J Jul 02, 2018

43 Pinewood Green Avenue
Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Subject: Requested refund / Final Complaint Letter (Res no: IE854727720)

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to outline the situation what happened on 9th December 2017.
My partner Wayne Reilly and myself Judit Filipas booked a car together with my credit card online.
We paid 66 Eur online as we planned to take our children to see Santa down the country.
I work at Dublin Airport so we wanted to collect the car that we paid for from the airport. When we arrived to Hertz at Dublin Airport with our 3 children we were told that we can`t have the car.
The staff member was very unhelpful and not even willing to give us any advice what to do or not even offering any other possibilities like that we could pay insurance per day.. so nothing at all. When I asked him to make phone calls to solve the situation he refused it and when I asked for my refund as I have already paid for the car for 2 days that we did not receive I was told I can only do that by email or by post but not with him.
It was such an unpleasant and inconvenience situation for us being demeaned so much in front of our children. The children were very upset and we did not receive any help or any car at all. I would like to emphasize that there was no cancellation from our side!!! We needed the car that we paid for. So we got no service no car but we were still charged. Now I am looking for a full refund for the 66Eur and also for my credit card fees that I had been charged for. Also I am looking for an apology from your management for all the stress and all the inconvenience that this situation caused for me and my family. I would like to advise you that there was no alternation or cancellation made (from the customer side) after collection as there was no collection of the car as we were not given any car. There was no service provided at all by Hertz!!!
I am entered into a contract of service and terms & conditions are attached to it. Both consumer and trader are bounded to it. At the review at the terms & conditions the trader is failing to act inside them.
I am viewing it as a breach of a contract. I am looking to have the above mentioned refund by the latest 10th July 2018.
I have been in contact with the CCPC and I am looking to raise this with the Car Rental Council of Ireland . I am also looking to put a claim to the Small Claims Court.
My email address is: [protected]
Mobile: [protected]
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Judit Filipas

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