Charlotte Russemanagement

I was hired to be the assistant manager at the Outlet location in Cypress TX. Initially Bee, the woman that hired me was kind but very fast paced. Few days into working with her, I began to hear extremely harsh racial slurs, noticed that she only spoke to another woman from head office, Rachel, and the other black employee we had. She and Rachel both made hate comments about Hispanics and white people right there in the store where we can hear them.
Not only that, but even being an assistant manager I was never notified of times to come in the next day, was called a "lazy white girl" even though I had come right back into work after getting into a car accident and notifying them I had to leave early the next day due to a personal health issues. I don't appreciate being treated this way at all I walked out after being told I was lazy, even though I showed up every single day. Bee is not a kind person and not good with communication. She never even took my direct deposit information so I have no idea how I'll even be paid. I informed everyone that I had brought in to interview to not even bother working with a company that is okay with their employees coming here to the south where we have a large Hispanic population and making fun of them.

Oct 05, 2019

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