an airport change. I paid $54 for the shuttle to take us from Dulles to Reagan.

What was most shocking and aggravating is the fact that CheapOair knew this is an international flight, yet they provided an itinerary/flight that required we collect all our 6 luggages from Dulles, exit the airport and check back in as domestic passengers in Reagan airport! It was so exhausting, cumbersome and frustrating with 2 children but that was not the worst of it.

When we went to check in at the American Airlines kiosk, the Crew told me that I had to pay $200 for my luggage because I was now traveling as a domestic passenger. WHY?? Why would CheapoOAir provide such a flight when they can see clearly that it's an international flight with 2 CHILDREN?!

It was the worst flying experience of my life!
1. I demand a refund of the $54 I used for the shuttle bus

2. I demand a refund for the pain and anguish I went through changing airports and checking back in. For the hours I wasted trying to call cheapoair but they disconnected my calls every time! For the fatigue my children suffered in those 10 hours we spent in Washington waiting for our 730pm flight to our final destination. And for all the tears I shed that day, begging American Airlines to waive the $200 luggage fees!

Failure to adhere to these demands will result in my reporting your company to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the Ohio State Attorney General's office and every Consumer organization in the US. I will never use your company again.

  • CheapOair's response · Aug 16, 2018

    Please provide the 8 digit booking number, it cannot be pulled up my a credit card holders name. Very sorry for the inconvenience, .

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    Booking confirmation number 52092707

  • CheapOair's response · Aug 17, 2018

    Jane, we have tried multiple times in the last 24 hours to speak with you, but apparently we have been asked not to call any more. Our chat's have been disconnected and not on our end. The phone when called, rings and rings, and no option for voice mail. At this time we offered $50.00 voucher and a $24.00 refund. We will consider this matter resolved, unless you contact us directly to further discuss.


  • Updated by janepearson8 · Aug 17, 2018

    You keep calling my mother’s number 011-254-722-518827 in Kenya. I am in the USA and my number is 614-323-5545. This shows cheapoair’s ineptness, lack of intelligence and customer service. Haven’t I mentioned that I travelled into the US?? So why are you calling a Kenyan number???

    Secondly, I have already told you that I will NEVER use your services again. What makes you think I need your $50 voucher???? CALL ME DIRECTLY ST 614-323-5545. This issue is not resolved!

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    And one more thing! I had already provided you the booking confirmation number at the top of my original complaint. So why are you asking for it again! Is this a delay tactic? READ VERY CAREFULLY! CALL ME IN THE US AT 614-323-5545 TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER OR I WILL PUT CHEAPOAIR OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD.

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    Can you confirm where this refund of $300 was sent because I have not received it.
    Jane Pearson

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