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K Aug 07, 2018

Officer In-charge
Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 1

Dear Ma'am/ Sir,

Greetings of peace!

This letter was made regarding my complaint yesterday 06/08/2018 at around 7:30PM at terminal 1 arrival area.

I am a S-Pass holder since September 2017 from the Philippines. I worked as a staff nurse at one of the private and prestigious hospital here in Singapore. Hence, I went back home often as I could just to be with my family in the Philippines. However, recently 06/08/2018 around 7PM plus, I was waiting for my luggage at counter 21. As I about to exit, the custom officer asked me to xray my bag. Without further ado, I put all my 3 bags on the scanner machine and I waited on the area where I can pick them up my red luggage, strips bag and pink addidas backpack after scanning. Then uncle (other passenger) asked me if the pink addidas bag was mine and I said yes. I thought he will get it but then his bag came out and then it was stucked. We called the attention of the lady officer to stopped the scanning for awhile. We informed her that my bag was stucked. She helped us. When we're about to remove my bag, the guy officer press the machine and my bag stucked totally. Then when we finally removed it, I noticed that my bag was broken. I feel humiliated, upset and a bit angry. In the meantime, I called the attention of the lady officer. At first she snobbed me then I called her again just to inform her that my bag was broken. Then she called the guy officer and let me explained on the incident. Meanwhile, he asked me to go with him to the custom and I explained everything. They asked me to let them see my passport and pass. I handed over to them. I am really upset because I just came back, tired and exhausted. That time, I am rushing to attend some important matters. They just informed me that they will contact me once they reviewed the cctv. I gave them my contact number and email address. Furthermore, until now, I did not receive any feedback from them about the incident. Also they never informed me to write a letter of complain or make a report regarding the incident. I am hopeful that everything will be settled and will address my complain accordingly.

Thank you very much for your kind and consideration.
Attached herewith is my contacts: hand phone and email address

Respectfully Yours,

Villaseñor, Krisanta Manuel
S-pass number: G3401319K
Passport number: P1407135A
Email address: [protected]

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