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My mortgage escrow account has been extremely mismanaged, almost to the point of theft. My home mortgage, like many others, was involuntarily transferred from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker in August 2009 to CENLAR. I have been notified of a "negative balance" in my escrow account and that my payments will be increased by over $200/month beginning January 2010 to offset the shortage.

I have actual payment and escrow records (From TB & W) showing my escrow balance should be considerably positive (about + or - $2, 000). CENLAR's escrow statements show large, unaccounted for disbursements from my escrow account (e.g. city and county taxes were paid twice, insurance paid twice). I have contacted my county tax office and insurance company and received written confirmation from both entities that NO double payments have been received. Where did the escrow monies go? No explanation from CENLAR.

I have submitted two "qualified written requests" as allowed under 12 USC Section 2605(e)(1)(B). I have NOT received an answer that accounts for the missing escrow funds. Does anyone know why we even have a law to "protect" mortgagees from mismanagement when it seems the law has no teeth and a mortgage company can do what they want, including theft!

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Feb 25, 2018 6:20 am

Cellar has escrow policies around flood insurance that are flat out scams. They require more insurance than the previous mortgage holder, then try to make you buy the additional through them and only through escrow. They are a nightmare to communicate with. We are taking an active role in fighting for our rights. Hope every Cenlar “customer “ pays close attention to their loan. Cenlar needs to be stopped!

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Sep 11, 2016 6:20 am

Tsta1 I am currently unmasking Cenlar I have proof of how corrupt they are. Contact me to [email protected] I have a plan of action and I'm asking people to join me and fight against them if we all raise up they will have to bow down. This is a form you can use to send to them by law they have to send you all of these forms and that way you can find out if they are screwing you.




Servicers Name Here
Servicers Address Here
City, State Zip Code

RE: Loan #:
Property Address:

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are writing to you to dispute the amount you claim is owed according to the monthly billing statement and because we are uncertain as to who the current holder and owner of the original note and deed of trust is due to the recent issues concerning people signing transfer documents without knowledge or authority to do so, resulting in foreclosure moratoriums in many instances. We request that you send us information about the fees, costs, and escrow accounting on our loan as well as information concerning the holder and owner of this mortgage loan. This is a "qualified written request" pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (section 2605(e) ).

We request the following information:

1. A complete payment history which lists the dates and amounts of all the payments we have made on the loan to date, and shows how each payment was applied or credited (whether to principal, interest, escrow, suspense, or some other treatment);

2. A breakdown of the amount of claimed arrears or delinquencies on the account, including an itemization of all fees and charges you claim are currently due;

3. The payment dates, purpose of payment, and recipient of any and all foreclosure fees and costs, if applicable that have been charged to the account;

4. The payment dates, purpose of payment, and recipient of all escrow items charged to the account;

5. A copy of any annual escrow statements, and notices of a shortage, deficiency, or surplus, sent within the last three years;

6. The current balance in any suspense account and the reason why such funds were deposited in the account;

7. The name and address of the owner of the promissory note secured by the deed of trust in the mortgage loan referenced above;

8. The name and address of the entity that is legally the "holder" of the promissory note secured by the deed of trust in the mortgage loan referenced above. If your answer is the same as your answer to #7 above, you may simply reply "same as #7";

9. The names of all entities to which the promissory note referenced above has been sold or otherwise transferred at any time, and the dates that each sale or transfer of the note occurred;

10. A copy of the note referenced above showing all endorsements that have occurred, together with any allonge that exists to the note;

11. The names of all entities to which this mortgage or deed of trust has been assigned, and the dates that each assignment occurred. If any assignment in blank has occurred, include it in the list of dates with the notation "In Blank" in place of the name of an entity;

12. A copy of each of the assignments reflecting each assignment referenced in #11, above;

13. A description of all loss mitigation and foreclosure avoidance steps taken in regard to this mortgage loan, including all calculations concerning debt-to-income and net-present-value determinations and all documents regarding loss mitigation and foreclosure avoidance steps taken;

14. All initial and final loan documents both signed and unsigned including, but not limited to, the 1003, GFE, TIL, Appraisal, Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement (if applicable), etc.

Please send these requested documents to:

Thank you for acknowledging and answering this request as required by the Real estate Settlement and Procedures Act (section 2605(e) ).


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Jan 22, 2016 6:20 am

In Nov of 2015 my Mortgage was sold to Cenlar at the time my India friends at the old company made a mistake and started taking unauthorized tax payments of $116. I paid them back in full plus $80 for the 2014 taxes and then sent letters in telling them to stop. I then paid the 2015 taxes direct to the state. When Cenlar took over in Dec- I waited to pay them for Dec and January as I was trying to change the new requested payment not to include taxes. They made me pay Dec and Jan even though Dec taxes had been paid in full and proof was sent to them of this, telling me that if I paid my February bill would reflect the credit. Well now I cannot get them on the phone and when i do they just tell me I have to send in the same letter they already have. I feel scammed and I was robbed at the very least for the De tax payment, and I am not sure that me taxes will even be paid this year.

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Jan 20, 2016 6:20 am

I'm in California and although I was never with the other company mentioned in all of the above complaints everything else sounds similar. About two years ago I was told by Cenlar that there wasn't enough money in my escrow account the previous year due to an increase in my property taxes and additional flood insurance required. When I asked why they didn't inform me that I needed to pay more per month during that year I was basically told their system automatically pays the additional monies needed and that there isn't an actual human being checking these things. They said they didn't charge me enough that year so they covered the additional payments and I owed them about $1400. They raised my monthly payments by about $200. When I informed them that I couldn't afford to pay the new monthly amount they stretched the amount "owed" out over two years to reduce it a little. I think next month will be my last payment so my monthly payments should go down. I have been struggling every month for the past two years and now to find out that this may have all been a lie! I will definitely be looking into this further and filing a complaint with the recommended agencies if need be!

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I wasn't originally with TBW but with First National Bank of Camdenton, Missouri, local bank with smiling faces and accents that could be understood. The feds ripped the servicing of loans from this bank for something and off to Cenlar it went. What a nightmare. I am an accountant, have seen many escrow analysis statements but never have I seen anything so screwed up as the one they just sent me on my own loan. They showed hazard insurance coming out of my escrow acct in back-to-back months (It is paid once a year) and of course with that error now I'm short on escrow funds. So my monthly payment goes up $65 a month. I can understand errors but I can't tolerate the people who won't listen to you when you try to correct it. JAMES (accent from India) kept repeating the same nonsense in lieu of listening to me when I explained the error. James could have been a robot because his programmed responses had nothing to do with the concern of my call. Finally I asked for a supervisor and 15 minutes later Rachel (Oriental accent) comes on and initially kept talking over me until I was finally able to get it across that hazard insurance should only be paid once a year. They recalculated my payment (It's still too high) and promised to send a new escrow analysis to back up their new figure. I can't wait for another blood pressure rise when I get it. This company should be shut down. Hundreds if not thousands of complaints and I wonder how many more people, who don't understand escrow analysis, are paying way too much in these tough times.

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Jun 28, 2012 6:20 am

We are having much the same problem and were also with TBW. We were told we'd missed a payment and when we sent proof of that months payment they changed the month - three different times - changing the month every time when we proved payment. They've increased our payments by almost 300.00 a month and will not give an expaination for it. They keep saying were are behind in payments and mention forcloser and want us to refinance with HUD. We do not have a HUD contract and are not behind in payments. They want an immediate payment of over 2, 000.00 to bring our account up to date. The amount increases every month with no explanation. We cannot talk to anyone as they are not able to and when asked to be transfered to someone who can they say we have to write to another address. No response from them. But still 3-4 letters per month requesting past due payments. I am sending one more letter and also sending copies to the above places stated to file complaints. Thanks for this information

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Everyone here needs to go to Google and type in Taylor, Bean and Whitaker and maybe they would be a bit more informed. TBW closed not because of bankruptcy. They closed because the FBI shut them down for FRAUD which is the first thing you will see when you Google. And to add injury to insult they had hundreds of refinanced loans where they never paid off the 1st (which is the rule and the whole point of a refinance) so, when they shut down hundreds of people had 2 mortgages in their name. Cenlar and all other servicers where these loans were transferred are trying to sort the mess that TBW cause. IF you go to and click on the link for the borrower protocol (the bankruptcy papers from the bk court) you would see all this information that they left up there for borrowers to access (which obviously no one is doing). Here is an excerpt from the BK papers:
16. In the ordinary course of its business, TBW collected tax and insurance payments
from borrowers, which were typically included as part of borrowers’ monthly mortgage
payments. Any unused escrow amounts were returned to borrowers at the time the mortgages were paid off or when required escrow amounts were re-calculated (and an excess deposit was on hand).
17. After the implementation of the Colonial administrative hold on August 5, 2005,
TBW was unable to make escrow refunds to borrowers who had paid off their mortgages or who subsequently did so. As of the filing of this Motion, approximately 3, 000 borrowers are owed escrow refunds.
There is also a place for you to enter your or information to see if you are part the 3, 000 borrowers that are owed escrow refunds.
Now I do not agree with the customer service being outsourced to India because I am sure every American is tired of this. They can’t answer your questions because they do not know them. They are not mortgage professionals they have no clue as what they processes are. (If you do not want companies outsourcing you need to call and complain) Servicers are required to do an escrow analysis maybe a couple of time of year. Once they do the analysis anything that is over the amount that is needed in the account should be refunded to you. However, if you are not making monthly mortgage payments your escrow account will go negative and the servicer has to pay the escrow funds for you if a disbursement is due which means you will have to pay the servicer back. Since many of the TBW customers could not make payments due to the BK and the loans moving to different servicers. You would have to bring your account current (paying the escrow that had to pay back) then you can get your overage. TBW was also collecting payments when they should have not and did not record some payments as paid that is why your servicer said you didn’t pay because that is what the transfer records state from the prior servicer (TBW). All of this has come from TBW not any of the servicers that have had to take on this gigantic mess. People need to read there disclosures when they apply for a mortgage and they need to do their research so they are more informed stop leaving it up to others to give you information. If everyone was more informed companies likeTBW could get away with doing the things that they did. This is the problem with America we are just letting all of these corporations do as they please but we keep entering contracts with them and suffering in the end. BTW they knew about this fraud about 10 years ago. If servicers or investor would pay for qualified professionals everyone who had a complaint on this page would have been told this but, they only want people from India who will work for $1 an hour or under qualified cheap American laborers who know nothing about the business.

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File complaints with:
Office of Thrift Supervision
1700 G St NW
Washington DC 20552

referred to me by:
New Jersey Office of the Attorney General

also complain to:
New Jersey Dept. of Law & Public Safety
Dept of Consumer Affairs
PO Box 45027 Newark NJ 07101

referred by:
State of New Jersey
Dept. of Banking and Insurance
Division of Banking

These are interested parties in all the shenanigans of Cenlar.

Please let your voice be heard and files complaints.

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Jan 01, 2011 6:20 am

i am in the same boat. I have overpaid 2 payments through the transition of Taylor Bean Whitaker and CENLAR take over which CENLAR has records of and they still tellme I owe them for a month of non payment. Who do we contact to correct this mess. I have talked to 4 US people and numerous INDIA people to no avail. I explain to each, they say they see the error and non correct the mistale month after month.

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Aug 15, 2010 6:20 am

Payoff for refinancing
This has gotten to be the biggest joke and worst company I have ever dealt with in mortgage management. I too was a former TB &W customer and was given to this group called Cenlar. Whenever I had questions and would call customer service, a babbling customer service person would get on the line and out of the first couple of sentences, I might understand one or two words they would speak. They all sound as if they are from India. Now I want to refinance my current home mortgage and all I need from them is a payoff. Simple right? No way. They say I can not have the payoff until I send them proof of mortgage insurance. Its to be noted that I faxed to Cenlars mortgage insurance department proof of insurance weeks before it was due. (I pay way in advance). Everytime I call or my attorney calls to get a payoff so we can close on the refinance, they refuse stating there is no mortage insurance on file. We have now faxed to them 8 times proof of insurance and even sent them copies of the canceled checks and THE POLICY. Because of their failure to add the renewal to their files, our closing has been put off two times already.
Now they want to charge me $19.95 to tell me what my payoff will be.
It is my goal in life now to tell everone I know and meet about this company and to aviod them at all cost.

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Mar 02, 2010 6:20 am

I know if you are having problems like I have been experiencing then there is probably fraud taking place. I am sick of it and the representatives working there. This is a fly by night company who is robbing the consumers of TB&W (Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker). They are trying to increase my fixed mortgage up to 40% higher than I ever agreed to. Please contact your State attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission to report your story because they will investigate.

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20580
Phone: 1.877.FTC.HELP (1.877.382.4357) or 1.202.326.2222
TTY: 1.866.653.4261

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Feb 26, 2010 6:20 am

Same thing, not on such a large scale. They paid house insurance again. They asked how I knew that and I told them it was on their
escrow statement. They asked that I FAX them the information (their own info). Suppose to be a 24-48 hours response. 8 days and nothing. Spoke to India again. They want payment to escrow or will raise payment. From reading comments, they won't put the
$$ to the escrow account IF you do send it. I am at loss on what to do with them. NJ Attorney General I guess.

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Feb 26, 2010 6:20 am

Cenlar saw fit to increase my mortgage payments from $559 to $895 -- can you beat that?
This is a gargantuan increase of $336 a month, which I simply cannot afford!
Go to Pissed Consumer website and see other complaints against them, and post your own experience. That site needs you to type a minimum of 100 words, so don't be shy...
Several consumers at Pissed wish to start a class-action suit, and I heartily concur. Question is, where do we find a lawyer who'll dedicate the time to research all of us and take those creeps to court?

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Feb 05, 2010 6:20 am

I have the EXACT same problem! They have the beginning balance of my escrow showing over 2k short, so my 2009 year ended with a defecit and an increased mortgage pmt but I should have had a surplus and my pmt go down. I have called about twice a week for the past two and a half months and am getting nowhere! This is sooooo frustrating to me! Every time some person in India tells me to fax again and call back 5-7 days. I've had enough and don't know what else to do! It absolutely is theft, and I wonder how many people didn't think twice when they got an incorrect escrow analysis from them.

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Jan 27, 2010 6:20 am

I am having the same issue. A HUD Washingtion DC person told me to insist on Loss Management and the India people would have to transfer me to the US. I did get to speak with a Judy who said she would help but I have never received anything in writing. That was back in October and the number she gave me to call her back was a fax number. I am so frustrated and about to the end of my rope with these guys. I have written numerous letters and made numerous phone called (CENLAR outsource their Customer Service to India). In Dec, I did receive one letter back that my county taxes have been paid. Not what I was asking for. My payment has increased $162.00 a month. I wrote again (in Dec), still haven't heard anything, and also called Customer Service who told me to write a letter. I called HUD for help, rec'd a message from the Arkansas HUD office with the three 800 numbers for Cenlar. My tax dollars at work. After the last phone call and no response to my second letter, I sent all the information with a request for help to my State Attory General, Fraud Division.

Then I had a thought. My suggestion, check out their management team and then google their names. I found Pres and CEO, Gregory Tornquist's phone number, [protected], and email, [email protected] Found information for the others too. The NJ phone number is [protected] for the main switchboard. Senator Richard Durbin in on the committee for HUD is case you need to send information to him also.

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