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I was selling my Xbox for cash all going fine apart being slow (trainee not his fault) once agreeing an amount and informed me I have to come back because of testing which was a bit annoying but I do understand. So I went back the next day expecting to be in and out quickly with my cash, however was informed there wasn't enough cash on site even though it was only £83. So had to be done by bank transfer. I just don't understand why a simple email or telephone wasn't made to save me making the 20-25min trip into Worcester. In my eye that's simple customer service because I've wasted fuel on a pointless trip to Worcester. Either increase the cash flow there or pre plan your day better! I did want to buy some headphones for my PlayStation but purely on that cock up by you guys you lost a sale. And would of been easier if it was bank transfer over the phone as I could just brought them online.

Oct 08, 2019

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