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CeX / WeBuy.com reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 3, 2011. The latest review Games not delivered from webuy was posted on Jan 16, 2021. The latest complaint no product delivery was resolved on Apr 04, 2013. CeX / WeBuy.com has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 137 reviews. CeX / WeBuy.com has resolved 4 complaints.

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CeX / WeBuy.com Complaints & Reviews

Aug 26, 2019

CeX / WeBuy.com — staff at store.

Very rudely staff.. they even don't check my laptop for selling .. had a very bad experience.. must teach...

Aug 25, 2019

CeX / WeBuy.com — selling phones

On two separate occasions I tried to sell a phone back to CeX Staines after not needing them anymore. Both...

Aug 23, 2019

CeX / WeBuy.com — ps4 game

I bought a ps4 game from your store at castleford west yorkshire on friday 23rd august 2019 and when I got...

CeX / WeBuy.comipad mini

Bought the ipad mini a few months back for my course work. But the bloody thing doesn't do anything it's supposed to because it cannot update. I can't even use apps like ebay or YouTube. If they can't be updated to function properly then they are not fit for purpose which is a legal requirement of electronic sales. So I would advise rather than selling expensive bricks you set up a recycling scheme. I know this is not the fault of cex and more the fact that since Steve jobs died apple has become greedy and idiotic but as tech suppliers on this scale cex should consider the functionality of the products they sell. I would like a refund or store credit to compensate this inconvenience.

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    CeX / WeBuy.comterrible customer service

    I recently bought a mobile phone from the forge store in Glasgow, was very happy with my purchase and when I got home but the mobile on charge. Checking it later I saw it was fully charged and left it for a few minutes longer yet when I went back to it I found it unresponsive, I tried everything but finally out it back the box provided when I brought it.

    Having work during the week I went down to a closer store to me on Union Street, Glasgow. I explained to the male staff that served me and he said it they would test it and it would take 30 minutes, having a look around at some items I came back to the desk at the quoted time and was told that they couldn't get the phone to turn on but they wouldn't give me a refund or exchange as the moisture meter had been triggered. When i said it had been left in the box provided and not been near any water he shrugged and said not my problem really, I found myself getting angry with him so I asked to speak to the manager and was told that there wasn't one though I had seen him walking around behind the next and out the back not long before.

    After leaving that store I headed straight to the other store in the forge shopping centre, where the staff were amazingly friendly and helpful. I told them what had been said in the other store and they checked the moisture meter hadnt been triggered and after plugging in the mobile it flashed up that it was charging after 10-15 minutes. They told me if I had anymore problem's to bring it straight back and to be honest though Union Street is closer I would rather go further to The forge and get the great customer service than have a rude unhelpful and quite honestly lying staff.

    terrible customer service

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      CeX / WeBuy.comsold a google pixel two weeks ago

      Hasn't even bedn tested yet and CEX have had it for 9 days now.

      No contact numbers to raise a complaint.

      They take 4 days to respond by email.

      I'm depending on the money to get basics for the month and would never have used you to sell knowing how bad this is. Testing and payment is supposed to be within 7 days of receipt of the item, they responded 3 days later when i chased saying they had higher volumes- so you didnt have the decency to let a customer know, a customer that's depending on the money to get to work and back.

      Never using again to buy or sell from.

      Despicable bunch of ignorant idiots.

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        CeX / WeBuy.comlisting not in stock

        I was attempting to buy a second hand apple charger. It was listed as in stock and upon my arrival (after an hours special journey) it was still listed as being in stock. The staff searched for it and could not find it, then a senior member of staff informed me that it had probably been used to charge up a Mac used by their company. I'm fuming, what is the point in having a stock listing system if it is not accurate, I've wasted my time driving there and back for essentially no reason. I want some sort of compensation for my wasted time and wasted fuel. Absolutely disgraceful for such a large company.

        listing not in stock
        listing not in stock

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          • El
            El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

            by "the abuse of customers" I mean BY CEX, not from customers TO Cex. I will write a book of my returns and wasted time:
            hard drive,
            speaker system,
            tv box,
            another hard drive,
            and that's just off the top of my head.
            It's when they act like they're doing you a favour to give you your minimum statutory rights, that I start getting angry with their sociopath ignorance.
            Literally I ranted at them in the store and hope I put off loads of customers, because I might have looked crazy but I didn't sound crazy by the logic of my words - and intelligent people can tell the difference and should.
            But they never blame themselves even if you speak nicely (which of course, I always try first, second, fifth time whatever, very patient).

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          • El
            El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

            @El Chupacabra Game controller
            second game controller
            yeah... bit of a high faulty-product rate due to muppet staff and less a matter of luck and more a matter of sociopath policies, Cex.

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          • El
            El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

            This is a significant issue for Cex in my experience. I've been about to buy stock and the PSU is missing and they can't find it. I've had money wasted on travel due to the same issue and no point arguing with them as they're SOCIOPATHS who even if they started the job with some empathy, have to train it out of themselves in order to handle the abuse of customers (they justify this on revolving door job website with customers being smelly, annoying, abusive, or trying to fraud them, but how many people honestly do that in a retail shop, by percentage? Can't be high, so that's making excuses).

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          Aug 07, 2019

          CeX / WeBuy.com — customer service

          Went into the store today to sell my mobile phone which was in mint condition, however because of finger...

          Aug 07, 2019

          CeX / WeBuy.com — faulty mobile phone

          Order Nr: VQ137421, Staff: Toby S, Product: Samsung Galaxy J5 J5 10 16GB, unlocked B Price: 125...

          CeX / WeBuy.commobile phone

          First I was sold a phone from Exeter cex that was blocked then a phone where the speaker is very low and the microphone and the text and images are small and just look blurry to me and now they say if I buy one online they will rush the delivery though so not only have I already paid £300 out for a phone that I can't use but now they want me to pay about another £300 online for a chance that the phone will work properly. Regards Carl Degowan

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            CeX / WeBuy.complaystation 4

            I had bought a ps4 today and saw that it was extremely dirty i am shocked you sell products like that. This is a very serious health concern as you are giving around bacteria i paid £150 for a ps4 which i had to clean myself if i went to a local phone shop they would give me a clean product... very disappointing to see that this is happening i thought better of CEX But it seems like you dont care that your selling utterly dirty products its very unfortunate that i cleaned it that i couldnt provide photographic proof

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              Aug 02, 2019

              CeX / WeBuy.com — iphone 7 128gb unlocked

              Pop into store and asked for a price on my iPhone 7 128gb unlocked and after checking things over I was told...

              Jul 28, 2019

              CeX / WeBuy.com — rude employee

              Was purchasing games and dvd's And the woman serving me was Rude and her behaviour was disgusting, she wa...

              Jul 28, 2019

              CeX / WeBuy.com — damage to apple imac

              I took my imac to sell and after quite a rude shop assistant telling me how they dont buy computers keyboard...

              Jul 19, 2019

              CeX / WeBuy.com — faulty phone

              To whom this may concern, • I recently purchased a phone from your Hemel Hempstead store on the 13th July...

              CeX / WeBuy.comdelivery service

              I placed an order for several DVDs from their website, paid for them and all was fine. Been waiting for delivery for about ten days, finally received an email stating that the money is being refunded to me with no explanation. Took me forever to get through to them on social media, they claimed that when they tried to deliver the package, there was nobody home. This is a lie, as I was practically waiting by the door during the week. Something needs to be done about them.

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                CeX / WeBuy.comboth product (console damaged by staff member) and service (xbox one console and 3 different broken controllers

                Dear Sir / Madam,

                I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Shops

                The issue that I have experienced was: As a father day gift my partner brought me an Xbox one console from the phone exchange store. The console was a white xbox one with one white controller. I was extremely happy about this as the previous one had been stolen from my property. Got it home plugged it all in and the controller it came with was stuck in the up position as if I was press up on the stick or d pad. I was upset but these things happen took it back the next day (today) and it was exchanged for a different controller at phone exchange cex great walked all the way back home plugged it in and it was even worse than the last one this time not being able to move it from the "up" position. Irritated now I decided to take the whole console (walking into the city centre again) with the controller so they could test it all. Got to the desk they said they will test it but it will be an hour. I went back in the hour they didn't test the console just the controller and I was told I was correct and the controller was indeed faulty. They replaced the controller with one which they reassured me this controller defiantly worked. As I'm being handed the console back the staff member dropped my console on tje hard floor with a nice loud bang to which my friend witnessed and a very nice staff member called jack or maybe Jake. Walked back home with the console and controller in hand got back the Xbox one now rattles from being dropped and the controller is not stuck in the up position, now the down arrow on the d pad doesn't respond at all. Doesn't work. And now I have to go back and I am late to pick my 2 year old from nursery up and extremely angry as I have covered a good few miles now because product test has quite clearly failed. The controller has now been replaced and I still have yet to see that it work's. This is by far the worst retail experience I have ever had with a shop and this has caused me so much stress from a nice father's day gift I cannot even explain.

                It occurred on: 14/06/2019

                This meant that I'm tired exhausted and stressed out because this was supposed to be my gift to replace a stolen item on a celebratory day

                I am really not sure what should be done about this issue because this is disgusting testing and customer services. Please I'm sure you have procedures for this.

                I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

                Yours faithfully,

                Christian Burdis

                Store location Derby phone exchange + intu derby
                2 Arbor Close
                Woods Lane Derby
                DE22 3UA

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                  Jun 08, 2019

                  CeX / WeBuy.com — my phone

                  I went in to the cex in whiterose in Leeds, j bought a Samsung s7 and the charger port was broke so I took it...

                  CeX / WeBuy.comstaff at wellingborough store,

                  I have used CeX in Kettering for years and the service as been excellent, I was in wellingborough shopping centre today and noticed your store there so I popped in, after looking around I decided to purchase a mobile vecause id smashed tge screen on my current phone i saw a Samsung A3 mobile which you had for sale it stated that the mobile was locked to 02 network so I asked one of the assistance if my sky SIM would work because sky use the 02 network I was informed that it would so I purchased the phone, and then went straight to the mobile case shop and purchase a screen protector.
                  having got home I proceeded to transfer all my data over having done this I tried to use the phone and it said I wasn't logged on to the net work. I call sky and they told me I need to call 02 and see if they could sort it 02 told me to call Samsung, samsung told me to call sky I was going around in circles so I went into an 02 shop in the same centre as your store they informed me that the phone was locked to them and only an 02 SIM work in this phone.
                  I then took the phone back to store only to be told that they would have to preform some sort of test before they could do anything, I informed them of my rights and raised my voice a bit and they keep me waiting for about twenty minutes before I got my refund, they said there nothing they can do about the protector I purchased so I've lost £5 but you have lost a good customer I will never use your stores again your staff are rude and very unprofessional.

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                    CeX / WeBuy.comhtc one phone

                    Hi there,

                    I bought a HTC ONE yesterday in your Bray store. I expressed my desire to buy the phone as I would be using it for its camera, upon which, the store clerk suggested the above model. Once I charged the phone, it became apparent that the camera didn't focus at all. I raised this issue with a different store clerk when I returned less than 2 hours later, on which she offered me store credit.
                    As per the sale of goods act and supply of services act, I wish to exercise my right to a full refund of €105 as the product bought is defective and not fit for purpose. A voucher will not suffice.

                    Just to add that I have bought many a phone from this store and have never had any issues. Please get back in touch asap as that money needs to go towards a camera phone that does work and this is now delaying business.

                    kind Regards,

                    Laoise Nolan.

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