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Complaints & Reviews

Battery Replacement and Customer Service

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the estimate that was received in reference to my Casio G-Shock. The watch was purchased from JcPenney’s in 2008 for well over $150. Spending that amount of money on a “solar-atomic” watch was perceived as a worthwhile purchase based on the features of the watch and reading about what the G-Shock could physically take. I am a Police Officer in Tampa, FL and I needed a good watch that could take the abuse. I assumed that this watch would meet my expectations and be able to absorb the demands of my daily job.
Approximately 2 months ago the watch started blinking in the battery zone when the illumination button is depressed. When I finally had a day off to contact the repair center I was told that the issue sounded like a "backup/illumination battery” issue and the estimated cost on this repair would be $15. This was a shock in the first respect due to my understanding that this was a solar watch, but the technician I spoke with informed me that the illumination on the watch needed a battery. I wanted to fix my watch so I sent the G-Shock in for repairs on the 17th of March 2009. Today (March 27, 2009) I receive a letter stating that the ESTIMATED repairs are $35.00 without an explanation of exactly what is going wrong with my watch. The requested grand total is $45.00 on top of the $8 it cost for me to send the watch in initially. I am completely disgusted with my purchase at this point and will pay the additional $7.95 for return shipping without repair.
I guess my assumption about what a great watch the G-shock was is false. I just wanted to express my dissatisfaction in your product and the steps I am needed to take just to get this watch back into service. You can rest assured I will not purchase another G-Shock or Casio product nor will I recommend it to anyone that is in need of a good service watch.

  • jamesisajeweler Apr 02, 2009

    Hello to you i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i also have my own educational discussions here under "JEWELRY & WATCHES" i was reading your complaint here and i first must say that i'm sorry you had to deal with such POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE WATCH YOU PURCHASED FROM JC PENNY'S in 2008.

    I'm a REAL JEWELER in Atlanta, Ga and sell many types of watches, from the high end to the QUALITY LOW END, i don't know what exactly this G-SHOCK watch does but i will be looking it up to find out, but i will tell you that in the future make sure you know for sure if a watch IS OR IS NOT SOLAR POWERED, and if this watch is being advertised as a SOLAR POWERED watch, only to find out you still need to put a battery in it, that's FALSE ADVERTISING and JC PENNY'S could be sued for misleading the jewelry buying consumer.

    In the future should you need my services to educate you on any item of jewelry, or to get you the watches or jewelry you'd like to buy feel free to contact me at any of my contacts below, and if you have any questions for me feel free to ask me.

    Contact James The Jeweler:

    Either here or at my email address: [email protected]

    Phone: 404-447-5459

    My Online Jewelry Blog: http://jamesisajeweler.blogspot.com

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  • Ug
    UgaDawg Aug 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I simply need a battery replaced in my Casio GS300 Titanium. They fully expected me to pay $35.00 to $40.00 by sending it to their "Service" center in California. What a frigging joke. These clowns should not be allowed to manufacture anything at all. We're talking about a battery replacement, that's it. Along with the gentleman from Tampa, I too will never buy another Casio product, nor recommend one to anyone.

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  • Mf
    M Flo Feb 17, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You guys are both clowns.

    By the way, if you bought it retail and it fritzed within a year, why didn't you just use your product warranty?

    And to the #### "real jeweler", most "solar" items like watches have capacitors of which some are still "rechargeable batteries" and is not false advertising...the solar panel recharges the batteries. Without batteries, how do you keep the watch working when in the dark? You nincompoop.

    And back to the Tampa "cop". How much do policemen make in Tampa anyway? Really, all this fuss over a $150 G-Shock? You probably shouldn't be wearing a watch. Go attach a Sundial to your squad car.

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Scratches badly

Unbelievable that they sell such junk. Casio used to be an excellent choice! My new watch "glass" is made of...

Numbers on the read out are not complete

I bought a Casio Calculator at the Office Max Store in Crystal Lake as it was an advertised sale item. Although it was inexpensive, I always believed Casio product to be superior to other electronic equipment so I purchased one as a gift. It is a 12 Digit, Tax & Exchange desktop calculator, model HR-8TM. My friend just recently confessed to me when I asked her how she likes using the calculator that it never worked right for her. I was so embarrassed!
She told me the digital read display area does not show the numbers in their entirety and that it has messed up her check book calculations a number of times so she quit using it. I would appreciate it if a new one could be shipped to me and I will gladly return the defective one. This item was purchased right after Christmas 2008. It is only about 3 months old.

Casio Exilim

4 months ago I purchased a new Casio EX-Z1080 from Amazon.com. Everything was great with it until around Halloween time when I started having problems. Keep in mind I babyed this camera, never dropped or bannged it once, purchased a special, padded hard case for it and it was in like NEW condition with not a scratch on it.

One day I was taking a picture and then switching mode to view and the screen went black and the camera shut off, lens still out. After that the power button was non responsive. I took the battery out and put it back in and at that time, the lens retracted and it came back on.

Now about 2 weeks ago the same exact problem happened, however no matter what I did, the camera would not respond. The lens was out but nothing would happen.

I called Casio customer support and they gave me instructions on sending the camera in for repair under warrenty. I paid out of pocket to have the camera sent to their repair facility. 4 days later I get an e-mail saying it would cost me $140 to repair the camera.

Yep, for a 4 month old camera. I called and the customer service lady told me the technician said there was evidence of the camera being misued or dropped. Which is complete baloney. I never dropped the camera once.

Then she said her supervisor would call me in 24-48 hours to discuss the issue with me and its 4 days later and I never received a call.

Now, I have to pay another $8 for them to send it back to me broken.

I will never ever buy a Casio again and I can't wait to tell everyone I know what a crummy company Casio is.

  • Ad
    ADLynch Jul 13, 2009

    Same exact thing happened to me, only it has now been 3 1/2 months since I sent it off and I'm still waiting for it to be shipped back (unrepaired). I wonder how many people give Casio (more) money to fix a manufacturer's error??? Great business plan, don't you think? I'm with you! NEVER again!

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  • Na
    nansno54 Jan 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called Benson Smith directly, expecting him (as I understood it) to be the CEO of Casio America. I spent 10 days listening to his excuses, when this camera has well-document KNOWN issues.. I refused to send it back and forth. It cost 110 bucks -- just replace it! Make an executive decision! In angering me, he has made certain that my family and I are ditching our Exilims today, and buying another brand. I can't rely on a frozen, crazy-acting Z80, and I'm not going to send it back and forth and be without.

    Have the FORTITUDE, Mr. Smith, to just spend a buck and preserve customer goodwill. You can be assured I'll avoid all Casio products in the future. I once had a defective PURSE replaced, free of charge, by the CEO, because the color rubbed off of the one I had. A $300 purse was overnighted to me. I didn't even have to send them the defective one! And Casio can't replace a $120 camera? Poor customer relation skills.

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Bad customer service

Watch display failed during 1 year-warranty. Sent it twice to Casio's designated western US repair...

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Fails to honor watch warranty

I purchased a Casio watch in February of this year. A week or so ago it fell off my wrist while walking through the house. I filled out the appropriate web form at Casio and sent the watch in for repair. On Monday (3/10) I received a repair estimate of $40 - nearly the price I paid for the watch.

When I called to inquire why they wanted to charge me for repair they indicated it was the band and not the watch and that the band was not covered under the warranty.

In fact the place on the watch that holds the pin that holds the band to the watch had broken. The band is fine

it is the watch case that failed.

They indicated they would notify me yesterday if they would reconsider by they did not call me yesterday or today.

  • Ws
    WSTERNFELD Aug 03, 2008




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  • Pb
    pbosque Sep 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Casio G-shock 5-11 series watch with a black resin band about 1 year ago. After wearing the watch for about 9 months the watch band began to disintegrate- first the loop that the loose band end tucks into broke, then the plastic loop that holds the clasp tore, and the clasp fell off. To make matters worse, Casio no longer makes a replacement band that fits this watch. There a many different watch band designs for G-shock watches, so it is difficult or impossible to get replacements.

    The watch works still, but overall, shoddy design of the band. Very poor customer support.

    My advice- don't buy G-shock watches, or if you do, get something other than the resin band.

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Terrible experience!

Bought my digital camera Z700 Exilim October of 2006, the camera was seldom used, it only taken 100 pictures, tops!!! It was never dropped, it was always in the casing and in the room, now when taking pictures, its having horizontal lines, and so bright.. But when taking video it was ok and NO ISSUES!! ONLY When taking PICTURES!! Sent to compex where i bought it 15 months ago,,

3 months after the warranty, now this!! They are charging me for P 10,000, for the repair. WHAT!!! With that amount of money, and add a little more, I COULD BUY BETTER AND MORE EFFICIENT DIGICAM... Than this piece of ###!! CASIO staff, if any of you can do something bout it, well until then I'll tell, my friends, relatives and co workers, to NEVER, NEVER, BUY CASIO and from COMPEX again!!!

  • Jo
    Jose Mari Garchitorena Feb 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This Is A KNOWN ISSUE!! pls check This Site:

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Casio product as their service stinks!

I sent my new camera, 5 weeks old to CASIO for repair on May 21.07, Price at Brandsmart $ 390.00 plus memory...

Lost my camera and my $230!

I purchased the casio ez600 camera on 12/26/06. This was my first casio purchase. I have always used kodak easy share cameras in the past.

However, I wanted the new sleek and slim design and decided the purchase the casio. I bought the camera on sale for $230. It was a great camera. I'm practically obsessed with taking pictures. I travel a lot with my job and am always snapping away. I was on vacation last week and unfortunately lost my camera on day one. However, it wasn't my fault. The piece connecting the strap to the camera broke without me knowing it. I later found the strap and broken piece in my purse. I only had the camera for 3 weeks. I called casio and was told nothing could be done, even though I have a one year warranty including broken parts. I asked if I could purchase the camera at a cheaper rate, seeing how I would not need another docking station or additional attachments. Again, I was told no--I would have to purchase the whole set again. Not only did I lose my camera and my $230, I lost my 1 GB memory card that had lots of fun pictures on it. I just wanted everyone to know how casio treats their customers. Maybe $230 isn't a lot of money to them, but to me it is!

G shock - battery replacement problem

I was a big fan of G shock and all of their products for many years now.
a few years ago I bought a Mudman "Gaussman AW-570" Analog with the Titanium back plate. i bought the watch at "The G Shock Store" in Manhattan, New York.
I only ever wore G shock watches, the greatest watches ever made, until you send them in!

Recently, I called their Dover, New Jersey location 6/28/06 to have the battery replace in the Gaussman, I asked if the letters on the case could be brightened and maybe the band replaced. The watch only had very little superficial ware, but I loved it, so I wanted it to be perfect. that watch had been all over the world with me always 100% reliable!
The operator said sure send 37.00 dollars , good price reasonable, no problem.
A few weeks later "Dover Casio" sent me a new watch and it was not even a "Mudman Guassman" nor was it Analog. I sent a 350.00 dollar watch and was sent a 50.00 dollar watch I can't wear!
I called and complained and was told "to bad, your watch is gone", I called two, three more times each time the operator didn't know what i was talking about! Finally an operator told me that the "management" had decided I could pick a new watch out, I could only spent up to 225.00 dollars on a new watch. I said my watch was 350.00! Casio New Jersey said take it or leave it. Their were no Mudman for sale in America any more, and the only Anti magnetic watches were under 80.00 dollars and crappy.
I called back two, three more times each time the operator new nothing, I gave them the work number they had on the invoice Finally an operator said we found your watch just send us the watch we sent you and we will replace the battery and band in your Guassman , I was very much relieved. I sent the other watch back and waited 1 month 2 months finally 9/18 /07 I called to complain, what was taking so long.
I was treated very rudely by a "Chuck" I told him 3 months was long enough and I was a little up set he only got ruder and louder. I told him I thought that he was very incompetent, and what was the problem . He said my watch was lost once more and i should call again.
I called the next day, by chance "Chuck" answered again and yelled at me, " you just called yesterday what do you expect !" " Competency I exclaimed!"
Chuck one of the operators really got mad yelling etc, then I received my "Guassman" G shock back 9/23/07 .
Well man it was destroyed the band cut the case looks like it has been threw a grinder and nothing was done, nor was my money refunded the 37.00 dollars for repairs that were never done. I have tried to call and talk to Managers the president in New Jersey location. No one has returned my calls and I have been treated like ### and my property destroyed by Casio's New Jersey incompetent unprofessional employees.
I really don't think I'm being unreasonable, what do you think?
Now i find out that their is a club for "Mudman Guassman" watches people all over the world, and that my 350.00 dollar watch is a collectors item worth maybe 500.00 dollar if it were in (good condition)!!
I really don't think I'm being unreasonable, I have been treated horribly.
What next?


  • Wi
    William M Gutman Jan 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had similar experience with Casio. Their repair service is utterly incompetent, and they have no concern for their customers or their reputation.

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  • An
    ANIKET BHARDWAJ Aug 26, 2016

    i bought casio ctk 810 from india madhya pradesh from gwalior city from tele center rangwala house deedwana oil, sarafa road
    lashkar gwalior 474001, phone 0751-2626376, 2625422. the casio is bought from my mother name dr neelima bhardwaj
    that ### shopkeeper gave us duplicate casio adapter for rs 500 and give no warranty.now my adapter is disturbed and shopkeeper refuse to send to the service center.

    kindly take some action against that raskel shopkeeper.

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