Cash CFSC Cashedunethical rude employee behaviour


I would like people to know that Today on Monday October, 23rd 2017 by 7:30 pm, I was very verbal abused by a rude employee at Checks CFSC Cashed. Located at 1213 Jerome Av. And 167 street Bronx NY, Zipcode: 10452. The employee, looked in her late 40's or early 50's and she is short with light brown short shoulder length hair, she is also average sized. This woman had an arrogant and unacceptable tone. I asked her nicely to do a photocopy for me. She then said to me, I don't know how to do that! You bother me too much, ugly old lady." I then tried to get a photocopy service which she refused to provide me it to me, because according to her she doesn't know how to properly use the photocopy machine and pushed me aside, while the youngest employee told me " Come Mrs. I will help you." and she did. The reason why I am making this complaint is because I don't want other customers get the same abuse like she did to me.

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