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psn account ban

PlayStation banned my account I am sure I didn't do anything wrong about Sony privacy and policy I call them they told me your account is banned because of the security reason and it will unban until 48 business hours but it doesn't unban yet so I called them again they told me your account is banned permentally the don't telk me any reason.My Online id is studious-pinion and my email address is [protected]
Please check it I banned without any reasons .


I purchased a game for my nephew on July 6 for his PlayStation 4. In the week following that he was able to purchase nearly$300 worth more without my permission and without having my password. That was my car payment. I am very upset that this was so easy for him to do and think I should be reimbursed. That is really all I needed to say but I'm being told that I need to say more so I'll go on to say that I do not like the way you are continually coercing children to "need" money to buy weapons, skins etc

playstation and subscription payment

I am very disappointed with your customers services; you requested for my son PlayStation to be send to your...

call of duty

The game updates more then I can play. 1 or 2 updates a week. This is terrible. They should update over night. Twice a week for at least an hour each time is a bit much. I believe we should get some of our 60 dollars back we paid for the game and some of the 60 dollars we paid to be online playing the game every year. I have 500 dollars into a game with the operating system, game and yearly membership and I cant play half the time. This is a bit much. Very disappointed in with the new game.

call of duty

psn account

Could not use my PayPal or credit cards on my account over the week. Called PS customer support they tried to tell me the issue was with my bank. I add several other credit cards and renewed my paypal. None worked. So I use a prepaid card. Today I found that my account had been banned due to unusual activity on my account. (I added more credit cards). Now I have to wait up to 48 hours for them to unlock my account. PS customer support does not care i have been without my account for three days and will be another 2 more days. They have lied to me and wasted so much time. Very bad customer service.

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Everything was bad for me from the very beginning. one month ago I contacted their customer service and since then my issue hasn't been resolved yet... Don't know what exactly takes them so long. If they have questions they could have asked me, I'd be glad to assist. But seriously, why the service is so bad? Their attitude didn't impress me much...

ps network

Holding my PSN account to ransom including all my digitally bought games and online server because I charged back for a service I did not receive.
I cannot even begin to describe how infuriated I am with Sony and EA right now, but I will try!!

  • Ma
    Mat Hemmelgarn May 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Get your heads out of your ### and fix the chat party issues, im really sick of getting booted out of my own party. Come on and fix it, i would hate to switch to xbox cause it wont be fixed, thanks

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unauthorised payments and suspended account

I Entered my Visa Debit Card details onto my son's play station to access PlayStation Network as my son is 15. PSN assumed I was the primary user and my card details were left active on the system with no advice regarding removal. My son was able to make 56 purchases over a three month period totalling over £2, 000 financed by my card and was not asked to confirm his I.D. or provide security information regarding the card. When speaking to PSN, I was told the account was in my son's name so wouldn't discuss details until my son was present, only to be told it was my fault for entering my details in the first place. The same evening I received an email from PSN saying - I quote "Your child's playstation account has been suspended from accessing the PlayStation Network as we've identified that some of the details entered for the account was false. Before we can reinstate the account we are going to need you to take ownership of the account" My son admitted to PSN he had entered a false dob to the account (at no point was any form of ID requested). I have written to PSN again with the advice of the CAB and keep getting brushed off. I am left without money to live never mind Christmas, serious relationship problems with my son and an expensive PS4 which is now totally useless. It is clear to see from the above information that I was never a PSN account holder, but my card details were still used. I question why PSN allowed my card to be used without authorisation from myself or the three digit code being entered? PSN say false information was entered (my son's DOB) which makes me even more curious as to why my card was linked to an account holder old enough to have their own bank account? At no time was any confirmation of ID, age etc requested. I did not authorise these transactions, nor have any knowledge of this. I bank with Halifax who told me it was my own fault for entering my card details on the console in the beginning. The fact that irregular spending to the sum of over £2, 000 in a three month period, to an unknown payee (PSN) seems to be irrelevant to my bank.


PlayStation network doesn't do anything about people hacking why its against the law in every state and country to hack i report people and that doesn't work i send PlayStation network a grief report and they still don't do anything if this keeps happening i will press charges against PlayStation network you cant let people hack so ###ing do something about it! I play the PlayStation 3 for fun why is it fair to play against hackers. I read the privacy policy settings 1 big problem if you guys were using the police as a third party like you guys say why is nothing being done.

  • In
    incubus08 Aug 26, 2009

    Recently people are using lag switches to cheat in cod world at war its getting worse nearly every game i play on world at war now has a lagger everybody's connections are down to single red bar except the lag switch user which is full the game gets jumpy and you can shoot all day at opposition without getting a kill is there anything you can do to rectify this please i am a serious gamer and this sort of cheat is unacceptable i have paid good money i have all maps for cod world at war and to have this lag cheat at every turn is getting boring.

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  • Ju
    juicesaulrod1 Apr 23, 2011

    i recently tried to sign in my playstation network account "juicesaulrod1" and then there was an error and then it said ps3 is under maintnence. i am wondering if anyone knows how to fix this or what this is? please let me know!
    p.s. the error is known as Error 80710A06.

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  • Bi
    BIG_B_M_HITMAN Jan 10, 2012

    playstation network dosnt do anything about people hacking WHY its against the law in every state and country to hack i report people and that doesnt work i send playstation network a grief report and they still dont do anything if this keeps happening i will press CHARGES AGAINST PLAYSTATION NETWORK you cant let people hack SO ###ING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! i play the playstation 3 for fun why is it fair to play against hackers. i read the privacy policy settings 1 BIG problem if you guy were using the police as a third party like you guys say why is nothing being done.

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  • La
    Lazypages Jan 31, 2012

    ok you can't press charges against sony for a hacker.
    And finding a hacker is really difficult you can't it too be resolved in a day or two. So sit there don't go online until they email all that have a playstation account that "some" of the problem have resolved.
    And I know how you feel one of my accounts was hacked and then had been deleted do too harassment of other players I explained that I hadn't been on for 2 months and they solved in about 2 weeks. So good luck

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not repairable

Sony Play Station 2 was bought in April 2010 from an authorized show room and gifted to family members who reside in town. It was working well and due to non availability of PS2 DVD in the town, it was well packet and kept aside. After three months, it was opened and found that it is not working. Each time, it is switched ON, it was showing system configuration and repeated showing NO DISC. Since there was no Authorized Service Center, it could not be get corrected before the warrant period. After moving to Chennai, it was shown to Authorized Center. They said, it can not be repaired and need to be send to Delhi for reconciliation. After one week, they called and said to pay rs.1797 for getting new piece. The PS2 was rarely used and keeping it idle for short period resulted in damage. I feel, the other electronic product like Onida are much far better than SONY. I have switched off my ONIDA TV ( after using for more than 5 years) for almost two years and even now it was working well. I feel regret in purchasing a product from SONY

  • So
    sonyindia Jan 16, 2012

    Dear Sir,
    Regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your complaint no. with us. We will need this information to assist you further.
    Sony India Team

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  • Ja
    jacobaluva Mar 27, 2014

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchased a Sony play station
    portable (Sony PSP) model E1004 from M/s Indiatimes Shopping, a Times of India Group company on
    23.4.2013 and the item was delivered to me on 26.4.2013 by Bluedart
    couriers vide their bill No. 69002190316. The invoice no. for the above sale
    was a2z/13-14/N/DL/11165394 DATED 23.4.2013 (Exhibit no. 1). As per the
    warranty booklet, the item carries a warranty for one year from the date of

    After four months of
    use, its home button was not working. Without this, closing a game and coming
    to the menu was not possible. So it was not used for next few months. On
    enquiry, it is found that this is a common problem for Sony PSP. In Aluva
    itself we could locate 4 such complaints. They advised us to contact the
    service centre as they got it replaced. No modification is done on the machine
    and we used only original games purchased from sony dealers.

    3. We have submitted the Sony PSP to the Sony authorised
    service centre, M/s. Madonna Electronics, 26/192, Koonamthai, Edapalli Toll,
    Cochin – 24 on 17.1.2014 vide their job sheet no. J40128356 (Exhibit no. II). Mr.
    Mathew, Front office technician, told me that this cannot be repaired here and
    that I will be getting a replacement. He also said that colour or model cannot
    be guaranteed as they will send the available item. He also told that it may
    take two weeks. I agreed to this.

    4. In
    the job sheet, they have mentioned ‘out of warranty’ even though it was well
    within the warrant period. I found it only after reaching home and called them
    back. Mr. Mathew, Front office technician, who took in the item told me that it
    is the standard procedure for them. I find it highly irregular that such an
    entry is made on the job sheet as it may lead to the denial of warrant for the

    5. After
    2 weeks I called them. He told me that there some problem regarding the warrant
    as it is purchased online. He said he is waiting for their email message. He
    promised that he will call back. As I did not get any calls, I called back
    after one week. He repeated what he said earlier and asked me to bring the
    original carton in which the item was received. I took it to them promptly on
    the next day. He scanned all sides and told me that it is genuine and that he
    will send it to the sony office. The cove is printed in India, as the price is
    given in Indian rupees. Also the cover contains a warranty sticker. A scanned
    image of the cover is attached (Exhibit III). They said they will inform me
    when the decision is made.

    6. I
    have made several phone calls to them, but could not get a precise reply. Then,
    after one month, after several phone calls they said warranty is not valid as I
    have purchased it from an online shop. Online shops are not authorised sellers
    for the sony psp.

    7. Now
    nearly 35% of total sales in electronics items are through online. It is a convenient
    and hassle free mode of purchase. As far as the item is genuine, and no
    modification had been made on it, M/s Sony India cannot wriggle out of warranty
    obligations. If it not authorised, M/s Sony should not sell any of their
    products through online stores. As of now all their products including TV,
    camera, handicam, laptop, PlayStation are available on many online stores.

    8. I
    have purchased it for my 14 year old son, as present for getting good marks. This
    incident has created tremendous amount of aggravation and discontent in his
    mind. It has also created a lot hardship for me.

    9. Considering
    the above facts, I request you to replace the damaged item at the earliest.

    Thanking you

    Yours Sincerely

    Dr. Jacob Elias


    U C College P O

    Aluva -683102

    [email protected]

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  • An
    aniema Aug 05, 2016

    I am a black woman that is a loyal customer to the Goodwill outlet located in roseville, I shop there everyday for shoes and clothes which i resale at my boutique. There is one particular supervisor named Katie that treats me like a thief anytime i go to return something defective which their store policy says return items with tags still on and with ur original receipt within 7 days. One day i bought a playstaion with a yellow tag thats said 19.99 and i paid 19.99 at the register unfortunately for me the item was not working, so i returned it the next day with my receipt and the tags on the item intact. Katie was the manger around as usual she scanned the item and the recipt and then took off the yellow tag, lo and behold there was a green tag underneath that read 14.99 which i did not know anything about. she returned the item but made me look stupid infront of other customers like i swapped the tags. i will never shop there anymore becasue it is not my duty to be pulling odd every tag to see if ther is another tag underneath.

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  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 05, 2016

    What does your color have to do with this?

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  • Sa
    SameFace01 Aug 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    playstation store offers the wipeout game and inFamous game free of charge to members. They are charging 13.99 for wipeout and i can't even find infamous

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defective equipment

Playstaion has the worst customer service! They sold me a defective controller and they will not help at all to replace it. They only want to find ways to charge me even more and i already payed twice for my system because they said it was out of warranty, after 8 months!A one year warranty is no good after 8 months. Crap!!! They seriously need to learn to work with the cosumer to actually help, instead of giving a run around and just *** crap. I'm going to contact the president of the company to seek a refund and special offer from the company. Otherwise i will seek further gaming with X Box.

  • Da
    Darrell Shoeman Aug 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    cant thank you all enough after working all day in the sun I come home to watch some stuff on Netflix of which I pay for only to be told that I cant I have to login to playstation network I try it gives me garbage about updating password as security measure then says ill get an email in 24 hrs I cant watch any movies I stored on a separate hard drive as it says same crap about signing into your network so basically I have a 350 doller pos that I cant do anything with till you allow me to update whatever password of which I do not want updated to begin with I would have never ever ever bought this system if I knew this was going to be all this I have movies I purchased on amazon of which I cannot login through my ps4 to watch do to this nonsense I'm so damn mad about this crap right now it just made me want to sell the system and go back to xbox

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  • Ky
    KyleKidman Sep 01, 2018

    Please do something to get rid of all the people who are using Mods and Hacks online, they are ruining the fun and spoiling the competition of all the games for everyone else .. especially on the Call Of Duty servers

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