Cebu Pacific AirCustomer service

My first complaint concerns the website. I wished to book package for 1 out of 3 passengers. Naturally i chose "flight and baggsge" rather than "flight only". I did not want flight only so that was not an option.
Despite this, I was given no option to choose which passengers required luggage and was given no option to choose 1 person baggage only. The site charged me for 3 persons baggage despite never asking me.
I called customer service and spoke to Ruby. She refused to give her surname. She refused to give any identifying information. I asked her to assist in fixing the booking problem . She stated that she was unable to help and i asked to speak to her supervisor. After almost an hour, it became clear that no supervisor would not be called . She then stated that she was unable to help and stated that she had escalated the call she ended the call.
I called back and spoke to MJ. She initially indicated that she would try to help but it became clear that, like Ruby, she would not be able to do so as it was against Cebu Oacific policy. She escalsted the call also. i asked for reference number for the escalation and was refused. I asked for reference number for the call to MJ and was refused. I was told that providing such details was against company policy.
I asked to speak to MJ's supervisor and was eventually put tthrough to Renz. I tried, repeatedly to explain to Renz what the oroblems were but he insisted on continually interrupting me. He was rude and even complained that i stopped him interupting me. I becane angry and voices were raised. After 2 hours wasted in which i was not listened to, i had had enough.
It was clear that Renz was not able to do his job. He showed no empathy nor any interest in listening to me.
I am surprised that any company operating in this manner is allowed to operate in Australia. Hopefully Cebu Pacific will act to resolve this matter before the matter is referred to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Oct 12, 2019

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