Cheapoair/Aco Rent a Car / overcharge for car rental

The attachments are as follows :
1. Car details e-mailed to me from CheapOair on 12/31/2018. As shown, the length of the car rental was from 2/13/2019 to 2/20/2019, with an estimated total due of $123.28. The vehicle was dropped off at Tuf Tu Florida Rent A Car at approximately 7:00 am on 2/20/2019.
2. Reservation information e-mailed to me from Aco Rent a Car on 1/3/2019 also showing an estimated total of $123.28. Tuf Tu Florida Rent A Car was shown as being the car rental provider.
3. Tu Florida Rental Car rental agreement showing a total amount due of $281.29, an increase of $158.01!!

CheapOair and Aco Rent a Car should have been aware of the additional charges being made by (Tuf) Tu Florida Rent A Car. We drove from Miami, Florida, to Islamorada, Florida, and back. This does not appear to warrant an additional charge. I would like a refund of $158.01.

Cheapoair/Aco Rent a Car
Cheapoair/Aco Rent a Car
Cheapoair/Aco Rent a Car

Jul 30, 2019

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