Cash Crusadersflat screen t. v

D Nov 16, 2017

Good day i bought a t.v from cash crusaders in Mamelodi Denneboom and whiten a few months the t.v died without any physical impact i went to report this immediately at the which a lady by the name of Lebo who is also a manager there helped, i told her my story and she advised me to bring the t.v in which i was unable to do immediately as the result of my job however i eventually got around to doing this but before then i had spoken to a lady from stylico the repair center by the name Rainee who explained the problem and she understood and told me to send take the t.v back tell the store to send it to Lenseria repair where it will be repaired at no charge. a week after taking my t.v in i was told that physical damage was done to my t.v and the refused to fix, further more if its to be repaired it will cost me more than the amount i bought it with, i feel like cash crusaders takes advantage of its customers and it it is abusive to our customer rights. first of all i know for sure that my t.v did not receive any physical damage of any sort, secondly there is not even signs of impact on my t.v it just has marks it just looks like something cracked inside which could have done by short circuiting or whatever i m not sure, i just know that it was not physical damage. and now they turn their back on me and refuse any form of help to me which i don't think its good ethics. if anybody know how i can bring them to justice please inform me

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