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My name is Dimiter Yordanov, , your customer on flight 5J538, SIN to CRK, today August 7. Just had an extremely unpleasant encounter with your shift supervisor in Singapore (who refused to show me a business card or any ID) and the lady who doid document verification at the designeated kiosk at about 15:55 today (August 7, 2018). At issue is the series of questions alegedly they are required to ask as to how will i be leaving the cou try of my destination. My position is, it is none of your business, and furthermore, they are in no position to determine the paperwork I show them is valid or not. I can easily tyoe a fake document in word and print it, but why is this necessary at all? It is for Im igration authorities to determine if somebody is admissible ina cou tey ot not, not the airline employees.

Please provides the employee number and names of the following individuals:

1. Shift supervisor who talked to me, and
2. Clerk manning the "document verification" counter.

Additionally, please state the reason why you waste time and money doing this? I am nkt against verification if you have a valid reason to do so mandated by law, but i do nkt accept profit maxi izing drive as a valid reason.

Ineedless to say i am fuming, and reserve the right to escalate the issue to the forum and by means of my choosing. I will appreciate your offi ial position stated promptly and succintly, by an authorised officer of the company.

Thank you for yoyr attention.

D. Y.


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      Aug 09, 2018

    Actually it is Philippine Immigration policy that all airlines flying to the Philippines that they check all foreign nationals that they have an outgoing ticket leaving the Philippines.

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      Aug 09, 2018

    @tdjohnston any outgoing ticket will do, it does not have to be from the same airline you are flying in on, Philippine Immigration requires that any foreigner travelling into the Philippines as a tourist or for business, must show proof that they will leave the country after their intended stay. They require all airlines to verify this on their behalf as it could become the airlines liability if the passenger gets stranded/unable to leave the Philippines. Most Tourists just change their flight date once they arrive if they wish to extend their Visa, or they buy a cheap bin-able budget ticket to taiwan or singapore if they have not yet made plans on where they will travel to after their visit to the Philippines.

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