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Dec 25, 2018

Changi Airport Group — rude certis ciso staff

It was my mistake to hand carry a cosmetic bottle that was more than 100ml. But the attitude I received from...

Changi Airport GroupI can't get a satisfied refund for my ticket.

To:The Person in charge

Regards to Air China flight on 23 nov 2018 17.25pm, pls check with the airline again. The airplane did not reached singapore due to bad weather and was detour to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. I had already checked in and later then was informed the flight was detoured. Expedia could not do anything when I called their customer service. Their only reply was Friday evening to Sunday 23-25 November, China Airline customer service
Is closed. Nothing can be done. I had contacted the Shenzhen airline office +[protected] to let the traveller, Mr Chong Kian Ming to use the return flight ticket on 25 nov 0955 am at no addition charges. I wish to have a refund for the ticket 23 nov 2018 from Singapore to Shenzhen. On the 23 nov 2018, due to the detoured of ZH 9024 to Malaysia due to bad weather caused another one way flight ticket was bought from Cathay pacific from Singapore to hongkong at $739 sgd. flight CX636. on that day. customer service said is airline policy so could not refund me because I had cancel the Singapore to Shenzhen flight and used the Shenzhen back to Singapore flight ticket. Shenzhen airline can only let me use the return ticket if I cancel the Singapore to Shenzhen ticket. Only out of goodwill give me a $100 voucher from which I declined. Kindly see what Changi Airport Customer Service can do for me, This is a straight forward case but the is pushing the whole problem back to the airline. The Shenzhen airline side said the ticket I bought was from

Hope we can settle this matter soon, please check and revert to me. Thank You v much. U can email the outcome or call me if u need more information.

Mr Chong Kian Ming

I can't get a satisfied refund for my ticket.

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    Changi Airport Groupimmigration officials

    Dear sir,

    On 18 dec 2018 around 5:15am, there was a immigration officer (name not noted) at asean passport counter at teminal 3 arrival. He was very rude to the passengers. Please look into it. He has no right to talk rude to a normal citizen or passengers just because he is in charge of immigration. I can harm the reputation of singapore to passengers arriving first time in singapore. Kindly look into the matter and verify it.

    Thanking you,
    M. Das

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      Changi Airport Grouprude staff service at the departure gate - airport security officer

      I am traveling on SQ863 to Shanghai on 17 Dec (Departure Time) 1700 with my family of 5. The security office at Gate A11 at Changi International Airport Terminal 3 with the name of Ng Kum Chuen was extremely impatient and rude to my teenage children who are trying their best to comply with all necessary security procedure such as placing required items (laptops, phones, flasks on the trays provided. The security officers gestures came across as impatient, rude and unclear. He was mumbling to himself and hardly audible. We may be traveling many China travelers but that does not mean we all should be treated in such a fashion. I hope your team can investigate into this and ensure this kind of behaviour should not be condoned and encouraged. All travelers should be treated with some decent respects.

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        Changi Airport Grouprude service at the wizarding world redemption booth

        On 16 December 2018, I came to Changi Airport, with the intention of partaking in the giveaway as part of the Wizarding World exhibits going on at Changi Airport. I had taken part in the giveaway a few times before the aforementioned date, and thus was under the impression that the rules of the giveaway had not changed. Previously, we were allowed to take part in the giveaway without the requirement of having our faces in the photographs of the various exhibuta posted on social media, as part of the three steps we needed to complete in order to take part in the giveaway. My daughter and husband had went for the redemption before I did, at around 1.40 pm pm and the male employee who attended to them allowed them to take part in the redemption when they posted photographs that did not include their faces in it.

        At around 1.45 pm, when I went for the redemption, a female employee attended to me. She told me curtly that I would not be allowed to partake in the giveaway because the photographs I had posted did not include my face. I was confused, as I was not aware of such a rule. I informed her, politely, that I had taken part in the redemption before, and I was not informed of such a rule. In return, she told me it was a new rule and pointed, rather insolently, to a piece of paper with the new rules on it. She then told me rudely that three photographs with my face was needed when I asked if one was enough. I feel the need to point out that she let the man before me take part in the redemption even though he had only one photograph with him in it, a selfie he had taken at the redemption booth.

        Though thoroughly irritated, I went to take new photographs, this time with myself in it. When I went back to the booth a second time, there was a young man and a young woman in front of me. Both appeared to be friends of the male and female employees, as they were chatting without a care in the world, as though there were no one else to attend to. The young man had swiped the tablet, and upon realizing that it was a souvenir that he had previously obtained, he lightly pleaded to go again. The female employee then allowed him to swipe again, in spite of the fact that this is not allowed, as an employee had informed me when I came previously. It was only upon noticing my presence that the male employee told his friends that such an act was not allowed.

        The blatant disregard for rules when it came to her friends, and the discourteous and audacious tone she employed when attending to me not only showed the incompetence of the female employee, but also her inability to separate church from state. Changi Airport is a world class airport with numerous awards. I had expected the service to the be world class. Clearly, I was proven wrong thoroughly.

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          Changi Airport Groupchangi rewards

          To whom it may concern,

          I've purchased a pair of ear rings at chomel using the gift card to offset $10 from my purchase on 23 Oct 2018.

          I only realized on 15 Nov that Chomel also deducted $10 from my e-voucher too.

          Went to customer service counter to feedback on this and was told to email [protected] I did what I was told and emailed on 15Nov.

          After 20 days of waiting, I received a reply that I indeed used my e-rewards to offset my purchase when I already feedback I used card voucher to offset and was horrified to find out my e-rewards was deducted too without my acknowledgement.

          I am truly disappointed in the world best airport inefficient Changi rewards team that takes 20 days to respond to my feedback and gave me a desultory investigation result.

          I look forward to a more satisfactory response from the complaintsboard instead.

          Thanks & Regards,

          changi rewards
          changi rewards
          changi rewards
          changi rewards

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            Dec 05, 2018

            Changi Airport Group — buggy

            I am Krist working in Changi Airport Terminal 1 PureGold, my email krist.[protected] and am contactable...

            Nov 16, 2018

            Changi Airport Group — absolutely horrible experience in assisting a passenger in pain.

            We are currently flying from sin to kl on MH 624 and our gate number was F 57 and I am travelling with my...

            Nov 04, 2018

            Changi Airport Group — unwarranted behaviour

            My 80 year old Mother who suffers from mild Parkinson's disease and also has a pacemaker was meted out...

            Nov 02, 2018

            Changi Airport Group — rude security at gate 27 - t2 (flight departing for phnom penh & kl) 4.45pm

            Hie above refers. The security lady who was very loud and rude. She was hollering the final call for...

            Changi Airport Groupscoot airline

            On the 20th of october morning around 0900 hours, my uncle which is scoot passenger (mr jap/ fu hian) checking in his luggages at lane 12 in changi international airport terminal 2. There was a bunch of china prc shouting from the other counter, so my uncle is trying to take photo and video on the arguments. So, there's this two staff of scoot name (christina loh and nicholas wee) came upon my uncle side and shouted at him. My uncle got very angry as there is not a restriction area to take photo or even video. My uncle who has heart attacked got angry and keep trembling after the two officer shouted at him very rudely and loudly.
            So, my uncle feel very disappointed towards scoot airline on your training given to staffs and why can the two officer shouted at him. We need a further explanation from this incident and my uncle went to look for the changi airport group info counter for further assistance. They brought him to see one of the manager on duty (michael loo) and yet my uncle still trembling and he assumed that he as a customer shouldn't be treated in this way. Hence we want to seek for further explanation on his bad experience on scoot and the two officers on duty that shouted him.
            With this I provide the flight details and time so the officer attend to my email can look into changi airport cctv for further clarifications.
            Flight number: tr24
            Date 20 october 2018
            Depart from singapore to melbourne.

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              Oct 19, 2018

              Changi Airport Group — immigration officer at terminal 2 gate

              Good morning. My sister and I just saw my mother off at Terminal 2. She is 85 years old and illiterate and...

              Changi Airport Grouppeople seen sitting on the ledge but no one is stopping

              It is stated clearly that no sitting on the ledge is allowed, but this kid, whom I think is old enough to read the label since he has no issue taking photos & uploading it to Instagram, is sitting on the ledge as if it's his house. He even walked on it & the ledge even bent, not able to take this weight. What's more, he left his tissue after using.

              people seen sitting on the ledge but no one is stopping
              people seen sitting on the ledge but no one is stopping
              people seen sitting on the ledge but no one is stopping

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                Oct 05, 2018

                Changi Airport Group — security officer

                Hi, I'm Amirah. I just went back to Malaysia from Singapore 2 days ago (Thursday). My flight is AK714...

                Oct 02, 2018

                Changi Airport Group — poor service - early check-in lounge in terminal 1

                Reference: Early Check-In Lounge in Changi International Airport Terminal 1 Date: 1 Oct 2018 Time...

                Oct 02, 2018

                Changi Airport Group — the airport staff at terminal 1 particularly the gates d38 d48 d49 just let us leave the premises in spite that our flight is at d48

                We're travelers from Manila, Philippines and our departure is today, October 2, 2018 and time 7:45pm, we got...

                Oct 02, 2018

                Changi Airport Group — jetstar ground staff terminal 1

                Date: Sun 30 Sep 2018 Flight: 5:55pm / 17:55 3K669JetstarAsia Singapore to Kuala Lumpur I was very unhappy...

                Sep 25, 2018

                Changi Airport Group — airport t2 gtd kiosk

                Hi There, I have use the kiosk service for limo taxi at T2 airport on Sep 21 evening. The teller assist me...

                Changi Airport Groupservice

                I am complaining about the Customer Service staff from information desk infront of Victoria Secret shop at Terminal 2 dated 23rd of September 2018, around 10 mins before 6pm . I am asking for a help to page the customer/passenger that have left his iphone from our shop, explaining that the said passenger was already in boarding that time and the gate is closing. As I am thinking it's an urgent matter I asked to page the customer but since I don't have the customer's name, only I have is the gate number, Customer service staff says she can't do it and told me "unless you run" to the gate. In my deeply concern to the customer that might leave without his phone I quickly turned towards the direction of the said gate, but before I left I heard very clearly from the customer service staff the word "crazy" and laughs . Being a customer service representative it is not appropriate to use that kind of word and she have to realize that her duty is to help people inside the terminal, not to make fun for someone who is asking for a help. I am still hurt and feel bullied from the word that she said.

                I hope this scenario will not happen again not only to me but also for all the sales staff who will ask for a help.

                Thank you .

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                  Changi Airport Groupunethical behaviour

                  While on transit at Singapore airport, I was approached by an elderly lady asking to help her with her wifi connection. I tried helping her but it was unsuccessful so I brought her to the information counter to get her the wifi. I was very disappointed with the way the lady at the counter handled the whole situation. She was rude, refused to smile or even look at our faces while handling our issue. I experienced another incident on 13 September 2018 while entering the gate for our fight SQ116 to KL. The lady checking our passports and boarding pass was rude and I have observed that the treatment had been pretty selective to certain races. She seemed too impatient to wait for me to take out my boarding pass, and rudely demanded for it even before i could remove it from bag. This is obviously not an isolated case . Fine, world class technology means nothing if we have third class mentality. Really hope Singapore airlines and Singapore airport could up their game in regards to this.

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