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I subscribed the celcom broadband which cost RM98 per month 3.6 Mbbps. But when connecting to the web the connection speed was less than 150kbps which was slow like hell!!. I tried complaining to the people at celcom but i what get was crap from them. If nothing is done regarding this matter i will complaint this problem to the consumer service to take action. I really regret subscribing this stupid ###ing service. I wasted my money buying this piece of ### and getting a ###ing ### service!!! It was completely not worth paying!!! Not to mention, if i was to cancel my subscribtion i would be forced to pay compensation to the company for breaking the stupid contract which is completely bias!!! This money sucking company should be sued for cheating their customer!!! For those people who are thinking to subscribe celcom broadband stupid service should just subscribe streamyx!!! CELCOM BROADBAND IS A MONEY SUCKING CHEATING LIAR!!! ### ALL THOSE GREEDY ###!!!

-Pitiful customer-


  • Ri
    rizas Feb 04, 2009

    please make a complaint at KTAK website online form and attached the result of your speedtest. if all of us make the complaint maybe they will revoke their license or at least provide a rebate for the lousy service. I once read an article saying that KTAK will revoke the license of any service provider who fail to provide their best effort of 70% of what is advertised.

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  • Ap
    April Feb 25, 2009

    Wow... I am surprised that your speed is so slow. Mine was much better as I will get on average 1.5mbps speed if I were to use it in Damansara area. What speed test tool did you use? My previous experience with other ISP is that whenever I get slow speed is to just do a screen shot using speedtest.net website and email to their corresponding unit. I do not bother calling their call centres as I feel that they are not competent to answer any basic enquiries. Weren’t you entitled to the 7 days money back guarantee from Celcom?

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  • St
    stressed Celcom user Mar 12, 2009

    i agree with u!!!anyone living in S. Alam, don't ever think of using Celcom!!!

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  • Ra
    randy Mar 18, 2009

    i am student from utm skudai johor and i have choose the rm98 3.mbps ... imagine the speed i get .. merely 7kbps per second . sometime when i connect MSN without even surf net or even download anything . the broadband connection is just disconnected ... the dealer tell me the line was too congested in utm... we paid for a congested line and we have to take it for granted ..shitz

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  • Wo
    wong mei yin Mar 25, 2009

    i am a customer from klang bukit tinggi ...that day i went to "Smartlink Communication " pay my bill, they promote their broadband to me ...
    their salesman name "Ken" had promised me if i bought the broadband and he will activate for me the next day, but he failed n i wan him to return the money.but he doesn't kept his word.

    ps:I advise every1 don't go to "Smartlink Communication" n buy broadband n register from "Ken"

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  • Sa
    sakura lee Apr 01, 2009

    you are right man...i totally agree with you...rm98 monthly and up to 3.6Mbps, but when i test speed on celcom speedometer the speed average 50kbps..! what da cake?? Guess what happen when i test at speedtest.net..? how much can i get..? 1.3kbps...nonsense man..

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  • St
    stud Apr 12, 2009

    mine is very good. i also use 3.6mb and the speed can go up to 3.5mbps when i'm in Kota Bharu. But its going lower when i'm in UUM, but still satisfying, which can get to 1.5mbps at the midnight. but at the daylight, only can go to 500kbps. still ok i think.

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  • Sy
    syuk Apr 12, 2009

    tolong tingkat kan service...area melaka dekat dengan kawasan bandar pun connection low..lagi teruk compare dengan area selangor, batang berjuntai..celcom tolong tingkatkan service.mase promotion cakap maxis teruk..ni same je...

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  • Th
    the short hair girl Apr 16, 2009

    if u wanted to compare celcom n maxis, all of u were wrong... because u r d 1 who purchase the promoter only sell, who ask u 2 believe b4 u make any survey? if u fell not comfort with it u may terminated it as celcom dont charge u a single cents 4 termination...dont be fire n dont be lighter to put on the fire n burn others k...

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  • Lo
    long hair guy Apr 17, 2009

    I'm sure you work with celcom...right miss short pubic hair girl?

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  • Sh
    short hair girl Apr 23, 2009

    Sorry to say dear long hair guy, im not even a celcom user... i work in Government Criminal department... just to lets all the public knows please dont make too much trouble, n fighting with the non benefit things... please make sure u make a real claim if not u will be the offender of lying. coz lying s an offence...

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  • Ch
    cheated consumer May 27, 2009

    I got similar problem with Celcom Broadband. I purchased the E220 modem at RM990. I started with RM68/ month package. But what unable to get connected to yahoo mail consistently. I only managed to get 10% successful connection rate to yahoo mail. So I called up many times to celcom customer service, and you are right, they gave crap service or lips service. No actual or capability to help me to resolve the problem. Then, I decided to upgrade to RM98/month package, thinking this may help resolve the problem.

    End up, the same, hair-pulling frustration expereince for months...
    The government is to be blamed!!!
    Celcom is the only choice when I signed up!!!
    Celcom is cheating us, the malaysian people, and the government is the caused and doing nothing about it!!!
    Celcom's contract is so bias, which is wrong...
    We are not getting what we actually paying for... the result, not the infrastructure.
    In my opinion, Celcom is truly the "Undisputed, fastest, best, widest" cheating GLC in Malaysia!!!

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  • Le
    Lee May 29, 2009

    Hell yea!!! Celcom! Give us what we are supposed to get!! We pay and we must get! This is customers' right!

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  • Kh
    Khalid Jun 01, 2009

    Good day Celcom..

    Here i want to highlight my complain the celcom service.
    I got a lot of problem when surfing internet a day .Here when i search the web always its "coming out out of times".I should trying many times until get it better surf, it coming fade up to me of that damn problem.
    I am the customer package of Rm68 monthly.so i had called the customer service and the hell reason given a line is busy at my area. so why celcom should give that reason. They must know we are paid for this and unfair if the problem facing at many times.

    Please lah celcom be a good service for the customer.. not always think your own self.. if u are really wanted to made bisnis and get halal profit be honest in it.
    You know if u make beter, Allah will give more than what u are.

    Dari suara pelanggan setia kamu..

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  • Aw
    awan mendung20 Jun 01, 2009

    i am also one of the unfortunate d98 consumer! i thought it is the fastest wireless internet service in malaysia...but...it is really damn disappointing...i just subscribed the freakin service last week! howeva, my average connection speed in my home only around 50bps!!! im stayin at klebang, malacca...and it is not supposed to be the lowest coverage celcom at my residential area...for me, it is compulsory for us the consumers know where is the best connection service! it is really unfair for celcom company for giving us really damn nice advices! when it comes to the real thing, it is like a #[email protected][email protected]%@%! im beggin ya celcom! please dont make me turn towards maxis again! it is really disappointing ya know! to all malacca d98 users, fight for ya right!!!
    u just wasted ur money that u can eat for a week at restaurant!

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  • Ae
    Aegis of Malaysia Jun 04, 2009

    I just subscribe to d98 2 days ago and the speed at night time was excellent, and I get he max speed of 3.6 mbps. Unfortunately all of that ends when day breaks, speed still 3.6mbps but the bandwith was horrible. It was like I am still on dial up modem 56kbs. I have a mind to report this matter to Suruhanjaya Komunikasi and Multimedia. Their speed and bandwith is not consistence. The consumer should get what they have paid for and not and not this crap!!

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  • Ae
    Aegis of Malaysia Jun 04, 2009

    everyone complain here :-

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  • Vi
    Vicitm Jun 05, 2009

    Me neither.. Damn cheating my RM98 every month..FUXX!!!

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  • Ho
    honest dealer Jun 16, 2009

    so many complaints.use proper modem and do not use handphone as your modem.E220 rm990?? I can say lu kena beb!check for coverage area at celcom website.do not buy black modem with logo "3".buy modem with authorised distributor which is tenten.go to myhuawei.com.dont get cheated from dealers.s.alam no problem getting 3.6 unless u r staying inside uitm.can get 1working day to activate if no problem with your application.photocopy ic and your personal details.lastly i would like to remind check your coverage before buying.IF ANYONE INSTERESTED...CELCOM BROADBAND MODEM K3565 (ORI) RM299 FREE 1ST MONTH no contract.sms 0193030620

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  • Ul
    ultraman Jul 03, 2009

    Is better celcom remove tat 3.6mbps to 1mbps else feeling cheated by celcom.

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  • Ro
    Rozali1957 Jul 07, 2009

    Yes, absolutely agreed with the what you guys said, this is the typical GLC where they not bother by the complaints of consumer. In another word, they are having the legal license authorised by the federal government to cheat the all malaysian...

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  • Na
    nasty Jul 16, 2009

    i dont know what else to say from telekom to celcom, all was a crap, now the telekom launching the HSBB(HGH SPEEd BROADBAND) with is said that can p to 10mbps i can tell u guys that it all fakes, and believe it or not, i was in the tecnical part in that project and i quit because t was all the crap..celcom broadband:is same like others, good coverage in first week then after that go so slow..i think maybe only the media can bring this problems foward or ele the celcom side will not respond ri8?as 4 the goverment ladies, u must think properly before saying your word bcause, the promoter get training from where?i think u can answer dat by urself ri8, so what about the advertisement they put on tv?is that not a lie too?commonla face the reality.malaysia technologies is still to far yet still want to charge in a large of amount?

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  • Na
    nasty Jul 16, 2009

    what do you think?

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  • Bb
    bbv1194 Jul 16, 2009

    BLOODY celcom broadband! ... Finally i discovered through curses the horrible truth about this product by celcom. I sign up maxis broadband speed is 600kbps... definately better than celcom's 50kpbs...

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  • Si
    sivam Aug 18, 2009

    Celcom boardband coverage di Bandar Springhill, Lukt - Port Dickson
    Tidak ada liputan 3G, bilakah pihak Celcom akan
    aktifkan 3G di kawasan ini.

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  • Tt
    ttipu ambo Sep 08, 2009

    ###ing celcom...upgrade ur speed area paloh rawa machang!!!

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  • Wi
    Wilfr Sep 13, 2009

    CELCOM 3G blocking of certain local website especially with (.edu.my) and yet they still promoting to university student.
    CELCOM should do monitoring on area too, DO CELCOM HAS ANY STAFF GRADUATE IN OPERATION RESEARCH??? CELCOM should do research on how much market share they going to gain and how much bandwidth should be increase over time. They won't change the old fashion way of business (Get more customer first then only upgrade facility when got complain), they know Malaysian won't complain much as Malaysia Consumer Association do not have any authority to file a case on them. Dear Consumer of Malaysia, it is time to wake up, if such service is so bad, unite together and stop using them, if they gain 30% of market share in 1 year, let them loss it in one day. Posting negative comment in forum seem won't get their attention.

    MALAYSIA Service Sector should look into "Quality and Reliability". If your current worker can't do Operation research properly, its time to hire new fresh graduate. those old and outdated is time to improve skill and knowledge.

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  • Sy
    syuk Sep 13, 2009

    i agree with u. they should take something but our problem still happend.
    celcom brodband still remind via email about the complain but nothing take action!!

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  • Ma
    Manuk Magamut Oct 21, 2009

    Ermm..im using celcom broadband..at the first place really sux..but nowday...oklah.

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  • Pe
    pedo Jan 16, 2010

    come on lar. give us with what u had promised. every month we are paying u as u want but yet we didn't get as u promise. hell ### celcom. customer services will not take any action, they just be there to covered up. goverment please do something. many students are the subscriber of broadband so please help us. they are cheating us. come on MR NAJIB, do someting!

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  • Ni
    nick john Mar 20, 2010

    Well, actual my celcom broadband maybe good actually not very slow but still very fast.I live at Nilai and there are some area which have coverage 3G in my area.Before you all cursed celcom because it slow broadband connection maybe because area that you live is not in 3G coverage.Check your area for 3G coverage because celcom broadband connection need to connect to area that has 3G coverage to get 3.6 mbps.That is why some of the user celcom broadband get slow connection because their area is not the 3G coverage!

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  • Ky
    Kyo Kuanasagi Apr 07, 2010

    u guys so free to talk about celcom??? pls...ur RM98 so much? wat for celcom want to cheat ur money RM98? u guys very fool! before u sign something pls let them check coverage! u guys when wan purchase wan cheap wan fast wan good! like kereta kancil wan ferrari speed!zzzzz...sometimes check the problem 1st only tell out! slow, y slow? no coverage? or anything? hu can tell out? if coverage problem y when u purchase u never check it? only u guys say celcom is cheat u?...zzzzzzzzzzz...stupidzzzzz

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  • Ky
    Kyo Kuanasagi Apr 07, 2010

    when ur broadband got problem, find out the problem, computer problem or the broadband that u purchase(Cheaper Broadband) problem or coverage, if coverage problem no need talk too much...terminate it and get the money back, if some1 wan to use speed test get the speed, gv u advice don u do it...u wont get the correct answer. don u do the fool thing hv alot complaint to celcom, if wan make complaint direct to celcom don u here said alot of rubbish thing. repport urself to celcom centre, IF U REALLY FEEL CELCOM IS SUCKS!!! I HATE PPL TALK BEHIDE SOMEONE!!! IF WAN DIRECT TO CELCOM!!!

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  • Bb
    bbv1194 Apr 07, 2010

    Kyo Kuanasagi, ppl giving feedback here so other ppl won't be cheated by stupid celcom la. why u so susah?
    u say ppl to free to complain, at least we complain n warn others so ppl dun get cheat by celcom. u r so much worst... u complaining about ppl who complain about celcom... Celcom just SUCKS la... DO NOT BUY CELCOM.

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  • As
    ashni Apr 18, 2010

    Each time i wanna surf the net...the following message appears. For your info...i checked the connection and internet is connected all the while. Why is this happening? Whats the purpose of getting your broadband when i cant get connected to the sites which i want?

    Do something...as this is happening very frequently. Even typing this complaint was so slow... feel really cheated by celcom!!!
    Explorer cannot display the webpage

    What you can try:
    It appears you are connected to the Internet, but you might want to try to reconnect to the Internet.

    Retype the address.

    Go back to the previous page.

    Most likely causes:
    •You are not connected to the Internet.
    •The website is encountering problems.
    •There might be a typing error in the address.

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  • Lu
    lucadehaty May 07, 2010

    salam.. Sy tlh mguna line broadband celcom, mslhnya kt kwsn kuala kurau, parit buntar perak, tiada liputan lgsung sejak 2 mggu ni.. Kalau mslh ini bterusan, mgkin sy akan hilang kprcyaan trhadap celcom servis.. Jika tiada apa2 prubhn yg blaku, mgkin sy akan tukar ke line lain pulak.. Buat apa byr bpuluh2 ringgit tiap2 bulan kalau tiada liputan lgsung? Ckp liputan celcom ada di mana2 saja.. Bohong.. Harap maklum..

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  • Cu
    cuddly Jul 21, 2010

    I subcribed to celcom, RM98/month..I always make complaints but nothing happen.then i decide to stop using it.It's been disconnected 3 months ago but they still send me Billing information.

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  • An
    annoying boy Jul 23, 2010

    what a slow broadband connection, i think it was fast but as slow as a snail, i am very dissapoint with this celcom broadband, i think p1 w1max was faster than celcom broadband, so we have to vote for the local coverage..

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  • Sa
    saladin Aug 04, 2010

    Dear short hair girl, you're not even a celcom user...so what are u doing here ...at this site?.u work with the Government Criminal department...aren't u suppose to go to celcom office n try to find out what've they done to all this frusticated people here...this people were not lying...no benefit fr its...n u short hair girl...why don't u step over ur 2 legs to celcom office n ask them what's this all about...they gave this peoples different then what they promised...this people pays for that with their hardworking money..not to mentioned times, hopes, energy...so try to think about this...this people cannot do anything n what they get was crap fr celcom.
    one last things...no hard feeling n sorry for my bad english.

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  • Ce
    celcom fan Aug 05, 2010

    nape ada setengah kawasan ada liputan 3g ada setengah x de liputan 3g?mcm kat kawasan sy lngsung x de liputan 3g hnya harap pada gprs...tlong la upgrade kawasan nie...thnkzzzzz...kawasan kalumpang...tnjung malim

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