CarTrawlerextra costs after not responding on sent web templates to change a simple name.

Dear cartrawler,

We did book a car during our Flight booking at Cheap and they are refering not to you.

During this car rent booking we get transfered to Cartrawler, from the moment we wanted to pay the car (under FI564988710 /changed to FI444961920.) everything went wrong first we have paid 2 times through an error... and we even got a reminder to pay a third time.
This wasfinally arranged through several phone calls.

During the last check-up (about 1 week before departure) I saw that my name as main driver was listed while the credit card was in the name of my wife, (and this was regarding your customer rep. high risky, this is of course our fault, but I wanted to change this through a offered web template ( called change Main driver name) via your web site. I received a confirmation and the message that this could take a few days.

1 day before actual departure I saw that the name had not yet been changed, according to Cartrawler it was indeed not yet processed, and this change could only be processed in case of a cancellation (at a fee of € 50, - and new booking, only this would be at the current rate, which was almost double the already placed booking, they admitted that something had gone wrong but that would be their procedure ...

After a lot of tug-of-war I was able to convert the car rental to another company, of course for a small surcharge of over € 60, - This is in our opinion just pure scam. Especially we have the possibility to change a main driver via the website, this will not be implemented and the customer will be penalized with extra costs.

So please do trasnfer us the extra pais money back

Oct 06, 2019

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