CenturyLinkvery unsatisfied customer


I have waited for days to get a new jack, because I work from home I have wasted 3 days of pay being lied to by the customer sevice agents of century link. One I dont know who trained the agents that work there. I have been lied to by multiple agents I waited all wednesday for a tech that an agent by the name of belinda told me was coming no one ever showed up and one she never put the order in so when it go to be about 5;30 I called to see what was going on then I spoke another young lady very rude so I ask to her supervisor he told me it would cost to put a jack in. So that I can use this service you have to pay for the install and the monthly charge. I just shake my head. So anyway the supervisor gets on the phone and tell me to go to the store and buy a long cord. I was like really after ive waited for 8 hours and missed money for 3 days. I work from home I understand century link can care less about how I feed my family so today I got an email saying a tech will be here between noon an 4 pm. Guess what time it is and guess who is not here. This is the most liing company I have ever dealt wih in my life. The lies so freely I feel this company is a scam. I feel you should pull all these calls and listen to your agents lie to customers and the century condone it... It blows my mind. Something I have submitted 2 consumer reports and feel like the better bussiness bureau need to be involved for real.

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