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Went in today to sell. Arrived at store to be told last time my I'd was updated was in 2017. This is 100 % false. And on any other occasion, if I am selling something and have to get letter to update system, they have always took the item in, tested it while I went and got a letter and everything has been fine. Well not today, as was told they will never do this which is clearly a lie. Next thing first person I spoke to me gave me one price, second person when i came back with computer told me another price. No reason as to why, and now also have to wait an hour on testing when I made a point of been here early so this wouldn't have happened, having to walk about absolutely soaked. Just feel whole experience has been poor from start to finish.. I also know if told a price is what price they have to go by as I also work in retailing myself.

Oct 06, 2019

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